What Did the Word Mother Mean?

What Did the Word Mother Mean?

It Was Not a Human Person nor Was it Gender

When we take any word in todays understanding and slap that understanding on our ancient writings, we cause great confusion.  When we read MOTHER, we immediately think of a female person.  Rarely, if ever is that true in the scriptures.

The following graphic available to premium subscribers shows the primary word mother, the bond, the glue.  There are six different words created using that primary word, MOTHER, the BOND, the glue, the mortar, the cement.  Take your pick.

All of these words are neutral.  The glue is neutral it is going nowhere.  The primary word MOTHER is like FATHER, BROTHER and HAND SERVANT relational.  All neutral words; basic building blocks.

In the graphic depiction we see:

  1. The MOTHER BOND becomes
    the MEASURE.

All neutral positions/words. The primary word mother is also translated as dam, mother, parting; not revealed in the graphic.

 These are not the only words translated as MOTHER.

There is the MOTHER IN THE LAW, not being addressed in this blog.

Width, height, depth columns, pillars, posts, etc are   PUNCTUREDFEMALE words.  Nothing to do with gender.  Everything to do with activity, expansion, growth processes.

Time to reclaim what we wrote in its proper perspectives, so that the stories we scribed can be translated as they were written.

Time for the religious myths to come to an end.  Time to start teaching the children they are already PERFECT, changing more rapidly than the words can be spoken.  Time to teach that HUMANITY is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  There is only ONE UNITED OXHEAD that continues to grow, expand in power.

Time to detach our instruments of cruelty, HEARINGsimeon ATTACHEDlevi to a bad report.

Time to circumcise the old myths and come into the ancient truth, well known before religious zealots stole our stories and has continually used them to control the masses.

It is not the presidents and the kings of nations that will end the war.  It is the kings of religion that stop warring that will end the war.  Which King will stop first, not because it is defeated; but because it is the right thing to do.  It is wisdom to stop killing our own body.

Mother Bond graphic follows.  We can clearly see what the BOND does and it is not about creating babies in a human womb. (more…)

Forgetfulness Has No Future

There is a banner on an old building in Santa fe which reads something like this.

“A Nation that Forgets its Past, Has No Future”

Humanity who forgets its divinity has no future.

We have forgotten the Sweet Little Story of Creation, we humans wrote it again and again.  We wrote it in many places, many eras with words from many languages.  We have forgotten humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD with all the faculties to create whatever it desires.

We have forgotten our elders the gods of fire, water, wind and earth.  These gods are our parents that formed the creation and provided all the needs of every seed of all kind for all time.

Just because religious zealots took our writings and twisted them to fit their own purposes does not change the wisdom and the truth that we scribed on animal skins, cave walls, papyrus, paper.  We continue to day to scribe on the airways.

We are without excuse, the creation has never hidden itself from us.  We are the ones in hiding.  Hiding behind the skirts of a few chosen frozen self appointed gurus, masters, pastors, priests, theologians.  Too caught up in their own religious zeal to take the time to go back and rediscover what our pen actually had to say.

The choice has always been ours.  The truth has always resided within each and everyone of us.  It came with us.  We are the falling stars bringing light to the planet.

Time to reclaim our heritage of BEING HUMAN.  We are  human beings, not human doings.   We are the salt.  We are the flavor.  We are the pleasure. We are the color.  We are the song and the dance.  We are the way, the truth and the light.


What is the OXhead Symbol All About?

What is the OXhead Symbol All About?

Why is Ezekiel’s Wheel in a Wheel clogged up?

Number 1 UNITED  and letter number 1 English A, Egyptian athoim and Hebrew aleph OX represents unified force of one.

This unified force of one gains power as it moves through the cycle of wisdom #9.  Which is  also represented by  letter #9 serpent.  It gains power, energy, size, etc. when the pregnancy is completed and there is a turning to the next full number.

There is always and only ONE UNITED OXHEAD.

There is always and only ONE UNITED OXHEAD after completing the turn of a  cycle of wisdom9.

We have lived in a world of divisions, wars, strifes, etc. for far too long.  Jesus asked who made me DIVIDER OVER YOU.  and the answer is we did.   (more…)

You Called the Mother

You Called the Mother



You called for The Mother, She came and made the Way

Her Light broke into your darkness, leaving Peace, piece, piece

Stand in the new light. Walk in the new light, that has come or pull

The darkness back around you.

It does not matter, Light cannot be hidden……only ignored

That is an illusion that darkness creates.


