Why does the SRP use the wolf as an example of something bad, evil outside of itself?

White light is lucas, the same as LUKE, the light bringer.  Forked tongue of INTERPRETATIONS does not even acknowledge their words wolf and Luke come out of the same root word.

Can sweet and bitter water come out of the same fountain? James 3:11

The answer is yes, “the little book is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly.” Rev. 10:9 The bitters have to digest out all of the added English words and INTERPRETATIONS that distort the original texts, creating gender, wars, pestilence, famine ad nauseam..

The INTERPRETATIONS have totally distorted the original texts 1845 BC to70AD.  Look around the planet and see the effects/affects of those distortions of white gender enforced concepts that did not exist in our texts.

White Light vs Wolf

Let us look at the four scriptures using the word wolf instead of white light.

KJB TRANSLATION. Matthew 7:15 “beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”  

ORIGINAL WORDS Gift of Yah, weapon:(coming through) the window of the Oxhead to the power of ten.

Here are the numbers from the JSE and the meanings of the original words translated into Matthew 7:15.

4337 hold
575 off
5578 (5571+4396) spurious witness (coming from) untrue+babbler
come to you in
4263 <4260  something that walks forward (coming from) walk forward
1742<1746 apparel, a robe (comes from) sinking (comes from) position and go down
but from inside they are
727<726 seizing
3074<base 3022 whitish (coming from) lucas/luke/light

These words and their meanings are quite clear about who/what puts on a robe and walks forward and pretends to be one of the sheep.

Answer these questions based upon the above original text meanings
They are the Gift of Yah

Who sets themselves up as false witness of light to the sheep?
Who walks forward in front of the sheep and sets themselves up as the witness?
Who uses their own interpretations as the witness to the sheep?
Who stands in front of the bloody beaten, battered sheep and tells them they are sinners, shameful, and going to hell if they do not follow?
Who stands in a robe in front of the bloody beaten sheep?
Who stands in front of the sheep in the sheep”s clothing and pretends to be one of them?
Who takes up/sinks into a position?
Who what has climbed over the fence into the sheep fold?
Who what is seizing the light of the sheep?
Has there been any that told the sheep they are the Divine Firstborn Child?

Matthew 10:16  The Gift of Yah oxhead to the power of ten has an eye.

The sheep are sent forth into that false light coming from that which walked forward and took up the position as if they were one of the sheep.

  • “Be wise as serpents (wisdom) and harmless as the warmth of mating (translated Dove)”


Luke 10:3 Light Bringer oxhead to the power of ten completed

“Go your ways I send you as lambs amongst the white light.”

  • Lamb is male word, which is not gender and it comes from lift.
  • It is male and therefore is something remembered, recalled, reformed and is complete.
  • Lack of knowledge destroys Hosea 4:6, yet the SRP teaches against knowledge, teaches the tree of knowledge is evil.  Teaches gender.
  • There is no gender in the original writings makes  it something different.   This has led to male dominance, domestic violence, wars, famine, pestilence and all other manner of distress and dis-ease to the Firstborn Divine Child, humanity.
  • False white light created slavery and reservations and demeaned all ways of those perceived to be black.
  • There are no white people; we are all shades of grey dust. Merely a shadow that casts its own shadow of grey.
  • Made WHITE by the ones who wear the robes and pretend to be sheep; but are actually snuffing out the light of the sheep. Slaughtering and sacrificing the sheep for their own purposes.
  • Make up their own interpretations and testimonies and feed it to the unsuspecting sheep.
    • Collecting 10% of the sheep’s earnings to support what?
    • Feed my sheep, not feed the war machine that kills my sheep.

Acts 20:29  Acts of the head; the head cycle of wisdom

“After I leave you, greivous wolfs shall enter in among you, not sparing the flock”.

I leave it for you to interpret what we wrote thousands of years ago and compare it to today’s teachings that comes out of the mouth of the one who stands in the robe and pretends to be one of the sheep.

We did not write about death, hell, sin, condemnation.  So where did those concepts come from?

Our beautiful baby, the writings about creating the creation have been bathed in dirty bath water of sin, shame, blame, condemnation, death, hell and punishment.

Let us not throw out that baby with the dirty bath water.  It is full of wisdom of past ages and connects beautifully with all that we have learned about ourselves and about the creation we live in.