“When that which is god — or that which is that which man wants to call “God” — is being understood by man, man has to translate it into the format he understands. But this Energy, this Source that man is giving the label of “God”, cannot be quantified in anything that man understands. And as man attempts to do it, the distortions are enormous.”  

Above is a quote from a voice called Abraham.   Perhaps if the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam were to sit down together and discuss what this word Abraham (which means multitude of nations in the original text) was actually about.   Then perhaps a better understanding of what the created English word GOD meant by the original authors.

Perhaps we could grasp the idea that LAUGHTER is the builder of a MULTITUDE OF NATIONS.  Instead of killing each other  over who is the FIRSTBORN…meaning the firstborn human male gender man. Did WILL LAUGH came first before LAUGHTER.  Did LAUGHTER come before the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE?  Can anyone of the religious leaders explain what the original authors were saying?

Perhaps they can and if so why have they not told the masses the original stories?

Perhaps a discussion regarding the actual meaning of the 16 plus different words used by the original authors, would reveal something important.  16 words that INTERPRETATORS call God.  Maybe we could open our hearts and minds to a different viewpoint.  A view of the word meanings from the other side of the bridge 1845BC to 70AD.  Quite a different view then the one spread across the planet by well meaning, well intentioned leaders.

There are no TRANSLATIONS for the public eye of the original text.  All we have are INTERPRETATIONS, meant to help the masses  follow the leaders.  Now I hear the hue and cry  that the Bible says GREEK INTERPRETATION.   All subsequent Bibles are based on the GREEK INTERPRETATION.

The original texts were not written in Greek.  Except possibly those documents called New Testament.  However, if we remove all the added English words for grammar purposes and all the words that are directly from the Old Testament….there remains NO TESTAMENT.

No wonder we are called sheep.  Sheep follow whoever is out in front.  Assuming that the leader knows something, is going somewhere important. Sheep will follow the leader over the cliff because the flock thinks the leaders knows where it is going.  Maybe it does.  Maybe the leader is really the wolf that climbed over the wall into the sheepfold.


The STRONG BRIDGE was built and published about 1890…what has happened since then regarding religiously held beliefs about God?  Wars and rumors of war will not end, so say the leaders of the flocks.

I grant that the work of the 100 or so scholars in the 1800s is difficult and cumbersome to use.  However if this one ME of the corporate WE can spend 20 years searching for an easier to use, user friendly format of that work….why have the religious leaders not already done so?

Because it shakes the very foundation of religion; by whatever word we choose to use to define it.  That includes the word spirituality, leadership, governorship, ownership, kingship, queenship, and all the other words we use to define a methodology of controlling the masses.  Bringing the masses into conformity to whatever religious beliefs or religious non beliefs that we have concocted.  These all grow from the primary root word CONTROL..the flavors of the witches brew are extensive.

But the drink always condemns something and exalts something else.  The fruit is bitter and produces a bitter drink.

Controlling the masses to the end that they believe whatever we believe and never the twain  sit down to discuss what the original authors put to paper.  It is a very little dictionary of words...not difficult to understand.  Difficult, however, to force those words into the religious myths.  Myths that have covered this planet in a blanket of religious myths that have not restored the PEACE of the original place of seeing.

What is the cost in human suffering with the one prominently held teaching that the white skin of human beings; particularly the male gender is preferred and has dominance over all other species on the planet?   The original authors did not write any such words.

The white skin of ice reigned supreme until the heat of the sunlight (interpreted as a man named Samson) burned through the icy stronghold.

It is time to use the LITTLE DICTIONARY.  If a word meaning is not there, then it was added by interpreation.  If we write the scripts with only the LITTLE DICTIONARY they will look quite different.