To Work or Worship Husband?

The words of the Sweet Little Books that we scribed 1845BC to70AD were translated into many different words causing confusion.

Interpretations have buried them.

Husband Translated Many Different Words

There is a primitive root word that means be master.  Out of the root comes two words, both mean master/husband/owner translated into many different words.  This means we have to know what translated words mean master/husband/owner and what is being written about.

Master/owner/husband of what? where? why?  We did not write about male gender persons called husbands bound by mans law to female gender persons called wives.

Making these assumptions has led to mass human suffering through religious teachings.

To Work Translated Worship, Worshippers, etc.

To work  is translated worship Baal, Baalim, archer, tribe, bird, babbler  etc etc. etc.

When we read KJB worship Baal, Baalim, and all the other words that include Baal, Baalim we are not thinking WORK.  Nor are we thinking HUSBAND.

What does To work Husband actually mean?

The Sweet Little Book of Revelation is just that sweet and little. Simple stories about creation and its processes.  Just because we have made it be something confusing, misleading due to misunderstanding of what our pen scribed does not not negate its usefulness today.

Second Firstgenesis Appearance of Husband

First appearance was the Confederate Husband.

The second FirstGenesis  36:38  “Ask died Husband to Bend Builder Conveyance Ship to reign”.  

Remember capitlized words are treated in the KJB as names of people, places; so I use them to identify those words.

KJB renders Genesis 36:38 this way “And Saul died and Baal hanan the son of Achbor reigned in his stead”.  May sound like people, taught as if it is people; that does not make it mean we wrote about people.

In order to  understand this Conveyance Ship translated Achbor, we have to know what our pen scribed in the FIRST 35 chapters of FIRSTGENESIS.

In order to understand  Husband to Bend that builds the Conveyance Ship, we have to know what our pen scribed in the FIRST 35 chapters of FIRSTGENESIS.

What is this Husband?  What is this Conveyance Ship?

There is only one way that I know of to do that.  Cross the Strong Bridge and stay there until there is a Rising of LighZeraht  coming through A BreakPharez in the Upright Palm TreeTamar.

First s a LittleJoktan EarthquakePeleg, seed from Other SideEber
coming across to the Other SideEber of the DescenderJordan.  That seed is Hebrew.  Not a special people group; but the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

Seed sprouted in lower Egypt/earth.  Grows in upper Egypt/heaven.  Can you guess what the Husband Conveyance Ship is?

The Archer is huge connecting rod.  When we know who what the Conveyance Ship is then we can understand the Archer that comes  just a little later in our writings; but still found in FIRSTGENESIS.  The archer is buried in earlier parts of FIRSTGENESIS.  As is the Bow.

To understand work husband, remove all the thorns and  brambles of added English words that mislead.  Those words stuff the Sweet Little Book with confusion.

The destiny of the Firstborn Divine Child/humanity is to enter into THE ARK of RESTNOAH.

As these blogs proceed regarding the husband, I will be offering some detailed study notes to Premium subscribers.

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