Written in 1692 Old Saint Pauls Church Baltimore

Perhaps it is time to ponder this prophetic statement written in 1692   ..The New Age is coming, and in it there will be a realization of the Oneness of all. Differences between the various Religions will disappear.

Written in 1692:                  Found in Old Saint Paul’s Church, Baltimore: Dated 1692
IN WHATEVER RELIGION YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT, HOWEVER YOU HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP AND HOWEVER YOU HAVE UNDERSTOOD YOUR TEACHERS…..     On these levels you will understand and grasp this message. It is not enough that this message be believed. It is a message to be lived. The Essence of Universal Religion is Peace and truth, with Love for and Kindness to all the creatures of the earth. NOW is the time to express this essence in your own life.    A beginning must be made, and the place to begin is with and in yourself.

You would reform the world? Begin with yourself!

The message of the unreformed reformer seldom inspires reformation. The heart of all Religion is love. AND righteousness, which is love in ACTION, is the fulfillment of Religion.

Love not only family and friends, for love limited is love denied. Seek peace within yourself and seek, too, within yourself the DIVINE BREATH OF LIFE. Persist in these things. DO not let up for a single moment. Through your faith and through your DEEDS you shape your life and help shape the lives of others, as well. What a responsibility.

The Spirit finds in you its agent and also its partner, and to the degree that you are aware of this and act on it, your life is enriched. A revelation will occur to you… a revelation higher than your most exalted dreams.

The New Age is coming, and in it there will be a realization of the Oneness of all. Differences between the various Religions will disappear. The good which is in each of them, will be fused and will become the common goal of all mankind. KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE..

(WOW, can you believe how long this shift has been happening for us?) Time to lay down the religious habits and find the oneness of creation.  Take a view from the other side of the STRONG BRIDGE and see what the authors 1845BC to 70AD actually wrote….those stories do not match the religious myths….no matter what religion…

Religious Boogeyman Satan

Where does the word Satan come from?

In the original text of the OLD Testament there a word that means opponent is TRANSLITERATED into the letters s a t a n.  Religious interpreters of the New Testament made the s a capital letter and treated the four letters as a word, i.e Satan.

Transliterated letters are not words.  They are symbolic of the original word.  We use this all the time in going back and forth between languages.

To be translated the letters s a t a n must result in a word that is equal to opponent.

When the letter s was made a capital letter it inferred in English that it was the name of a person, place or important thing.  Religion teaches that the word Satan is a spiritual being that desires to destroy humans.  Cannot answer the question, who/what created Satan?  Or at best says that God made Satan to teach us lessons.

Interestingly another word that means hurtful was INTERPRETED as meaning a masculine devil.   But  these words were used  in the Bible…bad, evil, grievous, harm, lewd, malicious, wicked, wickedness.  Wonder why  masculine devil was not used? These are English chosen words they are not word meanings taken from the original text. (more…)

Unnumbered Four Four

Unnumbered Four Four

Why is there an unnumbered word that means neutral four;  in the New Testament?

TKey in handhe answer lies in the Old Testament.  Again, let me repeat there is no New Testament without the Old.

When we understand that the spelled out word four is far more than a number, wisdom beings to dawn in our souls and memories.

A neutral four is four things separated; they are neutral.  Neither active  PUNCTUREDFEMALE. nor REMEMBEREDMALE words.

A REMEMBEREDMALE word is just that, remembered, recalled, reformed, rearranged; whatever term we wish to use.

A REMEMBEREDMALE  four is not found in the NT in so far as I have discovered.  In the Old it FOUR means COPULATIVE and when looked at through the order of the letters it means a COPULATIVE DOOR.  A revolving door; one that open and closes.

Perhaps we have forgotten how that DOOR was formed and what it was for.  What came through it.

We can study and have been studying the words used by the INTERPRETERS of the Bible until doomsday.  This leads to the same place RELIGIOUS MYTHS.  Which abounded long before the written word was ever produced.

