12 Years of Slavery. ..

A true story of black humanity living under the heavy  hand of white humanity is now a movie. White supremacy allowed by the Bible, or so it was and is still taught, allowed this inhuman treatment to parts of our own body, the human body, to occur.  Not only allowed but demanded that it be exercised.

At the same time, mid 1800s, a team of 100 persons were giving us the way to know and understand what the original authors of the 66 books of the Bible actually wrote.  Seems to me they were searching for the truth.

The James Strong Exhaustive Concordance, was published in the early 1900’s; but few have used it to discover the depths of this rich resource.  It has been used mostly to prove what was already being believed and taught in religious circles.

I dream of a white Christmas where we recognize that it was the white skin of ice and snow that ruled supreme over the earth….not WHITE SKINNED PEOPLE. In that dream the STRENGTH of the SUNLIGHT (samson) is seen for what it truly is the LIFE GIVING RIB OF LIGHT (EVE) that melted the WHITE SKIN of ice, opening the Eastern Gate, which released the RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL, THE BLACK SEA MONSTER out into the LIGHT of the SUN.

Isn’t it time we used that resource?  Isn’t it time to end the religious myths?  The retelling of which has caused so much human heartache, heart break, shame, blame.  Destroying the very creature that has the ability to use it’s mind will and emotion to change? To love?

At the end of the movie, there is a line that says the date, time and place of the death of Solomon is unknown. (more…)

Repentance, Where is It This Mothers Day?

Repentance, Where is It This Mothers Day?

I Admit That My Anger was Ignited Today

During a therapy session, the music playing was Native American Drum and Flute combined with what my ears heard was organ music.  Churchy, templish, synagogeish music with the Native American drum and flute in the background.

Be angry, but sin not.  Don’t miss the mark.  So I will express my anger, if the heat is too hot, don’t read this blog.

Before I proceed let me repeat that the beautiful highly trained, highly skilled music of  Arvel Bird a Piute, Celtic musician is pure and holy, right and good.  A beautiful gift given from a place of deep roots, buried under religious myths that finally found the strength of the sunlightSamson in which to grow and present itself to the world.

My Mothers Day Gift

On this Mother’s Day the gift to myself is this blog about my anger and the mistreatment of the MOTHERS CHILDREN.  I have only recently discovered, that it is okay to have anger, to express anger; just not miss the mark in doing so.  I knew it intellectually but not at a gut level.

The earth is our Mother, the BOND between itself and us.  It is  entitled to  THE GIFTmatthew OF REPENTANCE.

What I was hearing in that music, was not pure, holy, right and good.  It was thievery in its highest form of deception.  A religious practice under any banner becomes a habit and unless repented repeats itself like clockwork. Religion simply means repetition and has nothing to do with SPIRIT LIFE.

 History of non Repentance

My personal experience is more closly aligned with Christianity than any of the other religions of the world.  So I am addressing my remarks from my personal experience and knowledge.

Religious Orders have never repented of being the source of the concept of their supremacy.

Christianity conquered and then destroyed maybe as much as 90% of the native population of the Americas, children of the MOTHER EARTH. 11 million alone died in ONE SILVER MINE under the banner of the cross.

The Church has never repented of its gross violence and neglect in the world.  Continues its invasion of every culture on the planet.  Sends out billions of missionaries demanding that they, the other, give up their roots and join in the chosen frozen group.

When it was not fashionable to be Jewish, then the Church persuecuted the Jew.  The teaching of white supremacy led to a holocaust.  The Church never repented of its part in teaching white supremacy the basis of World War 2.  How many more world wars are brewing in the depths of religious myths and beliefs?

The white supremacy that we wrote about 1845BC  to 70AD was the supremacy of the ICE that encapsulated the MOTHER EARTH, lower limitsegypt.  Nothing new under the sun, that same ICY PRIESTHOOD is alive and well in the human form.  Setting itself up as the white guard of the prison door.

A few I am sorry, THEY DID THAT is not REPENTANCE.  I am sorry I DID THAT is repentance.  The arm cannot repent without the feet, the hands, the mouth, the eyes, the ears.   There is only one of us ONE UNITED OXHEAD/HUMANITY.

When it became fashionable to be a Jew, the Church set about to make its roots connect to Judasim.  To take on the appearance of friendliness without the REPENTANCE.  Smile sweetly guard the intentions of the ICE heart to capture and encapsulate into believing  religious myths.

Intentionally connecting itself like  a blood sucker to the Judaic belief system.  For fear of…….(you fill in the blanks).

