Religious Ceremonies Benefit the Designer

Ceremonies, especially religious ceremonies, rituals, etc. are not designed for the attendees and adherents to the ceremonies, rituals.

They are designed by the DESIGNER for the DESIGNERS purposes and intents…..which are to enrichen the DESIGNER’S pockets and emotional well being.

Totally opposite of the native tradition of Potlatching; freely sharing the bounty of the universe. The designer of the potlatch invites and then gives freely to those who come to celebrate.   The designer of the religious ceremonies, rituals expects to be compensated.

Ever go to Sunday school or church and have the designer of the ceremony, the service NOT PASS THE PLATE for money?  Ever not ask for donations of more money, time, energy?????? Money spent to build bigger edifices with locked doors.  Something beautiful to look at; but not to be used.

At least when I was growing up and the church came and took me to Sunday school, the doors remained unlocked; just in case someone needed shelter.  The doors to our homes, our cars were not locked.  Today we locked everything for FEAR.

What religious ceremonies perpetrated the idea of fear……FEAR GOD…GOD WILL GET YOU….if you do not CONFORM.  Confess your sin to the designer of the confession.

Or its your karma; the dues you must pay to the universe….FEAR, FEAR, FEAR…on all sides.

The designers of the religious ceremonies, collect the money and then lock the doors.  What do the adherents, the attendees get in exchange?  ……the privilege of being told how to obey a punitive God so that we can escape hell……

……hell is right here on the planet…..the fires built by the designers of the ceremonies.  Hell is the big club held over the heads of the privileged attendees….the chosen frozen attendees.  For whom the ceremonies, the rituals were designed  for the benefit of the designer.

The fire god “Moleck” has a mouth that is never satisfied….what feeds that mouth?…..the sacrificial lambs that attend the ceremonies and rituals are the food for the fire….lives offered up in exchange for the privilege of attending the religious ceremonies and rituals.   If the adult sheep do not bring their lambs to the sacrifice; then the designers go out and get them.

Ceremonies and rituals of ANY KIND  are designed to bind and enslave the attendees;  to the benefit of the designer.  All  ceremonies and rituals are religious because the very word, religious, means to do the same things over and over again until it becomes a habitual habit.

Same concept as crazy making.

For more than 50 years of my life I considered myself to be a Christian and proud of it.   There is no pride today.  The historical evidence of what the designers of religious ceremonies has done upon the planet, stands as a huge testimony to its failure.

Monoliths of beautiful buildings erected across the planet and yet famine is escalating at a tremendous rate across the same planet.   The concept of designing for the benefit of the designers has worked well.  Pockets are jammed full; while bellies remain empty.

There has never been a separation of church and government….they are bed fellows.  Always have been; both are based upon  the law of the God-man.    Who leaves their beliefs behind when they enter the polls to vote?

We have misused the text written 1845BC to 70AD and twisted them to fit our own purposes.  Twisted to conform to the religious myths we had been telling for eons of time.   Our special concoctions of witchcraft have been very successful upon the planet.

We the designers of ceremonies and rituals have been enriched; but at what cost and to whom?

No Bones in a Coffin

Only Strength in a Gathering

What does this have to do with HUSBAND?   There are many connections; but that is not what I am addressing today.

When I saw that STRENGTH GATHERING was translated as BONES IN A COFFIN, there was an immediate recognition that this could not possibly be a person that was being carried out.  Having already recognized that adam and eve were not people.

If not a person then what?  That discovery was many years ago and it set me on the course of discovering what FIRSTGENESIS  contained from the perspective of the original word meanings.

In the next few years it became quite evident that those famous persons taught in Sunday School, Adult Sunday School, from the pulpit, in the books, movies, magazines etc. were not people. (more…)

What is Name?

What is Name?

Conspicuous Position

CP  translated  in KJB as name and Shem.  CP is what is meant.  Wherever a specific CP/name appears tells us what that position is.  Citing a name as if it is a person in the KJB translation tells us nothing.  Leads straight to the Tower of Babel confusion of languages.

When we see the CP as being in the spotlight and we look at the surrounding environment; we see much.  Provided we are using the original meanings and not the English translation; nor its multitude of additional words.  Nor the infused gender, nor the infused time, ad nauseaum.

Using Egyptian math WILL ADD and seeing the conspicuous positions through the symbols representing the creative processes, every single scripture can be understood in its original intent.

Egyptian math symbology, reveals the creative processes.  The original words explain what the CP is all about.

Basic Egyptian Math Wheel

Here is a EM wheel WILL ADD  with the CP at the center.  These are not all of the EM symbols, however they are the first 18 basic symbols in the wheel.

Symbols of creative process; that cannot be understood by using todays numbering system.  Todays numbering system is helpful in keeping track, but gives no information about the creative  process of increasing the ONE.

Following is the CP of Rest and the symbols that apply to that part of  the familiar story of a man in an ark with a bunch of animals.  Wow what a stench that must have been. What did that CP of Rest really produce?

One thing to be observed is that the copulative door of strife had no offspring.

If this is origin of today’s people coming out of an ark; as interpreted; then where did the conspicuous position of today’ strife come from?
Where does the concept of war come from?
Who/what built the CP highland of fear?
Why is the CP of the twins Little Earthquake important to know?
Why did the CP hidden distant CP successful house CP completed fail at the breast?
What is the CPStation?
How did the CPFriend lead to the CPStation?  and where does it go from there?
Did you discuss or learn  any of this in Sunday school or church?


Slow Arrival

Slow Arrival

You can explore a white cake till doomsday and never see how the spice cake was created.  You can fight, massacre each other over the recipe and the ingredients and never even know what a spice cake looks, tastes and smells like.

Slow Arrival

I would have arrived at the understanding of what our native words written between 1845BC and 70AD were saying a long time ago.

I was delayed due to spending many years beating myself up that surely I was not seeing and understanding correctly.  Although I had broken away from the SRP, the influences were still strong in my psyche. (more…)