12 Years of Slavery. ..

A true story of black humanity living under the heavy  hand of white humanity is now a movie. White supremacy allowed by the Bible, or so it was and is still taught, allowed this inhuman treatment to parts of our own body, the human body, to occur.  Not only allowed but demanded that it be exercised.

At the same time, mid 1800s, a team of 100 persons were giving us the way to know and understand what the original authors of the 66 books of the Bible actually wrote.  Seems to me they were searching for the truth.

The James Strong Exhaustive Concordance, was published in the early 1900’s; but few have used it to discover the depths of this rich resource.  It has been used mostly to prove what was already being believed and taught in religious circles.

I dream of a white Christmas where we recognize that it was the white skin of ice and snow that ruled supreme over the earth….not WHITE SKINNED PEOPLE. In that dream the STRENGTH of the SUNLIGHT (samson) is seen for what it truly is the LIFE GIVING RIB OF LIGHT (EVE) that melted the WHITE SKIN of ice, opening the Eastern Gate, which released the RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL, THE BLACK SEA MONSTER out into the LIGHT of the SUN.

Isn’t it time we used that resource?  Isn’t it time to end the religious myths?  The retelling of which has caused so much human heartache, heart break, shame, blame.  Destroying the very creature that has the ability to use it’s mind will and emotion to change? To love?

At the end of the movie, there is a line that says the date, time and place of the death of Solomon is unknown. (more…)

Humanity Cannot Possibly Understand

Humanity Cannot Possibly Understand

The organized religious community has long insisted that the mass of humanity could not possibly understand the original 66 scrolls.

The 66 scrolls which allegedly are the basis for the book called the Bible.  A book that has influenced every arena of life for thousands of years.

QUESTION How is it that the mass of humanity can live daily in the midst of 750,000 English words.  Number of words that is growing every day.  This mass of humans seems to be able to manage that; but could not manage to understand a few thousands simple words?????

Dump truck 750,000 words.A third grader can understand the few thousands words of the original text.  Provided they are given those words and not thousands of other words dumped on top, added in to make the stories conform to preconceived ideas.

It is not that the mass cannot understand….it is that the organized religious community does not understand.  If we keep inspecting the same mountain from the same place, we come up with the same conclusions.  However if we traverse the mountain and go to the other side…..there is quite a different view.

When thousands of TRANSLITERATED groups of letters are converted into English words; those words do not convey the original meaning.

The meaning of the TRANSLITERATED groups of letters was given by the religious INTERPRETERS.   The assigned meanings do not match the original writings…..no wonder the statement that the MASS OF HUMANITY COULD NOT POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND THE ORIGINAL 66 SCROLLS.

Was it…is it a diabolical scheme to deceive….or is it simply a matter of the religious ostrich not taking its head out of the sand so that it can look around at a different viewpoint?  The viewpoint of gender based stories and male dominance.

It is time to get a different view of the mountain. That will be possibly soon, as a database coming from a totally different perspective will give anyone who so desires the opportunity to see from a different posture.

Watch for it, wait for it, it will be posted on this website when ready for the unveiling.

Time for the beautiful sweet little book to be published…a real possibility with this database as a tool.  Then the religious myths can be laid to rest in their proper burial site.


For more than 50 years I called myself Christian and proud of it.   The past 25 years of diligent research has caused me to doubt that there is anything to be proud of; especially in the light of the historical evidence of the war like nature of religions.

The majority of sacrificial deaths can be laid directly at the foot of the church.

Time to stop dividing humanity up into neat little packages of them and us.  We are that.  That is we.  We can understand the simple story of creation written 66 different times, in different places by different authors.

We gathered those 66 scrolls and then proceeded to dump thousands of words on top causing great confusion.  A tower of Babel  “confusion of languages”.

No wonder it is assumed that the mass of humanity cannot understand the original scrolls written 1845 BC to 70AD.  1100+ English versions has brought us no closer to understanding the book called the Bible. Not to mention the thousands of other languages into which the Bible has been translated.

The fact that if those books were stacked up they would form a mountain 100 times taller than Mt. Everest; should cause us to wonder why the world is not at peace.  The basic tenet of religion is lovedabid, joy and peacesolomon for all.

It is time to decipher and understand the original story and intent; which will unite us.

Primitive Root Words Reveal Themselves

Primitive Root Words Reveal Themselves

One Way of Deciphering the Work of Our Hand

This is but one example  of one way of how the meaning of words reveal themselves.  They need no help from us; except to go back to the source of the words.

There is a primitive root word that means BE SMOOTH.  Which we translated into deal, distribute, divide, flatter, give (have, -ing) part (-ner), take away a portion, receive, separate, self (be) smooth (-er).

Out of this primitive root word, comes many other words.  We will explore just one of them and see how the original meaning comes through loud and clear.

Out of the primitive root word comes a word that means smoothness.  Both the primitive root word and the smoothness that comes from the root are neutral.  The puncturedfemale form of the neutral smoothness is smoothness.

The word actually means smoothness (of the) smoothness (out of the primitive root word) be smooth.  We REMEMBERmale this by using the Strong Bridge and uncovering the original meanings of this single word.

We translated the word which means Smoothness (of the) smoothness (out of primitive root) be smooth, into these words.    


A Personal Opinion

A Personal Opinion

I have come to the conclusion that the male dominance religious myth came out of fear and ignorance.  The concept that the male gender was the head of the house and therefore the authority of God grew over time.  Just like the concept of what the word God means.