US Native American History and the Church Today

The church ripped the children from the Native American mother’s breast.  Ripped the children away from the Native American fathers protection and guidance.  Alienating them from the family suppport of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Shipped the children like cattle to far distant strange places.  Placed them in houses of strangers and stripped them of their identity.

Then forced the elders to continually move as the WHITE ICE PRIESTHOOD needed more and more and more and more….this is called greed.  This is called lust of which there has never been repentance.  Which native populations in the world have not been taught about our religion?  We must go into their place and TELL THOSE IGNORANT SAVAGES what to believe.  After all WHITE ICE is the chosen frozen methodology of teaching poor people who just don’t know the truth.


Then this So Called Christian Nation had the audacity to give high honor to last of the tribes to resist.  Having broken the tribe apart sending them to concentration camps in Florida and the children to the NE.  The chief was pursued and it took 7000 soldiers  to finally bind him when betrayed by a brother.  This chief was given high honor, even leading the presidential parade; but never allowed to return to the MOTHER LAND his homeland.


In recent years the so called Christian nation sent tanks, guns, hand grenades, soldiers to one of the poorest tribes in the land, called WOUNDED KNEE.

Not to mention the concentration camps for the Japanese Americans  in the name of FEAR?  Religion is the basis for fear that causes us to try to control what we have been taught to fear.

Where are the zillions of dollars of profit that came from our writings which were totally distorted?  How is it that the WHITE WASHED natives became wards, homeless children of a SO CALLED CHRISTIAN nation?  Still live in  poverty of every imaginable level?


My grandparents attended Evening Star and Morning Star schools and I did not even know that until I was almost 60 years old.  The Church made it wrong to be native, think native, so my family roots were buried deep under the myths used to brain wash me.

It was not safe to declare your native roots.  Today I find a WHITE SUPREMACY arrogance among the native tribes, who have put on the WHITE GARMENT.  Those carefully guard their  newly acquired WHITE native roots from being contaminated by those who cannot provide evidences of their true native heritages.

Infections of any kind have a way of spreading.  The white ICE was translated into the religious myth as leprosy and those found with it were outcasts.  Today it is the WHITE LEPER, the spotted SNOW LEOPARD, that is doing the casting out.

We wrote about the ICE supremacy as the house being destroyedBethuel by the strength of  its mother, the Queens house, the house of the sun. We wrote about the priesthood of Icekorah being destroyed under the heat.

For the most part WHITE SUPREMACY RELIGIOUS HABITS, take the word MOTHER and relegate it to some back row position where it is forced to submit to the supreme authority of the male gender.  Mother is not even gender.  It is the BOND, THE GLUE that holds everything together.   How long would the seed exist without the MOTHER BOND?

The seed could not even grow without the destruction of the PRIESTHOOD of  WHITE ICE MOUNTAIN.

Forced Submission to White Supremacy

Corporal punishment was used on the relocated children when deemed necessary to get the devil out.  Perhaps it is the WHITE SUPREMACY that is devil worship.  What we focus on, give our energy to is what grows.  Focus on devil and it grows.

Where was the human compassion in any of that?  The same place it was in Africa and all the other continents where well meaning, do gooder, missionaries decided they knew better than the native cultures did.

Robbed them of thier souls, brainwashed them into believing what the White Church told them to believe.  Taught slavery, used slaves; not just black slaves, but colored slaves of any culture.

The Church managed to strip the Native American of their identiy until the drumbeat of heart ofmother earth was no longer heard in the tribes.  And the Native American heart beat was almost stopped under the icy clutches that surrounded it.

The Church persisted until the sound of the flute and even the making of the flute ceased.  About 30 years ago two natives were responsible for giving the flute back to the native poplulation.

Today, especially in New Mexico it is quite fashionable to find some connection to Native American roots.  Not content with stealing the soul of the children and robbing the Native American of its natural homeland, it is now stealing the culture it could not destroy.

The same way it sneaked underground to find common roots and thus stole the Judaic culture conveniently weaving it into the fabric of Christianity.  Not because of inclusion but because of fear.  The very tool it used and uses to control the masses.

It is quite fashionable in the Church to align with the roots of Judasim and Native American.  Not because of repentance, but because of design to control the NATIVE and fear of not including the JEW.

A word which we penned that means CELEBRATED FROM USING THE OPEN HAND OF POWER.  The correct power of an open hand not a closed fist.  Not all Jews live up to that meaning as the human condition is alive and well throughout the entire planet, regardless of religious beliefs.

