Updated Revised James Strong Concordance?????

Updated Revised James Strong Concordance?????

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This title caused me to think that possibly some of the Persian, Egyptian, Babylonion, Syria, etc,, words had been given their meanings.  This would have been an awesome addition, updating.

I call this a DOWNGRADED EDITION.  Links between the assigned JSE numbers and the scripture have been broken for hundreds maybe thousands of scriptures.

You can find the scriptures where a given TRANSLATED WORD is found.  But the links to their numbers is not available.

One Instance that is extremely damaging to the scholar trying to use the JSE, is the translated word THIS.  You can find all the scripture references to the translated word THIS.  But  what has happened by removing the links is destruction to another portion of the bridge.  The bridge to the meanings that our pen set down.  Long before the RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS took hold of it.  Took hold and twisted what our pen wrote  into their stories they want us to believe.bridges King James to original text





ONE EXAMPLE:  Three different original words THIS, THIS, SHEEP were lumped together in the translation as THIS.  These three words each had more than 400 scriptures for their distinct meaning.

SHEEP translated as THIS is a crucial link to the story.  It helps define the GREAT EWE.  It helps define the sheep land, sheep country, etc. etc. etc. (more…)

Is It a Cover Up or Lack of Understanding?

Removing Ancient Landmarks of Word Meanings

The massive research work that was accomplished in the  1800s by James Strong and team was published in the early 1900s.  This work has been accepted around the world by the religious world as an excellent reference source.

New completed updated, expanded editions give us the meaning of some words not identified by  the JSE.  These can be useful additions.   Especially for the language groups that were not even identified.

However changing the original work, not only devalues the original teams work; but it is also misleading.  When we remove ancient landmarks, in this case WORD MEANINGS we skew the view.

Case in point is  a four letter word THIS.  In common English this word is simply pointing to something in the sentence, paragraph etc.

In the original work, 1845BC -70AD, we used words that were translated into THIS, THIS THIS.  

  1. THIS  is a neutral word that works the same way as in English, points to something neutral.
  2. THIS is a REMEMBEREDMALE non gender word also points to something. Something that has been REMEMBERED, RECALLED, REFORMED, RESHAPED.  It was identified more than 400 times in the original JSE work.
  3. THIS is a PUNCTUREDFEMALE non gender word.  It does not point to something it means SHEEP. Also identified more than 400 times in the original JSE work.  Very interesting and vital to know what THIS SHEEP is identified with.
Later editions removed most of these designations for THIS and THIS.  The latest edition I purchased has totally removed the word this from the main part of the JSE where the numbers assigned in the original work appear. (more…)
Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary Had a Baby

Both of these simple stories are appropriate for 2 and 3 year old children.

Neither are appropriate nor do they help the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY grow into  the knowledge of what it always has been the PERFECTED kingdom.

Children who are only allowed to drink milk, lose their milk teeth but then have nothing to chew meat with.  They cannot see the meat on the table; let alone desire or ask for the meat.

Then act as if they are powerless, sinful, fallen, hopeless victims.  Victims being led to the slaughter and then the judgement and then maybe if judged good, get to go to the place we  aleady live….. in the Queens house/upper Eygpt/heaven.

To arrive at the simple story of Mary had a baby required a great deal of diluting the original writings.  Add enough fruit, seeds and nuts to the white cake you get a fruit cake.  No resemblance to each other. (more…)

I Stand Accused

I Stand Accused

New Bible

I have been accused of wanting to write a new Bible.  Christiandom does not want a new Bible, a new view.

Our writings between 1845BC and 70AD have been so mutilated by INTERPRETATIONS of the 1100+ Bible TRANSLATIONS.  Another translation would be pointless.

No new biblical translation can change the mindset of the little god of war of Christianity.  Believing and teaching what has been  believed and taught for thousands of years.  Blind leading the blind unto death. Dragging the planet along behind.

Contrary to the very teachings of the one they claim to follow Jesus.  Only a few choice stories have been concocted to sway the masses.  Most of the translation is ignored.  All of the original text meanings have been obliterated by INTERPRETATIONS. (more…)

Roots of Judging and Dividing

Roots of Judging and Dividing

What our native languages wrote between 1845BC and 70AD is not about religion.  It was and is about creation.  It is best understood through Egyptian Math which is always Will Add.  Always increase of the one united oxhead, never division, never subtracting.

Perhaps  that is the reason Jesus asked who made me judge or divider over you?  Light Bringer rules the motion; otherwise translated as Luke 12:14. (more…)