Flaming Sword of the East

Flaming Sword of the East

The Offspring of the First Rib of Light

The first rib of light, Life Giver produced a Lance that comes from Striking a Musical Note. 

This first Musical Note is the OXhead, it comes first.  The second  produced by the first rib of light is the House of Vanity.  The Oxhead Musical Note destroyed the House of Vanity.

What words did KJB use to tell this story in a different manner?  What INTERPRETATION has the little child made in regards to that ancient story?  What was the produce that came from the Musical Note tilling the red soil of lower Egypt?


Ten Builders of Red Earth

Ten Builders of Red Earth

The Window and Nail

Seven builders build the expansion creating a windowThe NAIL of three, build the second Egyptian gomerREMEMBER  anytime three things are joined they create an Egyptian gomer, which means complete.  This has been interpretated, not translated as trinity.

REMEMBER blue indicates a male word, something has been remembered, recalled from the past and creates a form.  Yesterday’s blog we looked at the OXhead, house, the completed Egyptian gomer and door.

We saw the frail red earth replacement was in a house that was the Praise of plural gods.  The growth of that frail red earth was powerful.  Seed of the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM was in that red earth.  The seed is carried in the womb but has not sprouted yet. 

Today we look closely at what built the window and discover it was the Egyptian gomer complete.  The conspicuous position of the hot house expansion was finished.  It is duplicating self.  A lofty self entity can replicate self.

A window, like a door separates.  However, the window, unlike a door allows us to see both sides. (more…)