Sweet pious music, prayer for one hour a week does not make a dent in the gross destruction of human dignity, that lays squarely at the foot of the cross of crucifixion.

Not one culture on the face of the planet has escaped the infection of the RELIGIOUS HABIT, which has never repented of its errors.  RELIGIOUS HABIT does not recognize itself and therefore does not assume  any responsibility.

Not surprising, since the hundreds of denominations that call themselves FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST which means oiled, cannot agree upon anything. No oil, the gears get stuck.

Let alone decide which sect should REPENT of what myth. Which sect should assume responsibility for destruction of the MOTHER EARTH BOND between the children.

Every denomination, every Church cites the scriptures that says REPENT and BE SAVED.

Their ears are deaf to their own admonishments to everyone else out side of their many precious belief systems.

I speak from my own experiences across a broad spectrum of Chrisiainity.  Which I considered my parent.  A parent that submitted me my siblings and my family to abuse through its teachings.  Starting at the age of three, they came and took me to thier classrooms.    To which I submitted unto the point of death, as I had promised at the altar before God.  Then deliverance came not from a loving CHURCH which still demanded my obedience to the head of the house  unto death.

Taught me with words about the unconditional love of God, a male figure with total dominion over me.  Then with forked tongue told me what I could and could not do and that depended upon which denomination happened to have me in their clutches at the time.  What was acceptable here was not acceptable there.

I lost my father when I was 11 and the only father figure in my life was the punitive, demanding, ever changing requirements of a God that I could never satisfy, no matter what was sacrifriced upon its many altars.

Not content with having buried my heritage and then stealing me away from my Cherokee mothers breast and brain washing me, they insisted upon my death.

When will the holier than thou CHURCH repent?   This Nation calls itself Christian, followers of Christ.  Tell me one example of where Christ killed, condemned, accused anything or anybody?  Tell me one example of where the oil of our lamp/Christ insisted upon anything.

When the Church repents, then will wars begin to cease in the land and the Temple of Peace, translated as Solomon will build the House of Loving, translated as David.

When the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY takes up its rightful place of PERFECT, changing faster than you can say the word; the therpists will be out of a job.

The MOTHER BOND is a PRIMARY WORD and it is about inclusion. Binding together. We are 99% identical with the elders, plants, animals; but what we have done with the 1% free will expression has not always been the highest and best.

December 3 2012 the Belt of Orion will align over the points of the three pyramids in the Giza.  December is the 12th month the ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten HOUSE this equal an Egyhptian Gomer which means completed and indicates the power of governing.

The oxgoad on one side of the Egyptian gomer COMPLETED  and a window on the other side.

A choice is being presented stay with the OLD RULING GOVERNING or see that that is completed and there is a window of opportunity to do something different.

Three above, the stars in the belt of Orion. Superimposed between the stars and the 3 pyramids are the constellations Saturn, Venus and Mercury.  Three pyramids below.  Four sided (door) above on  a foundation, the fifth side, the window side, the Egyptian single eye side is a window between the upper limits and the lower limits, heaven and earth.  Translated as upper and lower Egypt.

Three plus three is the NAIL that holds the door open so it becomes a window through which we can fly.  If we remember to add the third set of threes we arrive at the cycle of wisdomnine.

Same number as the 12-3-2012 provided we have listened to the wisdom and turned to the next full number ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten.

Orion is a decan of the bull Taurus, the Red Heifer.  We can sacrifice, let go of the governing of yesterday, all of it or not.  The ashes reconstituted in water will wash away all death.

As stated many times on this site there are VERY FEW REMEMBEREDMALE WORDS. Something called into a form and this is some of them.  They hare helpful in helping t  REMEMBERMALE what our pen wrote 1845BC to70AD translated into a book called Bible.

A book that has earned untold zillions of dollars for a religious order that does not even know what the original text said.  If it is known, it is not being revealed to the masses being controlled by the religious myths perpetrated for the purpose of control.

bridges King James to original textThe window of time is wide open.  Look around at the MOTHER EARTH BOND.  That which is holding the offspring to the planet.  This is what we have created.  What will we create on the OTHER SIDEEBER are the builders of tomorrow.  The Egyptians that come across the LITTLEjoktan EARTHQUAKEpeleg will use the STRONG BRIDGE provided on this site.  Or not, staying in the OLD DRY WELL, hoping for living water.

For Additional Information Regarding Belt of Orion Alignment

The link below will take you to the research that is pointing to this event that will occur just before dawn on 12-3-12.


Time for the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY to claim itS rightful birthright.



