One coin different sides
Double sided coin


No difference, either side is gender dominance.  All humans are made of the soil of the planet.  Strengthened by the power of Sunlight (KJB=Samson).  Live, move by the power of the mitDNA, Eve “Life Giver”, the first rib of light that appeared in the creation. Without which there is no life.

All humans have characteristics that appear in both genders.

Humanity is destined to put on the Egyptian head of Double Fruit, that Causes the Forgetting of the Sorrows of the worm’s house, its twin earth.

Until we can see that neutral/female/male words have a specific functions that has nothing to do with gender, we are trapped in our own web of  gender deceit.

Neutralizing some of the gender will only generate more Confusion of Languages, the Tower of Babel.  This pulls more wool over the eyes of the sheep already blinded by gender.