Egyptian Math Will Add Alive and Well in Santa fe

Palm Sunday April 1, 2012

Sometimes called April Fools Day.  Wonder who the fools are?

I love to visit the Santa fe Plaza area on Sunday mornings.  Stroll around in different directions and pathways.

This particular Palm Sunday was gorgeous and so I stopped to have coffee on the patio of the a little coffee shop at the crossroads of Old Santa fe Trail and what used to be called Sparks Street.  Today it is called Alameda.

For some reason I felt drawn to go into the visitors center at the Loretta Chapel, just across the street.  I questioned my decision as it would probably be busy due to the season.  Nonetheless I have learned over the years to just do certain things at certain times, even when I do not have a good reason. (more…)

What is the Source of Husband?

What is the Source of Husband?

A Primitive Root Word

In order to understand the word HUSBAND we need to discover its source.  Words are either primary words, primitive roots or branches, twigs, leaves, fruit, etc growing from the primitive root.

In order tounderstand any word of the original text, such as the one that means


We need to look at its source and also if possible where it leads to; what it nourishes.  What sometimes seems confusing is better understood when we look at the entire plant; not just a twig.

  • What is feeding it and what does it feed and or produce.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I am giving you graphic depictions regarding this word HUSBAND.

Today’s graphic is available to any one reading this blog.  However that will not necessarily be true for the future graphics of HUSBAND; how it was translated and where it is found in the original text.  This will require at the minimum being a free subscriber; but most likely only Premium Subscribers will have access. (more…)

Hidden Dark Husband B

Hidden Dark Husband B

husband continues

The Cycle of Wisdom

These Trebled motion/cycle of wisdom.  KJB translates this as Exodus 14:9

Egyptian math Will Add cannot lie.  When we apply it to the book, chapter, verse, wisdom is increased.

Wisdom for us today recognizes in this verse there are no Egyptians.  There is only upper and lower dual of limits that is equal to hemming that which comes from primitive root word cramp confine.  KJB translates this as Egyptians in this verse.  KJB uses other words in other verses. (more…)

Piercing Arrow Husband

Piercing Arrow Husband

Genesis 49:23  What Did Our Pen Scribe 1688 BC?

husband continued 

This particular verse has only five words; despite the fact it was translated into 14 words. When viewing a single scripture it is difficult to get the fullness without the surrounding scriptures.  More importantly the history behind is needed for fullness of understanding as well as understanding the creative processes of words/numbers/letters.

Today, we are looking at how the meanings of the words  of the book, chapter, verse indicate what the words of the verse are saying.  They reflect each other.  We will observe a word cycle that reveals much the HUSBAND.

This is a bare bones example which will raise more questions then are answered.

How do neutral/puncturedfemale/rememberedmale words form  the basis to understand what our pen scribed approximately 1688BC.  Translated thousand years later.

How does basic Egyptian math Will Add principle: increasing the power of one united oxhead shed light?

Compare the KJB with the original words.  Then compare the KJB with how the original word meanings are arrived at.    Is there any resemblance to the translation?  Is there any resemblance to the INTERPRETATIONS of the translation? (more…)

What are Corners?

Depends upon the Source of the Word

A few examples of corner.

  • Shave off the mouthcorner ( that comes from this place) of the beard

Usually females do not have beards, so what mouth is being spoken of?   What does beard mean?

Since mouth is a puncturedfemale word it most likely is an open mouth. We find this mouth  of the beard in CALLED OUT HEAD OF THE HOUSE ONE UNITED OXHEAD with a window inside.   Translated as Leviticus 21:5  This poses a lot of questions.

  • Wall of the Place of Waking on Two Hills was broken down from the gate of the Egyptian Head of Double Fruit  to the anglecorner.  

This is found in Second Word of Hot Day Head of House Window with a Head of House complete inside. Translated as 2 Chronicles 25:23  

Where is the angle of the Egyptian head of Double Fruit, the house that is remembered?  Why is it important?

 Religious habits teach about the head of the house having all authority over the household?  UMMM  what head?  What house? What household?  Sour milk and rotting flesh from this teaching has infected the  entire planet with dis-ease.

This REMEMBEREDmale Egyptian head of Double Fruit is one of the very few rememberedmale words and it is vital to understanding.  Only Egyptian math Will Add can unravel the mystery.

 Daughters are the corner stone (a word that comes from brightness).

If daughters is neutral then this stone must have been established already.  What is the brightness that comes from the stone of the corner? Psalms144:12   Song of 144 ruling inside poses the question what are the neutral daughters ruling?  Please remember there is no gender in our writings.

This is not exhaustive of corner.  So consider the cross.  The corners are open, punctured, so it is not the internal corners but the outer corners  that have no limitations.  Room for expansion, growth.  Room for all.  Ruling oxgoad, twelve is inside.  Outside is the cycle of wisdom9; room for all.

Religious habits do not make room for growth; but demand conformity.  A heavy solid rock crushing the sand of the sea beneath itself.

Seems to me these daughter corner stones must have something to do with the open pile of rocks where Jesus is building the church.  The open pile of rocks has nothing to do with Petra the solid rock.