1 Kings 11:26

First king power in the house/palm of the hand11; holding the head20 of the house2 nail6.

How do these symbols of Egyptain math Will Add play out in the original text?

This blog is not intended to give a full story; but to tweak your interest.  Only a tidbit is being offered. What do the words mean in this particular verse?   Which is really only helpful when we understand the creation story that went before.

These words are not people; despite the INTERPRETATIONS that have been taught for hundreds of years; these words are the story line of creation.

Why is it that the  majority of words in the KJB are never even looked at in terms of teaching the masses of people?  Let alone going back and discovering their original meaning.

To do so would mean changing the religious teachings.  Changing the religious order, doctrines, laws, doxologies, monologues and all other manner of piercing, warring against the servant of PEACE.

26 ¶ KJB TRANSLATIONS  And Jeroboam the son of Nebat, an Ephrathite of Zereda, Solomon’s servant, whose mother’s name was Zeruah, a widow woman, even he lifted up his hand against the king.

26 ¶WITH ADDED ENGLISH WORDS REMOVED Jeroboam  son  Nebat,  Ephrathite  Zereda, Solomon’s servant,  mother’s name Zeruah,  widow woman, up hand  king

ORIGINAL WORD MEANINGS People will contend, builder, regard,  Egyptian head of (family) Double Fruit, pierce, Peace, servant, bond, conspicuous position, leprous, bereavement- mortal, rise, open hand power,  king

People Will Contend  build/regard Egyptian head of Double Fruit. (what kind of fruit?)
People Will Contend  Pierce  Peace servant bond, conspicuous position white.
(white is ice not white people)
Bereavement, mortal rise open hand power, king.

Mortal with the Egyptian head of Double Fruit has the open hand of power to pierce or not piece the servant of Peace.  Nothing new under the sun, religious wars are without end.  We were given the power of the open hand to honor Peace or destroy the servant of Peace.

The Egyptian head of Double FruitEphraim  Causes the Forgetting of the the Sorrows of the Worms’Jacob; house, its twin earthesau .  The forgetting is translated as Manasseh.

Egyptian math Will Add  is the father of  Egyptian head of Double Fruit that causes the forgetting of the earths sorrows.  Religion so busy making divisions,  has yet to employ Egyptian math Will Add in its equations.

The Egyptian head of Double Fruit is the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.

The Egyptian head of Double Fruit is the conspicuous position of MULTITUDE OF NATIONS, LAUGHTER, RULING WITH STRENGTH.  Translated as Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

A study of the entire chapter would reveal what the palm of power of the house11 was and is  doing at that time and at this time.

Knowing Egyptian math Will Add gives us the keys to unravel the distortions created by religious teachings.