What is Name?

What is Name?

Conspicuous Position

CP  translated  in KJB as name and Shem.  CP is what is meant.  Wherever a specific CP/name appears tells us what that position is.  Citing a name as if it is a person in the KJB translation tells us nothing.  Leads straight to the Tower of Babel confusion of languages.

When we see the CP as being in the spotlight and we look at the surrounding environment; we see much.  Provided we are using the original meanings and not the English translation; nor its multitude of additional words.  Nor the infused gender, nor the infused time, ad nauseaum.

Using Egyptian math WILL ADD and seeing the conspicuous positions through the symbols representing the creative processes, every single scripture can be understood in its original intent.

Egyptian math symbology, reveals the creative processes.  The original words explain what the CP is all about.

Basic Egyptian Math Wheel

Here is a EM wheel WILL ADD  with the CP at the center.  These are not all of the EM symbols, however they are the first 18 basic symbols in the wheel.

Symbols of creative process; that cannot be understood by using todays numbering system.  Todays numbering system is helpful in keeping track, but gives no information about the creative  process of increasing the ONE.

Following is the CP of Rest and the symbols that apply to that part of  the familiar story of a man in an ark with a bunch of animals.  Wow what a stench that must have been. What did that CP of Rest really produce?

One thing to be observed is that the copulative door of strife had no offspring.

If this is origin of today’s people coming out of an ark; as interpreted; then where did the conspicuous position of today’ strife come from?
Where does the concept of war come from?
Who/what built the CP highland of fear?
Why is the CP of the twins Little Earthquake important to know?
Why did the CP hidden distant CP successful house CP completed fail at the breast?
What is the CPStation?
How did the CPFriend lead to the CPStation?  and where does it go from there?
Did you discuss or learn  any of this in Sunday school or church?


ArAn #7 Item A Hot Day Year Time

ArAn #7 Item A Hot Day Year Time

ArAn based upon the INTERPRETATION of the translation of the King James Bible.

 NUMBER # 7   Not only did the 1645AD translation infuse gender, it also infused linear time definItions, day, week, year, month as well as linear directions. 

1688  BC to 70 AD

Our pen first wrote about creating the universe and its relationship to itself.  A word that means HOT was translated as DAY in the Old Testament.  In the New Testament a word meaning warm gentle was translated as day.  Why? 

The big bang of FIRSTGENESIS did create a lot of heat. To be exact 7 revolutions of timeyear.  Revolutions of time was translated into a word year that we take to mean 365 days not seven hot cycles.

 We did not write about 365 days, we wrote about REVOLUTIONS OF TIME.  How long is a revolution of time?  It is a female word therefore is open, punctured, not until it closes, ends a process does the revolution end. 

Yet the argumentum ad nauseam insists that our stories were framed in linear time of specific amounts and measures.  Forever skewing the beautiful pictures we drew with words on paper.

The Weapon of Heat Produces Rest

The number seven is an indefinite amount.  It is not something that today, we quantify as an amount between six and an amount of eight.  It is the revolution of time between the NAILSIX and the PREGNANCYEIGHT.  How long does that take?  A year, a month, how many days? How many eons of time?

Letter number seven represents a weapon.  In this case the weapon is HOT.  Heat comes from fire.  The fire of the Big Bang.

Our Home

We, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY  has forgotten that it lives and breaths in a warm gentle place, a Garden of PleasureEden.   on the Black Madonnalower Egypt//earth in the Queens houseupper Egypt/heaven.

The Missed Mark

Either way we take that word day to mean a time period of 24 hours. This totally skews the original writings.  Forces time into a place where time was not measured in days, years, months, weeks, minutes, hours, etc.

Not only was a word meaning HOT translated as day; but was also translated and taught as the name of a human person HOTHAM..  Not sufficient to call this person HOT the idea of a angry or hot headed person came into being.  This is not even close to what we wrote.

HOTham was the second component of the EXPANSIONJAPETH of  a HOTHAM CONSPICOUS POSITIONSHEM of RESTNOAH.  The pregnancy of a revolution of time had come to a closure.

This is evidenced by the framing of the words that express a pregnancy.  The  CONSPICOUS HOT EXANSION OF REST became the EXPANSION of HOT CONSPICUOUS  REST, that broke out into the QUEENS HOUSEupper egypt/;heaven.

The word that means conspicous position, the MARK, was translated as NAME and SHEM.  Always taught as if it is an individual human person and it is not.  It denotes a specific point of creation and has nothing to do with our linear time.

The Curse ReversedMt. Ararat

There never was a man with animals in an ark that landed on top of the CURSE IS REVERSEDMT. ARARAT.

The Curse that was ReversedMt. Ararat was the curse of the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth being formed and therefore trapped in the WhiteLaban/Lebanon Ice Mountain.  The melting of the ice broke the curse.

How many more revolutions of time will we search the physical earth for the ARK OF REST?  We, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY is the ARK OF REST.

 NOTE:  There are rare instances of words that are plural in meanings.The word god is plural gods translated as singular all powerful God.

