The Struggle Goes On

In the mid 1600s the King James Bible translation was released.  Many of the erasers  in our original documents happened when different word meanings were translated as one word.

This caused the live force of our words to be neutralized.  This is not even mentioning the plethora of different words translated into single English words.

This is not addressing the infusion of gender, time, direction, math, etc. that do not square up with what or pen documented 1845BC to 70AD.

Example #1

We used  7 different NEUTRAL word meanings to define situations.
Plus 2 PUNCTUREDFEMALE word meanings

  1. stroke
  2. sheep

Plus 1 REMEMBEREDMALE word meaning which happens to be THE  PRIMARY WORD THIS.  Changing a primary word meaning and lumping it with 8 other word meanings is totally disruptive to any language.

These 9 different word meanings plus other were translated as a NEUTRAL word, THIS,  including SHEEP and  STROKE.

There are several pages in the hard copy of JSE showing that in the Old Testament, THIS and THIS  each occurred more than 400 times,  Not to mention the other meanings lumped into the neutral this.  So we are not talking about a few instances.  We are talking about a major misrepresentation.

Not to mention that the same thing happened with the New Testament.

This type of translation erases our original work. Then we  Ignore the lifetime work of James Strong that gave us the ability to reclaim what is rightfully ours.  The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY, wrote about the creation and its processes.  Not individual persons of a religious order.

In the mid 1800’s James Strong spent the greater portion of his life giving us the resources to reclaim the LIFE FORCE that was in our pen. 1845BC to 70AD.  This work was published in the early 1900s.

100 plus years later, 2012, the distortions created by the translation have not been clarified.  Software versions of the James Strong Concordance have for the most part eliminated the actual words THIS and THIS SHEEP.   The KJB used the word THIS that actually meant SHEEP.  Now the words THIS and THIS  have been almost totally eliminated.  Not just neutralized, eliminated.

Only the older hard copy versions hold the information needed to reclaim the LIFE FORCE of our pen.

This is like taking a religious eraser to the work of one man’s lifetime.  Then making big bucks on the outcome by selling religious myths.

Why?  Is it ignorance? is it fear? Is it a calculated scheme to keep control of the flatline of neutralized word meanings of the past?

This example is only a drop in the bucket.

We also used 3rd, 3rd and 3rd.  These also are diluted together into the word third.  When we read third, we do not see the Dual Limits Mathematics which is always +  Will Add.  Will Add to the ONE UNITED OXHEAD, increasing its power.  

James Strong gave us some fabulous tools to reclaim our writings.  Why has the religious community refused for more than 100 years to use this information?  Is it fear?  Is it control?  Is it ignorance?

It certainly  has provided a huge income.  Our documents written by many different authors in different places at different times was taken from our HUMAN LIBRARY   It was copyrighted as Bibles  The work of James Strong written in  the mid 1800s was taken and copyrighted; but not published until the 1900s. For what reason?  Money.

I hope these erasers are due to ignorance because to think that people who call themselves Christians, followers of the OIledChrist mind would intentionally do such a thing.

On the other hand, the billion upon billions of dollars raked in by RELIGION across the planet is difficult to give up.  Give up the religious myths?  My goodness.   Much easier to point fingers at industries, corporations, banks, lending institutes and say they are the culprit. The big money grabbers.

Me thinks the culprit is religious habits that is the big money grabber.  Question.  How long will we continue to let our words written by our pen be misused for religious financial reasons?

What has been cited in this blog is merely a tiny tiny piece of what the religious eraser has done and continues to do to this day.

Meantime the entire planet is infected with dis-ease  and oh my god what if;  instead of the promised RESTNOAH, MANOAH