An INTERPRETATION that has caused more grief and sorrow on the planet than can be accounted for.

When we see how many PUNCTUREDFEMALE words and how few REMEMBEREDMALE words are found in the original manuscripits, this could be overwhelming.  That is, if one does not recognize these words have nothing to do with gender.  They are functions.  Just like mother, father, brother, sister, wife, husbands are neutral words.  They are roles and not confined to human roles.

The black and red earth is just as MORTAL as human or animal or plant or rock or living water.  When we eliminate our elders, which is everything in the creation, except  us, we are left without the wisdom of the creation.

So we make up these religious myths about gender dominance.  Does not matter which gender it is, it is a myth.

The cycle of wisdom was assigned a number….nine…but that word means “TURN TO THE NEXT FULL NUMBER”  leave the past, the old cycle, the old myths behind.  Come again into the fullness of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, that is all there ever was or ever will be. (more…)

Breaking the Religious Habit

Of Using Today’s English to Understand the Past

As stated before, changing our thinking about scripture is not necessarily an easy task.  We cannot simply learn an original word meaning and always apply when reading the scripture.  The reason being most original word meanings are translated into many different English words.

However, there are a very few that always mean the same such as LOVING is David, PEACE is Solomon, SUNLIGHT is Samson, HAPPY is Asher, ATTACHED is Levi, FRIEND is Ruth, STAR is Esther, etc.  These words were chosen as names to build the translation around.  They remain constant; but represent only a tiny drop in the bucket.

We must understand the word meanings that surround these few or we remain locked in religious myths.

Evens so, when we read these words we think of the English name, we do not consider the meaning in the setting and order of the scripture.  This leads to gross misunderstanding.

We can begin to change some of our thinking as we read the scripture by using the above examples.  It is a tiny step, like the first step of a child learning to walk.  I believe we are suppose to be childlike in our approach to life.

Many steps translated as holocausts are offered on this site.

Another Word We Can Begin to Use

One original word meaning that can be applied in almost every case is MOTHER MEASURE in place of the English word  CUBIT.

The PRIMARY WORD mother BOND is the source of the MOTHER MEASURE.  Both words are neutral.  From the BOND comes the MEASURE.  This is a basic Egyptian math Will Add component.  It has nothing to do with gender.

So wherever we see the word CUBIT and begin to think MOTHER MEASURE (that comes from the mother bond), we are taking a step toward changing our thinking about what we are reading.  This helps us to apply Egyptian math, Will Add.  No subtracting only increasing the power of one THE UNITED OXHEAD.

What is being measured in the original text?  Where does it come from in the original text?  What was bound, glued and is now being measured?  Then we can see how to apply PUNCTUREDFEMALE words such as wall, foundation, testimony, corners, annuciation, etc.

Notice these words are NEUTRAL.  Mother, father, brother, all three, are neutral PRIMARY words, have nothing to do with gender.  Have everything to do with creative process and Egyptian math Will Add.

MOTHER MEASURE can safely be put in place of CUBIT when we read scripture in the KJB.  MOTHER MEASURE is also translated as HUNDRED, MEASURE and POST.  When we read hundred, measure or post it most likely is NOT the MOTHER MEASURE, except in the cases where it is.

CAUTION  The James Strong Concordance is keyed to the King James Bible.  There are 1100+ translations which have changed the words that are used. So when using information from this site, it is always about the King James Version.  The ideas being put forth may not work if a different version is used because the English words have been changed.

This  has not brought more clarity; but built the Tower of Babel, Confusion of Languages, higher and higher.  Do you wonder why the translators used hundred for the MOTHER MEASURE?  Why the POST for the MOTHER MEASURE.  Wonder what the post is, maybe it is not called post, maybe it is called stalk or tree.

We, THE FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY  know the truth that is resident within us .  We are told that we are made in the image of God and the Bible is Gods word.  Ever look around and see the many faces of God?  Are they HAPPY, smiley faces?

What we know to be truth inside does not  match what we have been taught and what we read.  Failing bring the two together  has prompted us to make MORE TRANSLATIONS, based upon the religious myths and not on the original WORD MEANINGS.

The outcomes are as different as night and day.

I am not surprised that the theological community has not tried to set the INTERPRETATIONS of the translation in order.  It means a major revamping of what has been taught for hundreds/thousands of years.  To change that would dismantle the religious myths on which religious habits depend.

That would mean the collapse of the financial system based upon religious habits.  Billions of dollars pour into those religious habits and still war rages on, death, pestilence, hate, hell fire and brimstone abound on the planet.  Famine, starving children, children without parents killed in the religious wars.

Time to lay down our weapons of warfare and beat them into plowshares.  Reclaim the beautiful story of creation as it was told over and over again for thousands of years.

Have we ever wondered why so many different manuscripts were chosen as the basis of the Bible?  Did we even know it?  Why was the same Sweet Little Story chosen?  The very tiny book written over and over again and then selected from the human library.

Have we ever considered how it has been distorted, made ugly with INTERPRETATIONS of war, sacrifice, gender domination.  Concepts that have infected the planet with DIS-EASE instead of the PROMISED  RESTNOAH/MANOAH,NOHAH

Have we considered the money spent to support the religious structures?

Do we ever ask why we believe these myths?  Why we defend these myths?  Why we get angry when they are called myths?  Why do we continue to contribute to the proliferation of these myths?