Exploration of the ancient scrolls from which the KJB was translated, revealed the Big Bang.  Also revealed the icy waters and all the elements we understand today.  Articles about the White Mountain and the Flames of the East that destroy that White Mountain.  Even trickles of myrrh come down in that water from the melting of the icy white mountain.

That Big bang continues to astound us even today, with evidences of icy waters, elements that were clearly known more than 3000 years ago.  Not by scientific research but by the inner knowing that every human comes into this world with.  Often loses that the knowledge of the cosmic library by being taught by the outside world.

This is an article from NASA.  The URL is at the end so you can visit this article.  Recently discovered also are 58 planets with the potential for life as water exists.

“Cassini found the little moon busily puffing plumes of water vapor, icy particles, and organic compounds out through fissures (now known as “tiger stripes”) in its frozen carapace. Mimas, a nearby moon about the same size, was as dead as researchers expected, but Enceladus was precociously active.

Many researchers viewed the icy jets as proof of a large subterranean body of water. Near-surface pockets of liquid water with temperatures near 32o F could explain the watery plumes. But there were problems with this theory. For one thing, where was the salt?

In initial flybys, Cassini’s instruments detected carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and various hydrocarbons in the plume gasses. But there were none of the elements of salt that ocean water should contain.

In 2009 Cassini’s cosmic dust analyzer located the missing salt – in a surprising place. “

“It wasn’t in the plume gasses where we’d been looking for it,” says Matson. “Instead, sodium and potassium salts and carbonates were locked up in the plumes’ icy particles.* And the source of these substances has to be an ocean. Stuff dissolved in an ocean is similar to the contents of these grains.”


“Locked in plumes of icy particles”,  which is the same as it was documented more than 3000 years ago. 

Just because humanity has tried to make those stories be about individual persons of special importance does not make it truth. 

 Misinterpretations do not change the creation story nor the creation processes.  However those misinterpretations do impact, effect, affect and cause dis-ease in the human family.  A family that is destined to rule self and become that which it already is, the MASTER KINGDOM.