REMEMBER this website is based upon King James Bible and the James Strong’s Concordance that is the bridge back to our original writings 1845 BC to 70 AD.  These are just tidbits to whet your appetite to learn more.

Remembering the Black Madonna

Remembering the Black Madonna

Before I outline the 14 “the motion of the fish hook” of the holocausts/steps.  Holocausts/steps of forgetting our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EYGPT/EARTH;; I want to address how can we remember/recall.

Remember is a male word that means pulling together something from the past. This creates a form, either a thought/remembering or a manifested thought/remembered into an object.

There is no point in knowing the holocausts/steps, the burning of the past road map, if we cannot brain washingrecover, remember that which the argumentum ad nauseam pushed down into our subconscious.   First we remember the big broad brush strokes.

What was pushed down, covered up by 750,000 English words of today is the remembrance that humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  Living in the QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN with our mother, the BLACK MADONNALOWER EYGPT/EARTH;.

Keys, Marks, Markers, Milestones

The big broad brush strokes were scribed using about 10,000 different words.  A unique language as it crosses several languages over a time period between 1845 BC and 70 AD. 

 Some of those words appear only once, or twice or three or four times.  These are keys. Others frequently appear.  These are marks, markers, milestones.

 666 is a mark of the man beast in which is wisdom.  6 + 6 + 6 = 9 cycle of wisdom.  6 is nailNail, nail, nail, pound it in to the psyche.  What was pounded in, is not what we wrote. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

This NAIL is a key connector between the writings of 1645 BC and 70 AD; Old and New Testaments. 

Old story, told in a new way. Nonetheless the new story is a baffling wind, a wind that takes us back.  This baffling wind is a marker, that appears frequently; but not always the same manifestation.  Listening to the baffling wind is wisdom.

How to use the Baffling Wind

The task of remembering is simply; but not easy.  We learned English starting in our mother’s womb and have been emersed in it all of our lives.

The not so easy task requires laying aside words of gender, separation, duality that is oppositional, instead of co-operational.  Concepts about directions, colors, lineages of people, etc. etc. etc.

The not so easy task is the time required to trudge back and forth across the Strong Bridge uncovering the original stories.  I have personally spent more than 20 years doing just that.  Seeking no other resource.

First task is eliminating all the words added to make it grammatically correct in English.  These additional words more than doubled the size of the original documents

Another task is to accept that what we think any given word means, may not mean that at all.  This website is full of examples. For instance a word that means leap for joy, an expression of emotion.; was translated in the King James Bible into horse, crane, horseback and horsehoofs. 

The baffling wind of the NT leap for joy in the mother’s womb, takes us back to the OT mother’s womb of the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH. A story not to be told here. 

Another example is the word west, for us today it indicates a direction; it was translated amongst other words as south in the King James Bible.  The original word actually meant roar and was translated as west, south, sea and other English words.

What the argumentum ad nauseam insists to be the word of god, may not be the word we are thinking at all.  It may be and usually is something far different than todays understanding.

The not so easy task is understanding concepts such as the relationship of the creation to itself.  Creation has no north, south, east, west.  Those words and their concepts are added. 

The use of directions, places self and its creation in relationship to the planet.

    • The pen, the vehicle of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD was/is Egyptian Toth. 
    •  The movement of the pen on the paper was/is Egyptian Seshat. 
    • The energy that documents,  leaves a mark, a conspicous position/shem  on the  paper comes from the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, HUMANITY.

I invite you to become a regular reader of this website.  That is if you are interested in remembering you are the FIRSBORN DIVINE CHILD.  If you want to shake off the argumentum ad nauseam that has been telling you something else.


Root of the Builders of Red Earth

Root of the Builders of Red Earth

What is the Source?

This series of blogs has been in reference to building blocks of creation.  Today we take a quick look at the first four steps of creating and apply it to the FIRST WORD OF HOT DAY OXHEAD.  Translated by KJB as 1 Chronicles 1. 

 Written between 1279 BC and 461 BC in Palestine.  This is the generating of the RED EARTH, that  emerges out of the BLACK EARTH.  It will be given in tiny bites, RED EARTH  to the first gentle bullocks of RED EARTH, not human. (more…)

What Rebuilds the Broken Down Temple?

What Rebuilds the Broken Down Temple?

Given Builders Servants of Peace

The MKH, the firstborn was birthed as These Trebled into to the dry desert.  As with all newborns growth by learning is a necessary process.

The Firstborn perfect MHK forgot it wore God’s crown of stars.  That it was an Egyptian head of Double Fruit.  A head that forgot all the Sorrows of the worms house; its twin earth.  Forgot that that head was attached to a neck that loved Justice.  Forgot that the power of Sunlight was buried in a soft cheek; not a stiff jaw.

This perfect Firstborn temple was destroyed by all the elements of forgetting that perfection.  It started to REMEMBER all the sorrows of the earth  It fell into the power (hand) of the Confusion of Languages, translated in KJB as Babylon. (more…)