What Do They Have to Tell Us?

We start with primitive root I have assigned #1 which has nothing to do with the JSE numbers.

Words by themselves reveal their true meanings and their growth processes.  They cannot lie. Humans take words and connect them to create what they want them to mean.  Here is but one example of how the word meanings reveal their truth.

The graphic and the following information, is by no means exhaustive of the primitive root word that means BE HIGH.  This is merely an example of how to use primitive roots to clarify the muddy waters of religious myths.

Starting with primitive root #1 we can construct a rabbit trail that helps us reclaim what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD translated into the Bible in 1640AD,

The JSE numbers lead us to discover that there are  14 growths coming from this primitive root.

There is a PUNCTUREDfemale non gender growth directly off of the root #1 which means BE HIGH.

There is also a PUNCTURED female non gender word as a secondary branch from the primitive root word BE HIGH.

Four branches are joined by growth from other primitive roots to form other words.

English translators  took 10 of these word meanings  and capitalized the transliterated word..
English translators added gender  and place designations to these transliterated words.
English translators then take these 10 words and translate them into 12 different words.
English interpreters teach those words as if they are human and or places.
The other growths coming from the primitive root word BE HIGH are translated as haughtiness, height, X high, extol, lift self up, height, on high, haughtily, far above, dignity, haugtinenss, height, most hihg, on high, high one, high place,loftily, upward.

English translators then translate the primitive word meaning BE HIGH in these terms: bring up, exalt self, extol, give, go up, haughty, heave up, be high, lift high, upon high, make on high, set up on high, too high, higher, high one, hold up, levy, lift, lifter, lift up, be lofty, X a loud, mount up, take way, take off, take up, breed worms.

Which of those words are the synonym  for BE HIGH?  What does breed worms have to do with BE HIGH?  There is an answer if we understand what the worm is and where it comes from ad what it produces.  Not discussed here.

How does X a loud a synonym for BE HIGH?

Note none of these word meanings are REMEMBEREDmale words.  Why because they have nothing to do with gender which is infused by the nature of the English language.

Two are PUNCTURED female words; but neither of these designations has anything to do with gender.  It is about creative process.  When we use this information about creative process we can reclaim our property.

If you are a premium subscriber you can have access to more details about this graphic plus additional information.  Such as the primitive root I gave the #2 which means TO EXIST is part of more than 2000 other words.

Following are 14 word literal meanings that grow from BE HIGH JSE #3711pr.  I have given some of the JSE numbers.  The rest is up to whoever chooses to look deeper.

  1. #7312<7311pr elevation comes from BE HIGH
  2. #7313 = 7311pr chaldean word that agrees this root means BE HIGH
  3. #7314 = 7313=7311 altitude comes from BE HIGH
  4. #7316<7311pr rumah/height comes from BE HIGH
  5. elevation comes from BE HIGH
    1. elation of the elevation that comes from BE HIGH
  6. jerimoth/jeremoth/elevations come from BE HIGH
  7. jarmuth/elevation comes from BE HIGH
  8. jeremai/elevated comes from BE HIGH
  9. jirmeah comes from BE HIGH plus the primitive root translated as god
    1. jirmeah the transliteration was changed and translated as Jeremiah.
    2. Jeremiah must be part God!!!!!
  10. merom comes from BE HIGH
  11. merimoth/heights comes from BE HIGH
  12. malkiram comes from BE HIGH  plus the primitive root TO REIGN from which comes  KING
  13. amram comes from BE HIGH plus the primitive root to ASSOCIATE from which comes PEOPLE
  14. romantic-ezer comes from BE HIGH plus the primitive root TO SURROUND out of which comes AID.  The transliterated word was changed to be Romanti-ezer.

LOOKING AT THE TRANSLATION we see that these 14 branches  were translated into  12 different capitalized  words plus such words as haughtiness, height, extol, lift self up, on high, far above, dignity, haughtiness, most high, on high, high one, high place, loftily, upward

Next we look for the scriptures where these TRANSLATED words are used and apply the proper word meanings; not only to these words but the other original words found in those scriptures.  First we must remove all added English words used to describe the RELIGIOUS MYTH being told.

Anyone can do this.  All it takes is a King James Bible and the oldest James Strong Concordance available, lots of patience and lots of desire to know the truth.

If we look at the time of the writing of each of these words; we discover that some of the repetition is due to differences in time and place of the writings, which results in different spellings.  Language is organic and it changes as the writers change; as the times change; as the understanding changes.

We never wrote about people; we wrote about creation and the creative processes.  We wrote from our understanding of how things worked below based upon our observations of the heavenly realms.

When we look closely we can see clearly that the heavens, the sun, moon and stars were our guidance system. That is the BE HIGH reached by growth. The star/celestial system and how it worked was  the way we understood the universe long before the era of 1845BC and 70AD.

We used our pen to write our stories.  Those stories were taken from the human library and translated into the book called Bible.  Stories distorted into RELIGIOUS MYTHS that cannot stand under the weight of the revelation of what we actually wrote.

This website is all about reclaiming our rightful property and telling our stories.  Stories written by the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD;/HUMANITY.  Those stories belong to humanity, not RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS.

Words by themselves reveal their true meanings; they cannot lie. Humans take words and connect them together to create what they want them to mean.

If we let the literal meaning of the words we used 1845BC to70AD speak their truth, the stories revealed are quite different from the RELIGIOUS MYTHS.

Most of the Bible is not even translated.  It is transliterated and most often the figurative meaning or the abstract meaning are used instead of the literal meaning.

All the while Bible thumpers demand a literal application of the figurative and abstract meanings that were used in the translations.

Reminder we use the King James version because that is the translation that was used to develop the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance in the mid 1800’s.  300 years after the translation; we get the gift of being able to reconstruct our writings.

More than 100 scholars took part in developing this numbering sytem.  Why is it that  110 years later we still propagate the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that have infected, affected and effected the planet with DIS-EASE.  We have had the antidote for 110 years