Decoding the Bible

Decoding the Bible

Only One Way to Do That

Go back and discover what every single word, letter and so called numbers in the original text meant.  This means throwing out all of the concepts about what words mean and how they have been taught.

Otherwise we keep spinning our wheels in the same myths taught for thousands of years.  Ever play the game, say something in the ear of the person next to you and they pass it on around the circle.

The end result never sounds like what was actually said in the first place.

bridges King James to original textThere is no magic wand; but there is a Strong Bridge built in the 1800s.  A very long bridge that begins at a very high tower,  The English Tower of Babel; the confusion of languages, must be passed through before the journey of light to the Other Sideeber can even begin.

Of course it is much easier to listen to all the new ways of looking at the old myths of sour milk and rotting flesh that have poisoned our mind, spirits, will and stolen our EXISTENT STRENGTH to be OPEN WIDE AND FREE.

This is the time, this is the era where great changes are possible.  Change never happens clutching to the old beliefs, no matter how they are shifted around with magic keys and magic decoding.

There is a decoding that was put into the KJB.  Naming the books, assigning the number of chapters and verses are the code to what the original words said.  Confusion is present due to the addition of English grammar words and most specifically gender; which skews everything.

We start off with the plural word gods being translated as a singular God.  There are 14 different word recipes to come up with  the word GOD.

Those two, gender and a singular GOD are probably the biggest detractors of the truth of the original texts.

If you want your ears tickled with the old myths, don’t waste anytime on the website.  If however you have some interest in learning what we actually wrote between 1845BC and 70AD then stay tuned.

No I Did Not Study Hebrew nor Greek Languages

No I Did Not Study Hebrew nor Greek Languages

I Did Study American Sign Language for Three Years

Before any written symbols or words there was only body language.

25 years I have researched the individual WORDS that appear in the 66 original texts.  These written words changed in spelling between languages and times frames between 1845BC and 70AD.

Then dispersed like pellets coming out of shot gun into a plethora of English words.  Smothered in additional grammar, gender, direction, time, etc., which do not exist in the original texts as viewed today.


A word is either a root or it is not.  If not then it comes from a root.  Many words can come from the same root; but all those secondary words are related  Many more words come off of those secondary roots forming fourth, fifth, sixth generations.  All are related.

When we explore the width, height, depth of a primary root word we learn a great deal about what the meaning was between 1845BC and 70AD.

Studying the ten plus individual languages from which these words came would have left no time to study the individual words.

I would still then be in the indoctrinated religious world of sour milk and rotting flesh of interpretations, fairy tales, myths that have been concocted over the past hundred of years.

A witches brew that has stupified the entire planet with its nonsensical versions of what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD.  A witches brew that incites brother to kill brother, humans to be deceived by a serpent, all manner of control through war, sacrifice all leading to death hell damnation. (more…)

What is Husband What is Wife?

Today when we say husband and wife; we are saying, thinking, talking about a male gender person husband bound by law to another human person wife assigned the gender of female.

When we INTERPRET husband and wife as merely gender based words in the KJB; we bury the truth about what our pen scribed 1845 BC to 70AD.

The word meaning husband, master, controller is buried for the most part in translated words intended to keep us on track about what husband and wife is actually about.  Misinterpretations have thrown us off our pathway.

My Cherokee roots say do not mess in anyone’s walk, else you throw them off their track.

What is First?

What is First?

Genesis Means First

Everything in Genesis is about FIRST.

We scribed nine different words, with different meanings.  These nine words were all translated in the KJB as first.  Not to mention all the other words in the translation besides first.  For example:

The word united comes from a primitive root to unify and is translated in the KJB 951 times.

687 times as one
36 times as first
36 times as another
30 times  as other
28 times as any
13 times as once
13 times as eleven plus some other word
10 times as even
9 times as certain
7 times as some
86 times as miscellaneous other words.  (more…)

Pluralities Build the Tower of Babel

Singular Solid Rock Petra is the Base of Pluralities

The foundational base of the solid rock Petra  is crushing the backs of the sand of the sea.

First the plural gods, wind, water, fire and earth were changed to a singular all powerful God. Not to mention the 14 different recipes used to come up with the word God.

All the singular words, which is most of the original text was made pluralities.

There is only a single Egyptian eye, not eyes,  a single Egyptian tooth, not teeth, a singluar branch and a branch extending translated as plural tribes.  The branch and the branch extending come from the original water door of creation. (more…)