Colossians 4:15 = inhabitants of COLOSSAI  DOOR : SUPPORT

“Salute the brethren that are in Laodicea, Nymphas and the church which is in his house.”  KJB TEXT.

Who what are the brethren in the  present veil and the show of right people?

This  is the meaning that reveals a whole more to us than the TRANSLITERED  words Nymphas and Laodicea.

If we have done our due diligence of discovering the meaning of words; then we understand the VEIL is the PRESENT that allowed PEOPLE to emerge.

Without the veil falling from the Flames of the East with the dominant head of Flames  …….the SWOLLEN HEEL of the RED SOIl could not have survived to bring forth its seed.

When we understand what the VEIL is instead of calling it a person whose daughters tricked the father into making them pregnant….

  • we begin to reclaim our property..
  • .the story of creation we wrote over and over again……
  • a story distorted by human ignorance and laziness…
  • .humans willing to sell their soul to the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that abounded long before there ever was a Bible.
  • willing to be beaten, bruised and battered into submitting to the HEAD OF THE HOUSE….the church..which is.the husband.
  • willing to let that head steal our property…the TRUTH of the original text
  • willing to submit to the single solid rock PETRA which is not the open pile of rocks where the OPEN WIDE FREE EXISTENT is building the church.
  • willing to believe whatever the largest corporation on the planet, religion, wants us to believe.

The meaning of the words we used  in the original text tell the story…they need no help…….but first we must reconstitute the transliterated words that we have given our own meaning to.

Meanings that have created fear, famine, war, domestic violence, a Grand Canyon of gender separation, child abuse, neglect and all other manner of dysfunctional behavior.

We continue our studies at the Lucky Bean Cafe Sunday’s 11:00.  Old Border’s bookstore at Sanbrusco Center, Santa fe NM