What Does Fall From Grace Mean?

What Does Fall From Grace Mean?


brain washingHumanity is frail, fallen, sinful, shamefully weak.  Therefore is broken, scarred, damaged and needs a healing savior.

Through the mother/father Grace Terminal there came a Rebellious Slave.  From the Rebellious Slave came Yah is Salvation.

The mother/father Grace Terminal was the Gift of Yah. It took 66 builders of the Multitude of Nations to complete the Grace Terminal.  The place where the building of the family of man ended.

According to the Bringer of Light, the mother/father Grace Terminal is the place where the building of the family of Strengthgod, began.

Light Bringer tells us that it takes 77 builders to complete the family of StrengthGod which extends all the way back to the Great House and Land, the container of the creation, Upper/Lower Egypt, heaven and earth.

66 = 12 governing = 3 completed Egyptian Gomer  the Gift of Yah
77 = 14 motion =5 window so the Light of the Light Bringer can come through.

If you are a subscriber read on, to see what words the KJB translation used to convey the message of Falling From Grace.  Then you can decide which version do you prefer, the INTERPRETATIONS made by the SRP or the original unique language from which the translation was taken. (more…)

12 Neutral 1 Female 0 Male Disciples

12 Neutral 1 Female 0 Male Disciples

Why  Only One Female Disciple No Male?

It is a clue to the 13th disciple. Number 13 does not appear in the New Testament.  Ever wonder why?  Ever wonder why someone decided that 13 was an unlucky number?

Why would the 13th disciple be female and the only female disciple?  And most especially why is it a GazelleDorcas/Tabithah?

If we forget about gender, then we can see what this means. (more…)

KJB Thinly Veiled the Roots

KJB Thinly Veiled the Roots

Interpretations Created a Thick Black Smoke Screen

The translators that created the KJB carefully sculpted a veil that covered the original word meanings that reveal what we really wrote between 1845BC and 70AD.

The JSEC, if understood and used to its fullest removes the black smoke screen of sin, shame, blame, condemnation, death, judgement, hell, damnation and devil consciousness.

More than 1100 translations have been made using the black smoke screen of INTERPRETATIONS.  None of which have brought any clarity relative to the original texts.

None of which has ended homelessness, poverty, death, sickness, dis-ease, war, strife, domestic violence, murders and all other manner of dysfunction.

Changed My Mind (more…)


The word sensitive comes from the word breath which comes from to breath. Why was sensitive translated as sensual?
Then interpreted by the SRP teachings as sexual and therefore a bad thing?

Slow Arrival

Slow Arrival

You can explore a white cake till doomsday and never see how the spice cake was created.  You can fight, massacre each other over the recipe and the ingredients and never even know what a spice cake looks, tastes and smells like.

Slow Arrival

I would have arrived at the understanding of what our native words written between 1845BC and 70AD were saying a long time ago.

I was delayed due to spending many years beating myself up that surely I was not seeing and understanding correctly.  Although I had broken away from the SRP, the influences were still strong in my psyche. (more…)