Comet Ison

Comet Ison

NASA reports that comet ISON

May or may not become the comet of the century on November 28, 2013.   It will pass across the sun and either burn up or become very visible in the day…..what will it be?

What do we see If we look at the words and dates through the veil.  What they meant thousands of years ago when we wrote the text that became the basis for the Bible.

When will we reclaim our writings and learn what was being taught at those points in time 1845BC to 70AD.    If we reclaim our property, then  perhaps we can set the stories straight.

We can use the creative principles to gain understanding.

What can be seen through the creative principles applied to comet ISON?

We can see a puncturedfemale house with one united oxhead coming through the (revolving) door.   I submit the door of time is at hand….we can explode into the light we always have been and be visible in the day season or keep our light hidden in the dark place.

I = HAND10