A Major Building Block

Like a foundation brick, foundational energy, foundational premise.  Touch stones for reference.

There are quite a few prime words.  They are not necessarily the same Old Testament to New Testament.

There are many ways to view the original text and prime words is one way.

Today we look at four of them.  Translated as father, brother, mother, handmaid.

Notice all  four of them are neutral words.  None are punctured female words nor rememberedmale words.

Putting it in Context With Other Words

We have been looking at the words a master, existent and strength; all three are also neutral words.  They are not prime words they are created words.  Nonetheless they were translated as husband/owner, God, God.

Which presents the question where did GOD come from then, if GOD is created.  Who/what is this word GOD?  Whatever GOD is part of, must also be GOD.  That would include the major portion of words in the Bible.

Let us take a closer  look at the four prime words and their original meanings.  They are neutral basic, building blocks of the original unique language from which the Bible was translated.

  1. father, no meaning was given, so we infer something original, the origin.
    There are a few other words translated as father besides this prime word.
    This prime word is also translated into several different words such as names containing Abi, chief, etc.
  2. like father  translated as brother.
    There are a few other words translated as brother besides this prime word.
    This prime word is also translated into other words.
    In the New Testament it means womb mate.
  3. like father, it means bond and is translated as mother.
    This word is translated into other words besides mother.
    There are other words for mother also, not addressed here.
    For instance the mother measure the cubit.
  4. handmaid meaning maid-servant.
    There are other words translated as maid-servant but mean something different

The first three are relational words.   #2 is like #1.  #3 is like #1.  #3 bonds the other two (a house) together.  Two bricks held together by an energy bond.

  1. Gender concept falls apart with the  translated words father, brother, mother.  A mother does not bond the father and brother by gender.  
  2. Gender falls apart in the New Testament with womb mate, twins can be of both sex in the same womb at the same time.  Every child that comes through the same womb is a womb mate.

The bond, however can hold the two bricks #1 and #2 together like glue or mortar.  This is the creative principle of Egyptian math Will Add.  This has nothing to do with gender.

#4 hand-maid  a neutral prime word, which needs to be looked at in its own scriptural context.  The point is prime words are neutral basic building block words.

Fire is a prime word, water is not.  Water was the first created form.

Son, daughter/daughter, sister are NOT PRIME WORDS because they come from some other word base.  Daughter can be neutral or puncturedfemale.

Son is not rememberedmale.  Son means builder, not a male gender person.  It is translated into a long list of words that clearly show us, it means that there is some building going on and it not a male gender person.

Further evidenced by its source, the primitive neutral root word TO BUILD.  Builder originates from the primitive root word to build and is translated in many different words, include son and daughter.

Until we go back and consider each and every word in the original text in their original meaning we will be forever stuck in the religious mire of gender, war, domination, sacrifice, struggle, strain die and go to heaven concepts.