It is the same definition for crazy ….doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

Or we can use the Strong Bridge and glean from the original word meanings.   This has been extremely difficult and laborious up until now.  However, with the database about to be released, the task becomes much simpler and much easier to decipher and reconstruct what the original authors intended.

Key in handThe English words are merely the starting point that leads us to the Strong Bridge.  The keys will open that COPULATING DOOR of wisdom and give us a much deeper broader understanding of the original text.  What did the many authors intend to convey?

When we use the keys to unlock the mystery of yesterday; we discover something other than shame, blame, sin, devil, punishment, toil, work, slavery, etc.  All of which are part of the religious myths we have so long believed had a basis of truth.

True seekers of truth  will find answers long searched for when these keys are used to discover the meaning of the symbols the elders put to paper.

For example the white skin that had supremacy was not white skinned people; but the ICE that held the earth captive for a long long while.

How many have suffered been enslaved under this wrong impression?

Twelve Governing

We can never understand how the word twelve means governing, until we go back and use the unique language that was used to write the stories.  The OXHEADten HOUSEtwo = COMPLETEDthree

The EXPANSION OF REST  has the power in the palm of the handeleven  to create an EGYPTIAN GOMER which means COMPLETED.  (the DUAL LIMITSegypt, mizraim are completed)

This EGYPTIAN GOMER is the first to reproduce itself and begin to GOVERN.  Not male persons ruling as human kings; but the CREATION RULING itself.

UNITED OXHEAD = land of gog
HOUSE = middle land
COMPLETED GOMER hot effervescing and active
DOOR shall be brought
WINDOW sows a possession
NAIL of desire

Hardly a description of six male gender sons.  The six TRANSLITERATED words used in the Bible are not meanings, they are simply letters….from one language, to English.  I have not given them to you here in this blog.

The words of the original texts come from many different languages, Hebrew, Chaldean, Syrian, Persian, Aramaic, Egyptian, Babylonian, to name a few.  Some were never identified as to their language home.

When we understand the  creative order and symbolism of words the reconstituting of the original text becomes much simpler.

This is not the only portion of CREATION’S BIRTHRIGHT in the 12th generating of the UNIVERSE.  This is merely an example of what is to be discovered when we use the STRONG BRIDGE.  A bridge built in the 1800’s, but barely used to its fullest capabilities.

A remarkable GIFTMATTHEW was given to us.  The work of more than 100 persons assigned numbers to every single word in the original text.

This is a road map to the past; but in my experience has only been used to reinforce and prove the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that the largest corporation on the planet uses as its BASE.

Join us every Sunday 11:00 am at Lucky Bean Cafe, Sanbrusco Center, Santa fe NM….the old Border’s Bookstore.  We explore what can be discovered when we cross the STRONG BRIDGE and abide there.

Learn to use the meaning of the transliterated words so we can rethink what we thought we knew….what we were told….we discover for ourself what we wrote 1845BC to70AD.  The religious myths are nowhere to be found.

Laughing Now

Laughter, Isaac is our Inheritance

What a wonderful adventure going back through some of the notes of the past 20+ years and discovering how much has been revealed over time.

How We Can Learn the Unique Language

We start to learn any language with the letters ABC and then the numbers.  From which we can then begin to form words.  Once the functions of letters and numbers to create words is understood we begin to make sentences.  Sentences evolve into paragraphs which evolve into stories.

So this has been my journey of discovering what the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY actually wrote 1845BC to70Ad.  Letters, numbers, words from a variety of languages were translated into stories.  Stories that have been interpreted into myths that have infected the entire planet with dis-ease.

What a Joy to have the PLACE OF WAKING translated as city begin to open even wider.  First seeing there was/is NO GENDER then rememberingmale to eliminate all of the added English words placed there by translators to explain their translation.

The next allahstep was to study the individual letters and numbers moving on to the individual words.  Discovery of how words are formed, where the roots are and where the branches lead is crucial to reconstruction of the sentences, the phrases.  Then the stories can begin to emerge. (more…)