Conspicuous Position

CP  translated  in KJB as name and Shem.  CP is what is meant.  Wherever a specific CP/name appears tells us what that position is.  Citing a name as if it is a person in the KJB translation tells us nothing.  Leads straight to the Tower of Babel confusion of languages.

When we see the CP as being in the spotlight and we look at the surrounding environment; we see much.  Provided we are using the original meanings and not the English translation; nor its multitude of additional words.  Nor the infused gender, nor the infused time, ad nauseaum.

Using Egyptian math WILL ADD and seeing the conspicuous positions through the symbols representing the creative processes, every single scripture can be understood in its original intent.

Egyptian math symbology, reveals the creative processes.  The original words explain what the CP is all about.

Basic Egyptian Math Wheel

Here is a EM wheel WILL ADD  with the CP at the center.  These are not all of the EM symbols, however they are the first 18 basic symbols in the wheel.

Symbols of creative process; that cannot be understood by using todays numbering system.  Todays numbering system is helpful in keeping track, but gives no information about the creative  process of increasing the ONE.

Following is the CP of Rest and the symbols that apply to that part of  the familiar story of a man in an ark with a bunch of animals.  Wow what a stench that must have been. What did that CP of Rest really produce?

One thing to be observed is that the copulative door of strife had no offspring.

If this is origin of today’s people coming out of an ark; as interpreted; then where did the conspicuous position of today’ strife come from?
Where does the concept of war come from?
Who/what built the CP highland of fear?
Why is the CP of the twins Little Earthquake important to know?
Why did the CP hidden distant CP successful house CP completed fail at the breast?
What is the CPStation?
How did the CPFriend lead to the CPStation?  and where does it go from there?
Did you discuss or learn  any of this in Sunday school or church?

What is being expressed in this graphic is a broad overview of the outcome of CP Rest.  Not intended to tell the entire story.  Using only the original text meanings and not using the KJB words.

This is intended to be a sampling of how the EMWA symbols help us track and understand the creation story we wrote.  Stories written long before the KJB translation dumped a truckload of English words on top.

Which means the symbols need to be understood and that is not part of this writing.  However an e-book Egyptian Math Will Add is in the works.

Also an e-book Understanding the Rebelliousmary Head20 TowerMagdalene using EMWA is in process.  Meanswhile ponder what can be learned when we dig for the SWL, the sweet little book of Revelation.

Sweet in the mouth, bitter in the belly because it needs to be digested.  All of the added English words which infused confusion must be digested out.