Today when we say husband and wife; we are saying, thinking, talking about a male gender person husband bound by law to another human person wife assigned the gender of female.

When we INTERPRET husband and wife as merely gender based words in the KJB; we bury the truth about what our pen scribed 1845 BC to 70AD.

The word meaning husband, master, controller is buried for the most part in translated words intended to keep us on track about what husband and wife is actually about.  Misinterpretations have thrown us off our pathway.

My Cherokee roots say do not mess in anyone’s walk, else you throw them off their track.

There will be many blogs exposing the husband, controller, master as it was written about.

The term husband has been and is being  used by religious energies, to control the masses.  Giving male gender persons dominating power over the female gender persons, as the authoritative head of the house,  has been and is the source of great human suffering, sacrifice, sin, shame, blame, ad nauseaum.

This website is soley based upon what the original words meant.  The planet has been flooded for hundreds of years with stories that do not line up with the original text.

The first thing explored was the fact there is basically no gender in those writings.  There is only process of creation.

Master,controller, husband is hidden in the words Baal, Baalim, archer, babbler, bird, captain, chiefman, confederate, have to do, dreamer,those to whom it is due, furious. those that are given to it, great, hairy, he that hath it, have, horseman, husband, lord, man, married, master, person sworn and they of.

This is not exhaustive as we also have Husband of the Cold, Husband, Husband of the Covenant, Possessor Husband, Husband Possessor of Grace, Husband Abrupt, Husband Gap, Husband Breaches,  Husband Trebled, Husband Erect,  Husband Fly.

In the scriptures where these words appear representing master/controller/husband, we can discover much.  First we have to know what the James Strong number/numbers are; so that we can discover the exact scriptures where the word husband/master/controller is hidden.

We also have to know what the other words in any scripture meant at the  time of the writing.

It is time for the  Firstborn Divine Babe to stop drinking sour milk and eating rotting flesh and grow up.  It is time for the Firstborn Divine Babe to get out of its shitty diapers and reclaim the love of self.

Without the love of self there is no love to share, to give to other.  Thus we have had been living in war instead entering and becoming  the Ark of RESTnoah.  The Egyptian Ark of Rest Drawn Out of the Waters.  The Egyptian Ark of the Covenant,  The Egyptian Ark of the Testimony.  The ark and the  temple both are humanity.

The Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest contains all the seed we have ever needed to prosper and grow in understanding of how we are the gods that Rule With StrengthIsrael. Gods that came across from the Other SideEber through a LittleJoktan EarthquakePeleg.

We are water, fire, earth, breath of life, in which all seed of all things are resident.  We are the little kid on the block compared to our elders.  The elders came first to prepare the way for us to be the Loving  master controller, husband of self.  Prophet priest and king of self.

So what does husband/master/controller have to do with entering RESTNOAH?  FirstGenesis the story of creation has to be understood.

In my e-books We Are All Egyptians is some basic information regarding this very subject.  These 4 e-books are like primers to get the juices of inquiry flowing. Ears unaccustomed to hearing English without the infused gender, time, direction sounds strange.  I have been accused of speaking babble.

It took many years to train my ears to listen for the unique language, built from many different words from many different languages.

When we insist upon the way English is supposed to be spoken, written; we stay lost in the forest of Confusion of Languages, the Tower of Babel stands in the middle of that forest.