No English Equivalent for the Meaning of Seven

We are looking at the difference between 4, 5, 6, 7, etc and four, five, six, seven.

As stated before the words are not the same as mathematical equations.  That is why the words appears in the Bible and not the math symbols.

We can understand what we wrote 1845BC to70AD regarding the word seven when we look at how it is created.

Since there is no English/German equivalent, the Strong team assigned the word as being a primitive number.  Where does the primitive number fit in the creative process of forming words?

The basic formula begins with the primitive root word that means BE COMPLETE.  However that root is there only because of the word seven.  The word seven is fed by the root BE COMPLETE and the BE COMPLETE creates the word SEVEN.  They co-exist, one without the other has no ability to grow.  Which is first chicken or egg?

What we do not see in the Bible is that there are two different forms of seven. Neutral seven and REMEMBEREDMALE non gender seven.

When we understand how that fits into the creative process of neutral/punctured/remembered, it becomes much easier to decipher this base cycle of a word tree.

The graphics available to premium subscribers gives a much better picture.

This revolving BE COMPLETE seven/seven BE COMPLETE seven/seven, etc. shows a lot of growth (see graphic).  It interacts with two other major primitive roots.

One of which the translators used to form the word GOD, one of the 14 recipes they used for that word God.  When we use the actual meaning of that primitive root TO EXIST and we see the growth is EXISTENT.  That word EXISTENT joins with the BE COMPLETE seven/seven cycle.

This union produces two more words.  If half of these words is formed by the KJB word GOD then these must be half gods.  If we use the proper word meanings we see that out of the marriage of the word EXISTENT and the BE COMPLETE seven/seven  comes……..

  1. Jehosheba is the builderof King Joram  (JSE#3141 form of #3088)
    1. 2 Kings 11:2 written in Palestine between 1046BC – 616 BC
  2. Jehoshabeath is the builder of King Jehoram  (JSE#3088)
    1.  2 Chronicles 22:11 written in Palestine between 1279 BC and 461 BC

Joram and Jehoram are same meaning and both words come out of the same EXISTENT and  BE COMPLETE seven/seven cycle.

  • They were assigned different numbers by the JSE team, probably due to the different spellings in the translations.

There are more than 2600 words that come out of the EXISTENT that sprouted from the primitive root TO EXIST.  If EXISTENT is God (per translators) then there are more than 2600  gods from just this 1/14 recipes for the English/German word GOD.

The RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS insist upon individual human persons which supports their myths.

Again the graphic is available to premium subscribers.  Actually there is long list of graphics that connect the story line in a very visual manner.  Some available to premium subscribers.  Others to be released in book form.

bridges King James to original textThe word trees help us to connect specific words with specific scriptures in a very different manner than just reading.

This ability is being lost with the dismantling of the Strong Bridge.