Be not afraid of your darkness built by fear, your cloak against the Light

Enter in by Faith, behind the wall of self-protection

All is within, within your wall, you created

Within your power to tear down or build thicker

Hide from or stand or in the Light, Run from or leap for Joy in the Light


The Mother came, destroyer that She is

To give you Light for your path

She comes whenever called for, then She knows you are ready

For the breaking forth of Light

Ready to shed the veils of illusion of darkness, pain, toil and labor

Ready for unconditional Love      the Finished Work


Fire was created to warm, comfort, console, give Light

Out of control it is a raging inferno, that no one can get close to

It destroys everything in its path like a raging bull bent on destruction

Blinded by its own pain, Fire lashes out at any and all attempts

Of Earth, Air and Water to damper it

Those attempts seen only as threats to control the Fire, the passion of self-will

Fire can self control or be controlled by Earth, Air and Water


So too, Air can be cool, comforting to those burned by Fire

Or a hot caustic, raging wind causing more damage

Too much Water on Fire, it goes out and the Water becomes ice

Too much Air blows the Fire out and the Sound of Hot breath comes

Too much Earth heaped on Fire buries it, pressure comes and Rock forms in the Heart


Let not your Fire go out

Let not your Fire rage out of control

For Earth, Air, and Water will come

It is the law that holds all in balance, perpetuating creation


Each one has a part, Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Each one has Wisdom of self-control that all might live

More than survive, fully thrive, flourish, producing green leaves, fruit and seed

The cycle of creation, walking in balance neither too much nor too little

Bright Capella Daystar December 26, 2007

excerpted from a Gift of Poems pg 73 


Land Globe a Female Word

Land Globe a Female Word

Discover  What the Unique Language Tells us

In a previous blog we looked at that the KJB words world/earth. Remember each word must be looked up to find its source.

Where the words world/earth come from the same source they mean  LAND/GLOBE  a female non gender word.

drop of water falling into waterThere are 13 scriptures which render it as world.  Thirteen is water.  What do these 13, the water of the word of the scripture tell us.?

In future blogs we will look closely at each of those scriptures and dig out the UNIQUE LANGUAGE that tells us the story of each of those verses.  The translators of the KJB were careful to maintain small portions we call verses.

Todays blog is just that the meaning of the book, chapter and verse where the LAND GLOBE is.  Discovering what relationship there is to  LAND GLOBE will come in other blogs.  Today we are just looking at the BOOK, CHAPTER AND VERSE meanings.  You can ask yourself some questions along the way; what does this have to do with the LAND GLOBE

Here we go

Gift of Yah house door motion.  KJB translation Matthew 24:14

Matthew is the Old Testament word that means Gift of Yah translated as Mattihiah.  If you want to know more about NT Matthew then find out where the Gift of Yah began.

 What was it?  Where was it? To whom/what was it given?  What does the UNIQUE BURIED LANGUAGE reveal in the NT. What is the house? LAND/GLOBE?  What is the door?  What comes through the door of the house?[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

The answers cannot be discovered by using the English of today nor the English of 1640AD.  Only the buried UNIQUE LANGUAGE will reveal it’s secrets.  So let us go on and look at the other 12 scriptures.  In every case the key will unlock.

Light  House One United Oxhead. KJB Luke 2:1

Luke/Lucas comes from Lucanus that means light.  Some newer versions of JSEC say that Luke means Light Bringer.  What does the light bring?What is the house?LAND/GLOBE? What is the Oxhead of the LAND/GLOBE united into one?

Light Door Window. KJB Luke 4:5

What does the Light bring through the window of the LAND/GLOBE?  When a door opens it creates a window.  When we understand the creative processes then we see that. What did the Light reveal?

Acts of the Apostles Palm of  Hand  Power House Pregnancy. KJB Acts 11:28

What did the apostles hand that held the power do?  What is the house?  What is the pregnancy of the  LAND/GLOBE?

Often we need to see what came before and what comes after in order to find the answers.  What came before in that specific verse but also what came before in the OT.

A clue here is HEARING. If Hearing is Attached to a good report then the Light has come.  This requires understanding the OT. There Hearing Attached to a bad report were instruments of cruelty.  KJB Simeon and Levi.

Acts of the Apostles Mouth Nail KJB Acts 17:6

What is in the mouth that is a nail.  A nail punctures something and then holds it fast.

Clue it is the WATER COVE.  The water cove is ABOUT TO HEAL.  KJB renders it tongue and Jason.  Is the Light bringing some understanding yet?

What is in the open punctured LAND/GLOBE that is about to heal?

Acts of the Apostles Mouth Complete One United Oxhead KJB Acts 17:31

What is the mouth?  What is the Completed Oxhead?  What does this have to do with LAND/GLOBE?

