Picking Up From Yesterday’s Blog

Let us go back to the basic graphic  (premium subscribers can view it).  There is another basic term used frequently  by RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS  BATH-SHEBA.

This word is formed from the BE COMPLETE seven/seven cycle and growth from another key primitive word TO BUILD.

TO BUILD produces two words  A BUILDER and  a BUILDER   The BUILDER joins a branch rowingt from the root of the complete seven/seven cycle.  This growth is SHEBA, same meaning as seven.

When we use the proper meaning builder for this particular word, we get a different viewpoint.  If BATH is a human daughter (properly builder) as RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS want us to believe and SHEBA is a human son (properly builder) than what we must have written about an  hermaphrodite.  Half male half female.


One look at the graphic and we can see clearly what we did write. Premium subscribers will have access.

This half male half female TRANSLITERATED word is translated as the wife of human King LOVINGDAVID that gave birth to two human sons King PEACESOLOMON and A REWARDNATHAN.

To prove this story about humans, many English words  and gender words had to be added to explain i.  Explain it to fit with the RELIGIOUS MYTH that already abounded on the planet.  This does not make it fit with the original text.

What we wrote was that COMPLETE SEVEN BUILDER and KING LOVING built KING PEACE and the REWARD.

What our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD has been mutilated by INTERPRETERS and their RELIGIOUS MYTHS and our writings are buried deep in doo-doo, bullshit, creating the Tower of Babel, the confusion of languages.

The primitive root word TO BUILD is the root of thousands of words.  Two of which are A BUILDER and A BUILDER. Two words neither of which have anything to do with gender.

The list of the generations of creation is not the list of the names of human beings.

We wrote with simple words with simple meanings.  A simple story about creation was written over and over again between approximately1845BC and 70AD.  The Bible uses figurative, abstract and possible intention words.

bridges King James to original textRecovery is now before the Strong Bridge has a breach too wide to cross over.

If we use the simple literal words and recreate the word trees; we can reclaim our property.

The Strong Bridge is slowly being dismantled.  This allows the RELIGIOUS MYTHS  to continue upon the planet.  Continue spreading messages of death, hell, damnation about individual human persons.  Religious myths that have no weight on the scale of the original text.