We Have to Look at the Three Parts

  1. sacred sanctuary that comes from the primitive root TO BE
  2. winnowing fields from a primitive root to CLARIFY
  3. WAVER that is a  primitive root

What is the Sacred Sanctuary?

  1. it is enmishpat another transliterated word that means SACRED SANCTUARY.

Where is the Well of Living Water?

  1. between the HAILand the SACRED SANCTUARY
    1.  (uncovered in) FIRSTGenesis 16:14
  2. the builders  of the Egyptian Head of Double Fruit came from the HAIL
    1. (uncovered in) ONE UNITED OXHEAD TO ARRANGE 1Chronicles WEAPONHEAD20
  3. The Dominant High Father Head fell from the Flames of the East between the SACRED SANCTUARY and the WALL (of the well of living water).
    1.  (uncovered in ) FIRSTgenesis HEAD20 (of) ONE UNITED OXHEAD.

The Builders of  Prevailing Strength coming from the twist,  left the SACRED SANCTUARY of the PRICK/CRAG of the DRIVING PASTURE for the MOUNTAIN, at the extremeity of RED which is ADAM.

Adam is not a person.  Adam is the first black rapidly moving soil, the sea monster that has now shown its head.  Red under the sunlight.. (uncovered in) WORD TO ARRANGEnumbers NAIL33 COMPLETED POWER OF TEN WEAPON

This is merely one drop of sugar on the tongue thirsting for more.  If we stay with the WORD MEANINGS and let them lead the way, the digging reveals the TRUTH of what our pen scribed 1845BC to 70AD that has been contorted into RELIGIOUS MYTHS.

An infection not confined to Christianity; but Judaism, Islam and any other religious or non religious order that uses these myths to build their own kingdoms.

We  start at the beginning, the oldest writing, HATEDJOB then move on to FIRSTGENESIS. Where we meet the first plural gods, wind, water, fire and earth; the rapidly moving soil, the sea monster/black adam.  Black adam that is revealed by the first rib of life givingeve light.

I have been digging for more than 20 years. The  strong believer in the religious myth husband head of wife; nearly cost me my life.  I began digging for the truth.

Once I found the roots and saw how they connect to each other,  the discovery began.   The roots themselves reveal the pathway to uncovering our stories.  They need no help. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle can only fit one way.

When the picture drawn by translators and INTERPRETERS concoct religious myths, they skew the colors and images.

We can rely upon the puzzle pieces themselves.

It is a very simple story of creation written over and over again in many places by many authors; but always the same story.

Must be a good story for it to have been selected from the LIBRARY OF HUMANITY. A simple story made ugly by misunderstanding.  Ugliness that pits brother against brother in religious wars that seem to have no end except death.  Time for that death.  Time for the end of religious brother killing religious brother.

Time to understand that brother daylight kills brother night; but night is reborn, just as day is reborn.  This simple story has nothing to do with brother killing a brother due to jealousy.  That is the religious myth of Cain and Abel.

The individual words are the puzzle pieces and they fit themselves together.  They also help us to eject the invaders, the added grammar English words that smear the markings of our pen.