Clue WARM GENTLE.  This word is female nongender but is the appointed revolution of time evolving out of  a HOT house.  The earth produced gentle bullocks long before man.  Translated as dukes.

The Acts of the Apostle Back of the Head House Weapon KJB Acts 19:27

This scripture will be explored in depth available to Blue Subscribers.  What is the weapon in the house of our head?

Clue The Goddess of Wisdom builds a Temple of Complete Light shining on the LAND/GLOBE.  You might be amazed at discovering the Complete Light.  The world recently had a princess by the same words who left an indelible mark upon  the LAND/GLOBE.  Use search and discover other blogs about Complete Light.

You can read every version of the Bible that has ever been conceived and you will not find this without using  a shovel to dig under the 750,000 English words piled on top of the original word meanings.  HAPPY DIGGING.

You might need a bulldozer. May I suggest the ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten, which is the hand.

The Acts of the Apostles House Door Window  KJB Acts 24:5

Again we have an open house with a a male nongender form, a door, a REMEMBERED door of the LAND/GLOBE.  Wonder what comes through this door of the house that creates a WINDOW?

The UNIQUE LANGUAGE that is buried is very clear when we clear off the 750,000 English words that have been added over time.  We created the language and we are the dump truck full of words we created.

Strength Power of Hand Fish Hook KJB Romans 10:18

The word Roman comes from Strength.  What is strong in an open, generative,  LAND/GLOBE?

Clue ONE UNITED OXHEAD TO THE POWER OF TEN = HAND.  It is with the hand we build something.  It does not have to be a tangible/solid/material.

fish hook luring the  fishWhat is the fish hook?  What did and does it catch?  In this case it is the SOUND of the ends of the LAND/GLOBE.  Where are there ends?  Where does a sphere begin and end?  Where is the beginning and end of a drop of water?

Only the baffling backward wind will tell us.  If you don’t know where the baffling backward wind is; how can you follow it?  It is deeply buried in a lot of different words.

All the Children From the Other Side  One United Oxhead Nail KJB Hebrews 1:6

This verse is about the firstborn of the LAND/GLOBE.  Who, what is the firstborn. 

Let me give you the answer.  Seeds of intention of the plural gods of wind, fire and water were placed in the water.  The seeds came across from the Other Side (Eber) through a LIttle Earthquak (Joktan and Peleg).  These are called Hebrews; it is all the seed of the earth.  Not a special people group and not even just people; but all the kingdoms of LAND/GLOBE.

The Oxhead is the nail that creates a little earthquake of the LAND/GLOBE.  It can be seed of anything; but the hard shell will open, growth will happen.

All the Children From the Other Side House Window KJB Hebrews 2:5

What comes through the window of the house of the LAND/GLOBE?  Whatever that is comes from the Other Side?  Other Side of what?

Question.  Why is a house an open punctured word and window is a male remembered word?  Don’t they both have openings?

Disclosure of the One United Oxhead to the Power of Ten  KJB Revelation 3:10

What is being revealed that is a completed hand of power,  REMEMBER that an Egyptian Gomer means COMPLETE/COMPLETED.

That is a very big clue because the builder of the Egyptian Gomer is found in the FIRST ONE UNITED OXHEAD KJB Genesis 1.  The Revealing of that OXhead that has attained the power of ten is at the end.  Perhaps this is why the translators put Genesis First and Revealing last.

It is not the oldest book, the oldest book is HATED KJB Job.  If Job came before Genesis this hidden connection is not so easily made.  It is the beginning and end of the LAND/GLOBE, which is the firstborn.

Revealing Governing Cycle of Wisdom  KJB Revelation 12:9

Wisdom is the governing cycle.  It was cast out of the LAND/GLOBE into the earth.  Earth can have all of wisdom that it desires.

One of the greatest bits of wisdom is the #9 it says turn to the next full number 10, the power of the hand.  The oxhead that has gained the power of ten.

The other option is to stay in the old cycle, turning round and round in the old beliefs, old teachings.  They were good in their day; but that salt has lost its flavor.

Please read the scriptures as they were translated.  How does the above fit with what you have been taught?  What you have heard?  What you believe?

This may all be very confusing.  You have only been given the meanings of the books, chapters and verse.  We have not looked at the words of the verses.  That will happen over time.

Blue subscribers will have access to a lot more information to help clear the muddy waters.  This is new territory that has been buried under the deluge of new English words.

Use the bulldozer.  Hathor would be more than happy to help you. Egyptian Hathor is the cow goddess.  Cows produce oxen that have OXheads.  Interesting study of the oxen of scripture.

The Red Heifer is doing all it can to inform you.

[/emember_protected]Red Heifer with symbol of one united Oxhead