1 King 1:9

To understand this requires understanding Egyptian math Will Add.    Will Add to the one united oxhead which is all there ever was or is.  Always and forever increasing the power of one.

Letters were translated into numbers and are treated today as if they are mathematical calculations.  This is misleading.  If we understand Egyptian math Will Add; it clearly reveals what is in any given scripture according to the original text.

First King  the Oxhead1 with the crawling serpent inside.

Inside the one united oxhead is a buildingstone  walking alongEnrogel,  serpent crawlingZoheleth .

If we listen to what the serpent of wisdom9 says according to its meaning, then we turn from the old cycle and gain the neutral power of the open hand, ten.  The oxhead to the power of ten.  Without the power of the open hand10 we build nothing.

Staying in the old cycle and getting fatter and fatter on the old is like the definition of crazy. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

Understanding the creative processes, explains why the crawling serpent is open and getting fatter and fatter.  The serpent of wisdom9 is remembered, a concept recalled and then listened to and followed.

The  remembered serpent of wisdom9 is continually moving on.  It does not stop and get fat in the old womb.

1 Kings 1:9  We wrote the Lord destroyed the crawling serpent;  the migrating beeve growing fatter and fatter, coming out of rebel.  The brother of the serpent crawling builds the King and all the Kings servants, CelebratedJudah use of the hand.

The crawling serpent was destroyed so that we could move on with more power; the power of one to the power of ten, the tenth power.  This is not ten separate people, tribes, branches   This was and is a giftMatthew.

The crawling serpent was destroyed; but the cycle of wisdom cannot be destroyed.

The fishhook18  of the serpent cycle of wisdom  pulls the back of the head19 toward the open birthing door.  The old fishhook pulls us into staying in the old womb.

Growing fatter and fatter inside the old womb leads to death.  Using the serpent cycle of  wisdom and  turning the back of the head19 delivers the head20 into the power of the open hand.

The e-book Egyptian math Will Add, which is in process will shed much more light on how to apply the meanings to the original words of the scriptures.