Nine Primary Words Equal a Cycle of Wisdom

Nine Primary Words Equal a Cycle of Wisdom

Old Testament Primary Words

What what translated as number nine actually means “turn to next full number”  or stay in the old cycle expecting a different outcome.  Today we would call that crazy making.

Nine the serpent cycle of wisdom is a rememberedmale word.  There are no rememberedmale words in the cycle of wisdom.  Only neutral and puncturedfemale words.  

Wisdom always comes when we listen to it.  Turn to the next full number ONE UNITED OXHEAD  to the power of ten.  

 Wisdom shows us that there is no gender and there is no plurality in our original writings 1845BC to70AD.  Those concepts have caused the Tower of Babel, Confusion of Languages, to grow higher with each passing year. 

When we apply Egyptian math Will Add to the serpent cycle of wisdom, the result is ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten.  Which means “one open hand holding the power”.  Always and only there is One United Oxhead.

The slaying of the ox is not a sacrifice of a mortal animal it is the destroying of the old oxhead power and turning to the next fullness of spiritual power.  One to ten, the hand, to twenty, the head, to thirty the Gomer which means the three in one to the power of ten is completed.

 Today when we say hand we do not think nor do we mean ten.  If we continue to use today’s language to understand the unique language of yesterday we are not listening to the serpent cycle of wisdom.

One Oxhead is all there ever was or ever will be.  Until we apply the serpent cycle of wisdom and join into ONE UNITED OXHEAD outside of religious, family, national, ethnic, philosophical, etc, etc. divisions, we remain locked into our compartments, like prisoners to our religious habits.

500 Dancers

I had the privilege of watching 500 young dancers ages 4 yrs old through high school and enhanced by the local fire department.  These 500 represented 7000 students across the state of New Mexico.

They were dancing to the music titled “DANCING IN THE STREETS.  Maybe the next generation will inspire us to DANCE IN THE STREETS INSTEAD OF WARRING IN THE STREETS.

On that stage dancers danced across  every  imaginable division. There was nothing dividing, separating them.   Not church nor state. Not color nor creed.  Not size or shape.   They were joined with the JOY OF DANCE, the strength of JOY is what the scriptures says belongs to us.

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  • When we understand how these 9 words are the building blocks for other words.
  • When we understand each and every word in its original meaning, then we will begin to see the Sweet Little Book of Creation that we wrote 1845BC to 70AD.
  • It does not belong to any organization, creed, dogma, law that lays claim to it and uses it for chopping up the ONE UNITED OXHEAD into pieces that have no life left in them.  We never wrote about sacrificing any living thing.
  • There is nothing in those original writings that has not been verified over the thousands of years regarding its contents.
  • The contents are strewn across the planet; each religious group emphasizing what they REMEMBER.  Their precious chosen parts.
  • Each one claiming to have the truth that everyone else is suppose to follow.  Each and every one teaching that we are all brothers and yet insisting that the brother is in error.
  • The TRUTH and the LIGHT is resident in every living thing, not exclusive to human.

The truth is resident in every single seed that ever sprouted on the planet.  Plant, animal, human, rock, water, wind, fire all contain truth, if we can but hear the voices of these gods?  Are are our ears so clogged with the religious wax of condemnation of our brother, that we cannot hear.  Or do we simply refuse to hear?

When we begin to hear HEARING when we read Simon, Simeon, Shimeon, Simonites, then perhaps our ears will become accustomed to hearing ATTACHED when we see the words Levi, Levites,Levitical.  Then ponder why did James Strong tell us to look at Mathew which mean Gift when looking at Levi.  And to look at Levi when looking at Matthew?

HEARING ATTACHED  to a bad report are instruments of cruelty.  Genesis 49:5.  The Gift is HEARING ATTACHED to a good report. None of this has anything to do with human persons.


Egyptian Owl of Pharoah

Egyptian Owl of Pharoah

What was/is the Cup of Pharaoh

The entire picture of creation’s story must be looked at.  That means looking at the original native words from which the KJB was translated.

Not picking and choosing a few choice meanings to reinforce what is already believed Believed simply because it was passed down for centuries and therefore must be correct.

Following is a table based on the owl of the Great House and Land; translated as cup of pharaoh.  This is an example of how not understanding the meaning of original native words has skewed our stories into ugliness.

We make mongrels when we mix the original native words with English and then make our own interpretations based on English words and anyone’s opinion about what those words mean. (more…)

Words of Wisdom of a King

Martin Luther King

Beloveds, many years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr. offered these

profound words of Truth and Love:

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not

rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate
for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night
already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness:
only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love
can do that.”

This quote from GO GRATITUDE “May all our Hearts come together to mourn the loss of lives,

of friend and foe alike, as we overcome the only true enemy –
the Shadow of Fear – by choosing Love.  To Love what IS. 
Love Ourselves.  Love One Another.

Let us choose this day to re-affirm our commitment to Peace,

Cooperation, and Unity by accepting our personal power, and
responsibility, to Love in the face of fear. To go forward with
Gratitude in our Hearts, knowing we are the One’s we’ve been
waiting for, and it is up to us to choose Love and BLOOM.” 

Universal Icy Waters of Creation Divulge Their Messages

Exploration of the ancient scrolls from which the KJB was translated, revealed the Big Bang.  Also revealed the icy waters and all the elements we understand today.  Articles about the White Mountain and the Flames of the East that destroy that White Mountain.  Even trickles of myrrh come down in that water from the melting of the icy white mountain.

That Big bang continues to astound us even today, with evidences of icy waters, elements that were clearly known more than 3000 years ago.  Not by scientific research but by the inner knowing that every human comes into this world with.  Often loses that the knowledge of the cosmic library by being taught by the outside world. (more…)