It is a primary word and it is neutral.  When we read the Bible, listen to the sermons, read the books about father, we think male gender.  Don’t we????

Then we assign all power and authority.

Question is, do we care enough to reclaim our property and create a different future world.

Let us look at the primary NEUTRAL word FATHER. It is never a REMEMBEREDMALE word.

It is used 1215 times in the Bible.

  1. 1205x as father
  2. 2x as chief
  3. 3x families
  4. 1x desire
  5. 1x fatherless
  6. 1x forefathers
  7. 1x patrimony
  8. 1x prince
  9. 1x principal

Which of those words when we read them in the Bible makes us think that word means father?

What Did We Write?  What Does the KJB Say we Wrote?

Here are just a few examples of the difference between original meaning and what the KJB says.  Remember English adds the gender and the capital letters, inferring names.

  1. abi means FATHERLY that comes from FATHER.
    1. KJB says this is hezekiah’s mother
  2. abiel means FATHER STRENGTH
    1. KJB says Father Possessor of God, 1 Israelite
  3. abigal, abigail means FATHER REVOLUTION (of time, not war)
    1. KJB says this is a wife and another female and they are the FATHER OF JOY
  4. abiah, abijah, abia means EXISTENT FATHER
    1. KJB says Father worshipper of God
    2. KJB says this is the name of 1 Israelite and 2 Israelitesses (female gender)
  5. abital means FATHER DEW
    1. KJB says this is a wife of king david which means loving.
  6. abijam means FATHER ROAR
    1. KJB say father of the sea, king of judah
      1. which means celebrated from using the open hand power.
  7. abida, abidah means FATHER TO KNOW
    1. KJB says father of knowledge and….. son of ketura
      1. which means builder or descent of perfume
      2. perhaps it is the descent of perfume that is the father to know.
  8. abiram means FATHER BE HIGH
    1. KJB says father of height 2 israelites.
  9. abraham means FATHER POPULOUS
    2. the contraction for abraham is abram meaning FATHER BE HIGH
    1. KJB says father of light and is 1 israelite.
  11. moabite, moabitess comes from MOAB plus the FATHER
    1. KJB says Moabite,Moabitish and moabitess  (female gender)

This is but a tidbit, a taste of what can be recovered if we dig deep into the root words.  The unused root words are even more fascinating as evidenced by the examples given.

When we begin to use the proper meaning instead of some transliterated word that has no meaning in English, the FATHER GLISTEN/GLISTEN begins to reveal much.

Question is, do we care enough to reclaim our property and create a different future world.

Don’t be mislead into believing that the other 1100+ translations plus all the other translations into other languages say anything different.

They may use different words; but the baseline literal meaning does not change.  Using different English words only creates more confusion, builds the Tower of Babel, CONFUSION OF LANGUAGES higher and higher.

Don’t be mislead into thinking that the Old Testament doesn’t matter.  The New Testament is based on the Old Testament and refers back to it for connections.