Three Places We Discover This Prophetess

Light Bringer, Existent Mark and the Acts.  Translated as Luke, John and Acts.

The Light Bringer shows us that Hearing  Blesses Rebellious, the mother of THIS.

Present at the blessing of Hearing was the prophetess Yah Has Favored. 

Yah Has Favored the prophetess that which came from Face Strength
Yah Has Favored the prophetess that which builds Face Strength
Yah Has Favored the prophetess, Happy Branch Extendingtribe that comes from A Trickle of Myrrh from the white ice mountain.
Yah Has Favored the prophetess very tame
Yah Has Favored the prophetess living with man seven, (an indefinite amount of time) of virginity (neutral).  (Yah Has Favored the prophetess whose pregnancy was going nowhere)
Yah Has Favored  the prophetess’s deficiency 80 (pregnancy to the power of ten)  (power of ten present but going nowhere)
Yah Has Favored the prophetess, instigate sacred minister abstinence of mid-nightnight tameday.   (Yah Has Favored the prophetess that ministered the abstinence of dark, taming it) 

The Old Testament hot which was translated as day is tamed in the New Testament.  Day is translated as tame, gentle.

People have been and are suffering, perishing from lack of understanding what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD.  It is not what the common INTERPETATIONS have been teaching us.  We lack no good thing.  We were and are the perfect firstborn divine child;humanity.