When we begin to hear and see the original meanings instead of the translated words confused by 750,000 English words of today, the LIGHT BRINGERLUKE will reveal TRUTH to us. Then our ears will have HEARINGSIMEON ATTACHEDLEVI to a good report.

We will understand the WISDOM of sixnail, sixnail, sixnail the cycle of wisdomnine.

No more sacrifices of the MOTHER BOND EARTH’S CHILDREN.

May HAPPY MOTHERS DAY NEVER CEASE.  Joy is the strength of the seed.

The 9th Holocaust Step

The 9th Holocaust Step

End of a Cyclenine

The splitting continues. Another major split, the Orthodox Church breaks away.

Egyptian letter #9 represents the serpent of wisdom.  

#9 is an indestructible number.

The #9 means “turn to the next full number”  The next full number is the one united oxhead to the power of ten. 

 Letter #10 is the hand; but it means power; the power of increase from one unIted oxhead to the power of that one united oxhead.

Egyptian math is always WILL ADDjoseph.  It is never about dividing, separating, divisions, quarrels, arguments, wars, etc.

It is the math that created the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest that contains everything.

When Orthodoxy broke away, there was no turning the tide back to original position of one united Oxhead. 

Branch and Branch Extending 

This was once again a new branchtribe striking out on its own.  A branchtrube separated is not the same as the BRANCH EXTENDINGTRIBE.

Not knowing the difference between a BRANCHtribe and BRANCH EXTENDINGtribe makes all the difference in whether or not the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest is manifesting or not.

Same as not knowing the difference between rock and the Egyptian  pile of rocks.  Building on the solid, neutral rock of Petra is not the same as the Egyptian  pile of rocks where Yah is SalvationJesus was buried and resurrected from, the rich Egyptian  pile of rocks where the church is being built. 

Who Divided the Firstborn Divine Child?

Answer is every religious sect on the planet.

Neutral branches pruned from the vine or the tree cannot grow, for they have no roots; they cannot extend, grow.

Neither the Church of PetraPeter/pope, the governmental rule from Rome or from England or any other place on the planet nor the Orthodoxy were willing to turn back to One united Oxhead.

Each remains in its own cycle even today, along with all the other dead branches laying on the earth.  Separated not only by Christian beliefs, but Islamic, Judaic, atheism, Hinduism, Janism, Buddhism and all the other isms that separate us.

The relentless beating on the consciousness of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY has never ceased.  The manifesto of the Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther prevailed and has influenced the major portion of the planet.

There is not one corner, one nation, one tribe, one people, one family that has not been influenced by this Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther.  Set us on a course of action to save the world from itself.  The holocaust of which is unfathomable.

Religious habits continue to distract us with minor holocausts of a single war, the German war. Not that we should overlook that; but it  causes us to forget the holocaust to the entire human kingdom.  Most especially the BLACK, including the natives.  Let alone the holocaust of beheading women and children, regardless of color.  Compounded in the black and native women and children. 

Once again, Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther is not alone, but is a key figure in the steps toward brainwashing the planet. A deluge of concepts of death, hell, damnation, struggle, strain, war, die and be judged. 

Concepts of male dominance, white supremacy were endorsed by the religious dead branchestribeof the church. Therefore must be GODS WILL to suffer and so we must beat ourselves up and prefer other, smarter more intellegient leaders of the dead branchtribe


This is not what our human pen wrote between 1845BC and 70AD.

Good Faith Good Intentions

All of this was done in good faith and in good intentions.  Good faith and good intentions do not always play out that way.

Jesus said BE PERFECT.  We have been sold a bill of goods that we must PERFORM PERFECTLY according to different standards set in different cut off neutral branchestribes.

Instead of teaching BE PERFECT, the teacher was set on a pedestal too high for mere humans to attain to.

YAH IS SALVATIONJesus posed the question “WHO MADE ME DIVIDER OVER  YOU?”  The answer is we choose to give our power away to other people and choose to believe what they said/say.

We cut off our own heads and put on them a platter.  Then we served them up to the religious habits we choose to adorn ourselves with.

The Beheadings

The Dance of PeaceSalome has cut off our heads; keeping us from doing all that YAH IS SALVATIONJesus did. 

YAH IS SALVATIONJesus said “do not say peace, peace, when there is no peace”.  “I came not to bring peace; but a sword”.  This sword is not to kill people, but to kill the concept of war within ourself.  To be at peace within and therefore at peace without. 

So we pretend to live in peace on Sunday mornings and turn our backs on the holocaust of division

Division is the main weapon of warfare to keep the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity, from walking out its position.  A position of self determination to be ONE UNITED OXHEAD with the power to rule and reign over SELF.

