Rock/Petra Church vs Open Pile of Rock/Church

When we stand in the pulpit and speak our personal understanding that is one thing.

  1. Standing in the pulpit speaking our understanding which is founded on the teachings of the Rock/Petra Church is quite another.
  2. Standing in the pulpit speaking our understanding which is founded on the original writings from which the Bible was still quite another…For then we stand on the open pile of rock where the true church is being built.
    An open pile of rock is not solidified into a solid rock of dogma, doctrines, rules, regulations, death, hell, sin and damnation.  It is actively, energetically being created.  

Big difference between humans creating the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH and the OPEN PILE OF ROCK/CHURCH being built by the elohiyms, the plural gods of wind, water, fire, earth, gravity, growth and expansion.. 

When we do not know there is ROCK/PETRA and an OPEN PILE OF ROCK because only the neutral word ROCK was used in the Bible.,…we stand in the wrong place..

If we stand in the pulpit and declare that the Bible is the source of our teaching, is it the Bible as the Rock/Petra Church has been teaching for thousands of years.

Or is the original source written 1845BC – 70AD by many different authors in many different places and many different time frames.  Many of which were written in Palestine.

We can only find the true original meanings by going back and reconstituting the TRANSLITERATED symbols into their original meanings.

One way to recognize where the speaker is coming from is by the words that are used in the sermon.  Words that are backed up by words of  scripture found in the Bible.

Or is the sermon giver  speaking the meaning of the original words.  For instance Instead of  using the TRANSLITERATED SYMBOLS Joshua, Jesus, Isaiah, etc., we would hear OPEN WIDE FREE EXISTENT.  A word that is formed  from  the primitive root word TO EXIST and another word.

Just a tiny example of the thousands of words created from using the English word God.  These thousands of so called persons must then be HALF GODS.

Instead of Israel, it would be PREVAILING STRENGTH.   This is not  person, place or country; it is the PREVAILING STRENGTH of creation.

Instead of saying God in the places where the word means PLURAL GODS we would hear EXISTENT or DIETIES or DIETY or STRENGTH or a different STRENGTH.   We would hear one of the 14 different words which in the Bible is merely one word, a singular GOD.

  1. Ask the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH why this word GOD in the Bible is only rendered singularly?
  2. Ask the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH why this word GOD in the Bible also rendered devil, god, GOD but never Gods?
  3. Ask the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH how a word can mean two different things; unless we create a figurative, abstract, allegorical, hypothetical meaning; which is what the words of the Bible are.  They are not literal taken from the literal.

BIBLE is NOT A TRANSLATION.  A translation must retain the integrity of the original text.   The Bible does not do that.

2/3 of it is merely English/German words used to tell the stories that had been taught long before the Bible was published.   The remainder is a few words that are translated; but the bulk of the remainder are TRANSLITERATED SYMBOLS; which are not words.  They represent words.

Chaldean has only 8 letters so the TRANSLITERATION from Chaldean into English looks quite different then when it is TRANSLITERATED from the 22 letters of Hebrew, which came from Chaldean.  Or when TRANSLITERATING from the 24 letters of Egyptian.

Chaldean TRANSLITERATED into Latin or Greek looks quite different than into English.  Today’s English looks quite different than the King James English and even more different from the Old English that preceded the King James.

Old English TRANSLITERATED from the GREEK ;lthat was TRANSLITERATED from the LATIN  that was TRANSLITERATED FROM THE original languages, of which there are many.

TRANSLITERATED symbols are not words; but the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH has been teaching them as words.  The ROCK/PETRA CHURCH gave meaning to those symbols.  Said they were names of individual persons by capitalizing the TRANSLITERATED SYMBOLS.

Then cannot explain why the Bible seems contradictory.  The Bible is not so much contradictory as misunderstood, misread, mistaught; due to lack of TRANSLATION..

It is the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH that is contradictory.  Contradictory to the original text and its sweet little story about the plural gods of creation.  Those gods have never died;  wind, water, fire and earth, gravity, growth and expansion have never stopped creating.  We the created are THAT; we are those gods.

The ROCK/PETRA CHURCH is not the place where the church is being built.  You will  never convince me that the powers of the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH do not know this.

If the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH were to admit this difference then the whole book of RELIGIOUS MYTHS would have to be explained also.  Change one foundational building block, the entire building looks different than the blueprints for that building.

The original BLUEPRINT was perfect; in constant change; but always PERFECT.  It is the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH that teaches imperfection.  Why?  to build its kingdom…the richiest and largest corporation on the planet is RELIGION.  The ROCK/PETRA CHURCH  is part and parcel of that corporation.  Holds the planet in a death grip of sin consciousness.

We did not write about individual persons, sin, sacrifice, ad nausem.  That is the witches brew concoction of the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH.  Served on a regular basis….must confess we are sinners when Jesus said BE PERFECT. be what you already are.

This one statement of the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH denies the very text on which it has built its kingdom.

Perhaps this is why there is such an effort to obliterate the rabbit trail of numbers that the James Strong Concordance gave us.  The people just might learn the truth.

Go on line ask for a first edition of the JSE and you will come up with dates like 2010, 2008 as first editions.  Why?…… because mass amounts, thousands of the original numbering system has been removed.  Why? …. probably to meet copyright laws; but this changes the work of more than 100 persons in the 1800s who diligently sought to give us a way to decide if the Bible actually revealed the story of the original texts.

Why has the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH refused for the past 100 years to reveal what that work did for us?  Billions of copies of the James Strong Concordance sit on bookshelves.  Is there one ROCK/PETRA CHURCH organization that has ever used the JSE for anything other than picking and choosing choice words to prove what they already teach?

Martin Luther posted bans on the door of a singular  church…..maybe it is time to post bans on the door of the denominational ROCK/PETRA CHURCH…..