Folded Hands Closed Eyes Shut Ears Minds Made UP

Below is an article on the first use of pain killer gas in 1846AD;  opposed by the clergy.

During this same time period, mid 1800’s, 100 persons were spending long diligent hours creating the document, latter called the James Strong Concordance…another pain removal action.   Released to the church more than 100 years ago, it has not been utilized in the manner intended….to relieve the pain, toil, sorrow of religious myths.

And to bring into the light the beautiful stories about creation and the creative processes observed all around.

Why has the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance not been recognized for what it truly is….the revelation of what our pen documented 1845BC to 410BC and then restated 70AD?

To do so would destroy the very foundation on which the bended knee, the closed eyes, the shut ears and the made up minds recite, teach and believe the religious myths.  Myths that had abounded long before the Bible was published for common use.

So the Bible, in the closed eye of the clergy,  had to support what was already being taught; else there would be no attendees in the Church.

Human hearts and minds know there is so much more than what seems to be in the written words of the Bible.   The so much more, stated in a few thousand words, is buried under 750,000 English words.  The result is that there are more than 1100 English versions of the Bible; each one trying to find the mystery.  Not to mention the thousands of other versions in languages across the planet; all based on the old religious myths.

Not until we dig deep below the religious myths can we ever uncover the original creation stories.  The folded hands, shut eyes, closed ears have insisted that it is impossible to understand; due to the language differences.

That simply is not true…over the past 20 years I have been led into a very deep study with only two books,  the James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (1940 edition) and the King James Bible to which it is keyed.  What has evolved is a way to easily understand the scripture.

It is still the same work of a 100 diligent seekers; but put into a format that breaks it down into bite size pieces anyone can use.  Those pieces are sweet in the mouth; bitter in the belly.  Bitters are the digestive elements that eliminate the religious myths of yesterday.

Still takes time and desire to know; but it is possible; despite the opinion that it is impossible.  “All things are possible.” Matthew 19:26    using the JSE….this would mean GIFT (of the) OXHEAD10 plus the CYCLE OF WISDOM = BACK OF THE HEAD = ONE OX (and inside is...) HOUSE10 plus the NAIL.  Which of the denominations has ever taught from this perspective?

Which of the folded hands, closed eye, shut ears, minds made up. can hear and understand it today?  We can have all of our sister wisdom we desire; but above all else get understanding.  Closed eyes, shut ears, folded hands, minds made up CLOSE OUT UNDERSTANDING.

“On October 16, 1846, at Massachusetts General Hospital, Morton administered his gas through an inhaler in the mouth of a young man undergoing the excision of a tumor in his jaw. The patient only muttered to himself in a semi-conscious state during the procedure. The following day, the gas left a woman, undergoing surgery to cut a large tumor from her upper arm, completely silent and motionless. When she woke, she said she had experienced nothing at all.

Four weeks later, on November 18th, Bigelow published his report on the discovery of “insensibility produced by inhalation” in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Morton would not divulge the composition of the gas, which he called Letheon, because he had applied for a patent. But Bigelow reported that he smelled ether in it (ether was used as an ingredient in certain medical preparations), and that seems to have been enough. The idea spread like a contagion, travelling through letters, meetings, and periodicals. By mid-December, surgeons were administering ether to patients in Paris and London. By February, anesthesia had been used in almost all the capitals of Europe, and by June in most regions of the world.

There were forces of resistance, to be sure. Some people criticized anesthesia as a “needless luxury”; clergymen deplored its use to reduce pain during childbirth as a frustration of the Almighty’s designs. James Miller, a nineteenth-century Scottish surgeon who chronicled the advent of anesthesia, observed the opposition of elderly surgeons: “They closed their ears, shut their eyes, and folded their hands. . . . They had quite made up their minds that pain was a necessary evil, and must be endured.” Yet soon even the obstructors, “with a run, mounted behind—hurrahing and shouting with the best.” Within seven years, virtually every hospital in America and Britain had adopted the new discovery.”