Does one of the 3 billion Christians on the planet know?

Is there even one pastor, theologian, follower, adherent, teacher, prophet, priest in the SRP that knows where the house of the Little Eagle is found in scripture?  Can they teach what it means?

Buried under 750,000 English words and billions of INTERPRETATIONS based on more than 1100 translations, it is extremely difficult to see.

House of the Little Eagle definitely is buried on the reservations of the natives; whose beliefs were dismantled and beaten out of them by the SRP.  We did not need scripture to tell us where the house of the Little Eagle is.  What the house of the Little Eagle means.

Earth’s Natives

Natives of the earth were here long before there was an SRP church.  Natives of the earth wrote the very words that the church chose to use as the basis for their book. Then the SRP proceeded to destroy, dismantle, hide, bury those native words. Twisting them into what they wanted the masses to read and believe.

Bright Rays

Why does scriptures tell us to “admit the bright rays of the house of the Little Eagle”?  Why did we write that “we are to assist the bright rays”?

If we don’t know where the house is, how can we let the light in?  If we don’t know what the bright rays are how can we let them in?

Why did we, natives of the earth, write that we are”suppose to  enfold the one united oxhead that is calling out in the house of the Little Eagle”?

The answer is, the house of the Little Eagle contains the firstfruits of oil.  Can the SRP quote that scripture?  Can it even find it?

Why did we natives of earth write these words? “Set together the bright rays, the servant of the calling out of the millet”?

Is there even one of the 3 billion Christians on the planet who can tell me why we are to “enfold the one united oxhead”?  Is there even one that knows what the one united oxhead is?  Is there one that can find that scripture reference?

Is there anyone out there wanting to assist the bright rays of the house of the Little Eagle, according to scripture?

Anyone interested in digging out the little book sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly.  Revelation. This little book is our sweet, precious native baby scribed between 1845BC and 70Ad and it has been mutiliated, sacrificed to the fire  god Moleck.

Bitter because the 750,000 English words dumped on top and the billions of INTERPRETATIONS slapped on top of it have to be digested out.

The bright rays are hidden under the dark teachings of the SRP.  The SRP is not even the rock where Jesus is building the church.  Anyone out there can quote that scripture?

I have spent 25 years of passionate, intense researching what we natives wrote between 1845BC and 70AD.  It is not what the SRP has been teaching.

Many have thrown out the beautiful firstborn divine child, humanity because of the dirty bath water, the SRP insists upon bathing it in.  Sin, shame, blame, condemnation, death, hell, fire and brimstone; every single one of which is not in line with the teachings of Jesus, the one whom the SRP claims to follow.

Time to reclaim our native writings that have been trampled on, distorted and made ugly by well meaning Christians.  Even well intentioned meanings have caused great damage.  The holocaust to humanity lays at the foot of the SRP.  Who can count it?

The Beheadings

The evidence?  Look at the concept of white supremacy that created slavery, war, reservations; not to mention domestic violence.  The basis of which comes from the erroneous teaching that the gender male is dominant over the female gender and children.

Thus beheading the male and putting other heads on the male shoulder, bowing the male back under the teaching that the church is the head.

How long will 3 billion Christians continue to support and believe what the SRP has taught in order to build its own house.  A heavy solid rock, repelling the light,  making itself shiny and bright from the reflected light of the sheep.

A massive solid rock that light cannot penetrate, weighing on the backs of the sand of the sea, keeping the sand from seeing the bright rays of the house of the Little Eagle.

Is there anyone out there seeking the bright rays of the house of the Little Eagle?

I will give you a clue.  It has two, a house of wings.