How Many Gods Are there?

At least 10,069 and counting.

Previously i wrote about a word meaning strength that was translated as:

  • angels, exceeding, God, gods, goddess, godly, very great, judges, mighty God

That particular word appears 2606 times.

Taught by the SRP as a singular all powerful God, not making the distinction in their sermons, teachings, books, audios, videos and all other manner of converting the world to what they want us to  believe is true.

After all goddess, in their minds is a female gender and it could not possible be the same as their male gender god.

This is not what the human pen of the Firstborn Divine Child wrote between 1845BC and 70AD.

A Minimum 10,069 Times

10,069 times plus other times that the SRP does not distinquish between the translated words; but  uses the word GOD as the almighty singular male gender person that we are supposed to bow our knee to.  Or go to hell.

Jehovah, the Lord translated from self-existent that comes from a word that means to be.

  • self existent appears 6519 times
  • comes from a word to exist that appears  75 times
    • again the SRP does not make a distinction in its teachings.  Slaps the word God onto anything it chooses to, regardless of the translated words
    • Makes its own INTERPRETATIONS for its own purposes of control.

Another word translated as God appears 305 times but the distinction of it coming from another word is not made by the SRP.

Still another word translated as:

  • edge, mighty, God, one rock, sharp stone, strength, strong
  • appears 78 times
    • again the SRP  treats this word as if it is a singular male god that the populous needs to bow it’s knee to.
  • it comes from another word that appears 38 times in the KJB.
    • again the SRP treats this word as if it is a singular all powerful diety.

One More ROCK

This is the feminine, non gender, form of the word mentioned  above.  You will not find it in the KJB authorized version.  It only appears in the books that were removed.  Remember, Jesus is building the church from these rocks; not from the SRP.

bridges King James to original textI would gladly give you the James Strong Concordance number references; but the SRP has copyrighted our material.  They now hold claim to what does not belong to them.

Someone might rattle the prison walls.

Therefore I am limited in how many of those numbers I can give you.  However you can buy your own copy.  I suggest that you get the oldest hard copy version available.

CAUTION There is a move to change James Strong’s work and make it come into conformance to gender based teachings.  Why?  Because the SRP created gender, where non exists. Male and female words are not about gender; they are about creation processes.

Will the Real God Please Stand Up

I wager that 99.9% of the populous of the planet and most especially those calling themselves  FOLLOWERS OF OIL, that would be Christ, have not a clue as to what our human pen wrote 3000 years ago.  The planet has been spoon fed for more than 400 years, something that does not exist in our writings.

We now have two more translations, the St. John’s Bible and the Gender Free Bible to add to the more than 1100 previous versions.  All based on the SRP interpretations.

When will we claim our property and tell the stories correctly?  It does not belong to the SRP that has used and abused our writings for its own gain.  Not even following the examples of Jesus that they so proudly want us to adhere to.

Jesus never collected from anyone.  Jesus always gave, shared.

  • Why was it bread, fish and wine that was shared?
  • Why does the SRP use the sword of the cross as their example?
    • Using that symbol to kill people, kill other, those that do not conform to the SRP teachings?

Jesus never required anyone to do anything; most especially join a special interest group.

Jesus said to tell the good news.  No instructions about sin, death, hell, condemnation, etc.  Those are teachings of the SRP;  you will not find these teachings in the Jesus Church being built.  You will not find these rocks in the SRP.

For a long time I thought is was just an oversight of the SRP.  I am convinced today that it is not an oversight; but fear that keeps the SRP from teaching what we actually wrote.

After all it is not easy to swim against such a strong current of belief, even when the evidences are right in your face.

400 + years of theological schools, universities, bible colleges ad nauseam keep coming up with the same old INTERPRETATIONS.  Ignoring 90% of the few thousand words we wrote with.  Never connecting the branches of the word trees.

Instead dumping 750,000 new words on top, so that there is a deep burial place.

The headstone is the SRP placed on top to make sure no one uncovers the grave of our writings.

Brainwashed populous does not believe what Jesus said.  You need no man to teach you, the spirit will lead and teach you, all truth.

The Divine Firstborn Child, humanity is the shovel that can and will uncover the hidden Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.