Fifties a Time of Wonderful Music, Dance, Joy.

I was enjoying an evening listening and watching some of the old songs of the 50s and suddenly realized the deeper messages.  No wonder some things endure even when we do not realize why.

Three Coins in a Fountain in the Heart of Rome

Suddenly I realized this was the same as the last 3 parts of the Rebelliousmary Head20.  An e-book that I am working on.  20 Rebelliousmary which includes the Rebelliousmary Towermagdalene.

At the end of building this Rebellious head there is the Strength of Rome to birth the three coins in the pregnancy: womb, 2.small heel  3.self existent  mark.

Three is an Egyptian Gomer that means completed; three things joined together; trinity.

Where is the pregnancy just below the heart center.  I will not even try to explain this further.  Except to say that the texts that we wrote 1845BC to70AD are decipherable if we use the keys provided by the translators.

The meaning of the book, chapter and verse tells exactly what is going on in the verse.  If only the original word meanings are used, it is easy to see what we wrote.  Despite all the distortions of INTERPRETATIONS that have been made.

  1. The keys are simple 22 head/house different letters whose order tells us what is going on.
  2. 10 numbers; everything else is simply a combination of those 10 which reduces down to ONE UNITED OXHEAD and that is all there ever was or ever will be. One creation ever increasing in strength and mass with nothing added on.

Suffice it to say that when we understand that all of the writings are based upon Egyptian Math, Will Add and work with that premise then the sweet tiny book begins to emerge. Revelation 10:9  This is Revelation of the SELF EXISTENT MARK. 

Revelation/revealing….one united oxhead10 is reduced to one oxhead when the cycle of wisdom9 inside is listened to.  #9 means turn to the next full number.   Egyptian letter #9 is the serpent of wisdom. The pregnancy is finished and produces the oxhead to the power of ten.

Only step left is to decipher the few words of the original text that are in that verse.  They will confirm what the book, chapter, verse has said.

There is only ever one oxhead but it now has the power generated in the previous cycle of wisdom.  Wisdom of adding to the one.

When the sweet begins to fill the mouth; then the bitter sin, shame, blame, condemnation, death, hell fall away.  Then is when the Firstborn Divine Child recognizes itself; human.

This is what the Light Bringer said, the axe is laid to every tree that does not produce GOOD FRUIT.  Luke 3:9, the dead branches are burned up.

Has nothing to do with burning people at the stake.  A huge misinterpretation that has cost much agony and distress for the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

  • First we have to digest out all of the added English words.
  •  Digest out all of the misinterpretations.
  • Digest out all of the gender.
  • Digest out all of the divisions, subtractions;  only use Will Add, Egyptian math.
  • Digest out directions in the sense we know them today.
  • Digest out all of the duplications due to rewriting the little book over and over again in different time frames and places.
  • Digest out all of the teachings contrary to the GOOD NEWS
  • Digest out performance.
  • Digest out have tos, shoulds, musts, cants, nevers.

Claim our rightful inheritance immortality in this mortal body.  Open womb of the mind, see the small maggot/heel inside and add