Who is in charge of that weapon of division?

ANSWER Either the individual or that which we give away to.

Holocaust/step number nine gives us a choice.  Stay in the old cycle of the past or turn to the new age, the new eon, the new revolution of time.

Some will and some won’t.  Some will continue to recycle back into the BLACK MADONNAlower egypt/earth.  That energy will resurface again and again until mortal takes on immortality. 

Death is a lie.  Life cannot die; else it is not life.

The 8th Holocaust Step

The 8th Holocaust Step

Setting the Stage for the Pregnancyeight


This German priest  did not agree with a particular arm of the church built on the solid rock of PetraPeter/Pope which then was the Catholic portion. 

Although today, all denominations of Christianity declare that this solid rock is the place that Yah is SalvationJesus is building the church.

Not true, the church being built by Yah is SalvationJesus comes from the open punctured Egyptian pile of rock.  Same Egyptian pile of rock, that could not hold the mortal body down.  KJB makes no distinction between the two pile of rocks and rock.

GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER posted a document on the door of the Catholic Church challenging its teachings.  This act was the seed of great pregnancy of  unrest amongst the people.

German Bible

GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER  writes a Bible in the German language.  We know the result of that years later; white supremacy, black subjugation.  Slavery was not new; but now it had the blessing of the church. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

In some respects slavery still has the blessing of the church as women and children are basically slaves to their husbands and fathers.  This teaching is totally unsubstantiated when we look at what our pen wrote between 1845 BC and 70 AD

This is not the first Bible as there were several before this, however none were distributed amongst the people; but used in the church to teach the people.

Teachers of German

Teachers of a German language is no different than the teachers of the English language that would come after the publication of the English King James Bible in 1645 AD.  Neither were they teachers of spiritual truths passed down through the centuries; but teachers of language.

To understand what we wrote, we must understand the language.  This does not mean we have to learn Hebrew, Chaldean, Egyptian and all the other languages from which words were taken.  Understanding the language is imperative.


GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER  coins a new word TRINITY.  This word is a seed planted in our minds that there is a male gender father with a male gender son and that makes the WHOLEHOLY  SPIRIT. 

The pregnant idea of male dominance was planted, took hold and has resulted in an untold holocaust to humanity.

Male gender is now required to carry two or three or more heads on the shoulders, thus bowing the back.  The insistence of the clergy, the priests that this was Gods will for them.

Female gender and children were beheaded; ability to think, reason, hear, see and act on their own behalf was taken away.  This is stil lhappening today across the planet.  The pregnancy did not end it continues to produce seed blown about by every wind of doctrine.

Males have labored for generations under this heavy unreasonable load put upon their backs by the GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER .  Not an original idea; but a powerful one that resulted in a birthing of increased inhumanity

Instituted by a priest to whom many were looking for spiritual guidance.  Many believing even today that what the priest says is Gods word.  Afraid to challenge God, just in case it might be true and then they will die, be judged and go to hell for disobedience.

This is not to say that this load was put on the backs of males exclusively by the GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER.  

Obviously it is embraced by all the religious doctrines of the planet who proclaim this to be the word of god and therefore must be adhered to.

axe“Lay the axe to the root of every tree that does not bring forth good fruit.”  LIGHT BRINGERLUKE.

Egyptian Math Will Add

Egyptian math is all about adding.  Three joined together make an Egyptian gomer, which means complete/completed.  It is a basic building block of creation. 

Thirds are female separated/punctured, joined they make a male non gender COMPLETED form, ie TRINITY.

The builder of the FIRST Egyptian gomer completed is hidden in the FIRSTGENESIS chapter one.  You will not find this root builder in the KJB unless you know the word that the builder of the Egyptian gomer was translated from.

The first completed form was water, energy bonds holding 3 gases, 2 oxygens and 1 hydrogen .  A result of the big bang of FIRSTGENESIS..  You will not find the big bang reading the KJB, you have to go back to what our pen wrote in the first place.

GOD OF WARMARTIN SOLDIER OF THE PEOPLELUTHER set the stage for the biggest brainwashing the planet has ever experienced.

One thousand five hundred and seventeen years later it has a strangle hold on the Multitude of NationsAbraham who were given the full inheritance of LAUGHTERISAAC..

Where is the LaughterIsaac, where is the Father of JoyAbigail in these doctrines? 

 Even the KJB says that God is neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile, black nor white; still the belief in male dominance persists.