The 27th generating of Upper Egypt Heaven, the Queens House

And the 25th generating of Lower Egypt Earth.

The Courtyard is the product of the holder of the birthright the Erect Palm Tree.  Through which came a Break and Rising of Light.  This birthright was passed forward from  the Red Earth and it will be passed on to the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest that Will Add.

When we apply the proper meaning to the words in the KJB translation, we can then follow our roots.  The roots of our elders.  One key word is STRENGTH another is EXISTENT.  We can only find STRENGTH AND EXISTENT if we look at how the words were formed in the first place.  And how they are used to form new words.

The Courtyard came through the Rising of Light.  Light on the Erect Palmtree cast a shadow creating the Courtyard.

Out of the Courtyard comes To Fondle Strength.  What Strength?  The Strength of the Queens House, upper Egypt heaven. Out of Fondling the Strength of the Sunlightsamson in the Queens house, comes the High Discretion Strength Be Strong Brother of the Existent.

These statements are like jibberish to English ears trained to the English language.  When we put on the ears of yesterday when the words were first put on paper, then we can grasp the height, width and depth of the Sweet Little Book, the creation story.

I am giving you the generations, which has nothing to do with individual human persons; the grossest misleading concept on the planet.

Out of the Height of the Courtyard comes the Closure of the Right Hand Transplanted.

This is the original text story revealed through the original word meanings.

This story starts with the 26th (head of the house nail)  generating of the Queens House Upper Egypt, which is the 24th (head of house door) generating of the Lower Egypt, earth.  It takes us through one root of the Erect Palm Tree and Celebrated Use of the Power of the Hand through the 29th generating of the Queens House upper Egypt/heaven which is the 27th generating of Lower Egypt earth.

At this point Fondle Strength with the help of  A Crown generates Strong,Destructive, Liberal Exaltation, that died without generating any builders.

The Crown and Fondle Strength also produced Two nostrils, a house of nostrils, from which came the Saving that Produced the builder of the Lily.

The Lily had no generating builders (plant/flower/fruit), only neutral builders (seed).

Lily gave the neutral builders (seed) to the Egyptian servant, the Month of Sweeping Away.  The Lily brought forth Wishful.  Whose builder was Timely, whose builder was Given.  Whose builder was Giver.  Whose builder was Judge.  Whose builder was Serving. Whose builder was the Existent he/she/it.  Which became she, after the FIRST THESE TREBLED CALLED OUT DRIVING A PASTURE THOSE WORD (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deutreonomy).

Whose builder was Surround Existent.  Whose builder was Strength.  Whose builder was Strength Has Made.  Whose builder was the Water Crane.

This narration has taken us through to the 46th generating of the Queens house upper Egypt/heaven which is the 44th generating of Lower Egypt/earth.  The  root continues on.

The Bibles are for the most part only partial translations.  The bulk of the words are still in a hidden form.  And so they are taught as if they are names of persons, places, things.  For the most part this is an erroneous misleading teaching.

Here are some of the KJB words from which the above narration was made based upon the original word meanings. None of which mean anything to us in English.

Tamar,Judah, Hezron, Pharez, Zerah. Jerahmeel, Ram, Maaz, Bunah, Oren, Ozem, Ahijah, Onam, Shammai, Nadab, Jarha, Sheshan, Ahiai, Attai, Nathan, Zabad, Ephial, Obed, Jehu, Azariah, Helez, Eleasah, Sisamai.

We can further decipher the original meaning when we understand what the letters and so called  numbers actually meant.

Of course, if we are content with the Biblical myths that have been propagated for hundreds perhaps thousands of years, then we will never uncover the ancient truths.

Truths that are still vital in the aboriginal peoples who have never lost contact with the mother earth and all of her children.  Despite all of the efforts of the religious entities to destroy our heritage.