It Loved the STRENGTH of the Sunlight

This story is found in EXPOSED translated in KJB as Judges.  Does not the Judge expose?

It was the strength of Sunlight, that the Little Streamlet loved and desired to understand where it came from.  In seeking the source of the strength, the Little Streamlet kept absorbing that strength, loving, mating with that strength.  The Little Streamalet produced growth with that strength.

The love of the strength of Sunlight produced great growth in the trees upon the bank of the Little Streamlet.  The trees grew  with the strength absorbed by the Little Streamlet of water.   Branches  grew and overhung the Little Streamlet, cutting off the strength of the  seven, indefinite number of strands of Sunlight feeding the Little Streamlet.  Seven is the weapon of an indefinite number.


  • How many strands of Sunlight are there?  How much strength is in those strands?
  • How does the strength of the Sunlight, get to the trees?
  • Do you recognize this story of Samson and Delilah? 
  •  Is there any wanton woman or strong man in this story? 
  • What temple walls did the strength of Sunlight push down?
  •  What is the myth that the religious HABIT has been propagating for hundreds of years?
  • Which religious HABIT will we choose to put on?

Who What are the Parents of Sunlight?

Favored from bending and Rest was and is the parentage of Sunlight.  The parentage of all light.

Favored from bending was also the parent of the Rebellious Terminal who believed what was conceived would be birthed.  This came to pass because the Father By Law, WILL ADD, said yes.  That which the Rebellious Terminal has conceived will be born.  The seed of the strength of the Sunlight was Yah is Salvation.

What did Sunlight Give to its Parents?

The stength of Sunlight reached into the open punctured body of a lion.  Pulled out the sweetness and gave it to the parents Favored from bending and Rest.

Only an open punctured body has any life; it is the BRANCH EXTENDING of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest that owned all of upper and lower EGYPT, heaven and earth.  The ark of the Testimony.


What have we been EXPOSED to?  Which record will we choose to believe?

What BRANCH EXTENDING is the body of Sunlight?

What body did Rebellious plant a seed in?

What parents did Rebellious come from?  Answer is Favored from bending the Terminal.

What did the body of the lion of Rebellious produce from the sweetness given by Sunlight? 

  •  Answer is it was the TERMINAL. 
  •  The point that ended the building of the family of human and the beginning of the building of the family of plural gods.
  • Read about the 44 (two copulating doors) = 8 the pregnancy  of creation, building humanity from the Terminal .
    • The 77 (indefinite #) ascents,  building plural gods back to the Terminal
    • Chapter 19 We Are All Egyptians availabe in the store as a stand alone chapter or part of Volume One.

Everything is the Elder of Human

Consider what the elder Little Streamlet and the strength of the elder Sunlight are saying today?  We are called trees of righteousness, but the strength of the tree always comes from the water and the Sunlight.  A story told in the FIRST UNITED OXHEAD.  KJB Genesis Chapter One

Words used in KJB are Judges, Delilah, Samson, Manoah, Hannah, Mary, Joseph, Judah, tribe, Zaph nath paneah, Heli, God, Jesus, Genesis,honey,lion. 

axeCan you identify them in the stories above?  If not, why not? 

What needs to be EXPOSED?