I Do Not Share What I have Learned

To Change Your Beliefs

Merely to inform you.  If that information changes your belief then so be it.  If it changes nothing, so be it.  You are the Firstborn Divine Child Humanity and the fullness of creation is part and parcel of who you are.  You lack no good thing.

If what is shared on this site, enhances your creative spirit to be what you always have been PERFECT; then that is reason enough for my writings.

To Reacquaint You With Laws of Creation

When we remove gender and see the laws at work through the word formation, it changes everything; our view is totally rearranged.  Death is a lie, life is a river and cannot die.  It simply keeps evolving, changing, rearranging, renewing, replenishing, restoring

Nor To Argue Points of Differences

Our DNA is 99% the same, but that unique 1% is how the creation is expressed through our presence here on the planet.  Each one a unique flavor, fragrance, color, contrast, shape and spiritual expression. (more…)

The 10th, 11th, 12th Holocaust Steps

The 10th, 11th, 12th Holocaust Steps

  1. 10th holocaust/step is one united oxhead with the power of ten.  King James Bible


  1. 11th holocaust/step is the palm of the hand that holds the power of ten. Guttenberg Press


  1. 12th  holocaust/step is the oxgoad in the palm of the hand to control the massesTeachers of English


Mid 1600sAD these three things come together to set the stage for the greatest brainwashing that has ever hit the planet.

Brainwashing that obliterated the memory of the oral and written stories of creation put down on papyrus over the time period of 1845BC to 0AD.  Our stories, written by the single pen of humanity have been covered over by a white blanket of supremacy denigrating black.

Together these three erased the trail of the conception, pregnancy and birthing of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity.  Causing the Firstborn to forget the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth, at rest in the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaaven.

A relentless greed for control of the masses continues even today.

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Who/what  are the Three?

  1. King James English Bible written in common langauge of that day.
  2. Guttenberg press publishes this new translation.
  3. Teachers of English teach English to the illiterate masses.
    1. This was not teaching spiritual truths nor teaching the original stories.
    2. This was teaching ENGLISH stories.
      1. These stories have no relationship to the original writings.

10 Hand power of ten uses the Palm of the Hand11.

  • King James Bible is translated into the common everyday language for the people at the order of King James.   The one holding the power of church and state.

 I believe this was in direct response to the several previous bibles; two of which were German. Most especially a response to  the German Bible translated by the Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther.

Agitated further when the Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther posted  the 95 bans on the door of the Catholic Church of England.  The ruling entity of church and state at that time.

Plus, the German bible written by the Man of WarMartin Soldier of the PeopleLuther was being taught to the masses using the German language.

Add to this the pressure from King Henry8th, to wrest all govermental control from the church.

  • Guttenberg Press used the power of the hand to feed paper into the press and make many copies of this new translation.
  • Power of the palm of the hand11 distributed this new translation.
  • Power of the palm of the hand used the oxgoad of the  English language to control the masses
    •  No different than the oxgoad12 of the German language previously used to instruct and control the masses..
    • No different than the oxgoad12 of the Latin language previously used to instruct and control the masses.
    • No different than the other several bible previously used to instruct and control the masses.
    • No different than the countless numbers of new bible still being written today to control the masses.

There is a common belief in the psyche of humanity that somehow there is only one bible  and it is the word of a genderized male all powerful God..  Forgetting that the word God appears more than 2000 times and the original word is PLURAL GODS.

The only singular god is the expression of a single cell in the creation.  Those cells are plant, animal, human, water, soil, mineral, rock, etc.

Humanity is the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, the fully conscious kingdom and the inheritance of our writings has been stolen, brainwashed out of us.  So that self imposed leaders can use the oxgoad to control the masses for thier own purposes.

Why have we let that happen?  Why have we given our power away?

Ask any abused wife, husband, child and they will tell you that the argumentum ad nausem is relentless in its greed for control.

Understanding the numbers

The numbers I have cited and their meanings have not been expanded on in this writing.  These meanings come from the original text.

Anyone can finger walk across the Strong bridge and discover what we wrote.

What is necessary is to leave behind gender, direction, time and a host of other concepts.  Concepts that do not exist in the original text.

What will be discovered is a few words to work with to reconstruct the stories.

  1. Old Testament has 8674 original words (without the added grammar).
  2. New Testament has 5624 original words (without the added grammar).
    1. Remove all the words in the NT that come from the Old Testament and what is left is the added English grammar words plus a few new words.
    2. In the Old Testament are a number of Chaldean and Hebrew words that mean the same; this creates a coin with two sides with the same meaning.
      1. This reduces the number of words.
    3. We have Egyptian words that James Strong could not identify.
      1. This reduces the number of words.
    4. There are a number of other words from different foreign languages, that James Strong could not identify.
      1. This reduces the number of words.
    5. Put together the words that mean the same but one is treated as name of a place, person, thing.
    6. Identify the very few primary words.
    7. Identify the primary root words on which are built a word trees.  The fruit of those trees can be seen in the scriptures that use any particular word.
  3. Remove all of the words added to make it grammatically correct.
    1. This leaves  a very tiny book.  Grammar alone more than triples the size of the original texts.

When we sit down with the actual number of words that we used between 1845BC and 70AD there are very few.  I would estimate a few thousand as opposed to todays 750,000 words.

The stories can be reconstructed from those few word meanings.  Labor intensive, time consuming.  The difficulting is in letting go of what we think we know.  What we are told we wrote by a few well meaning teachers of English.

Letting Go

When we let go of todays concepts and meanings and work only with what we had at the time of writing, the discoveries are astounding.  In 1688BC, we  wrote about the BIG BANG.  We continued to write; documenting the creation story over and over in different periods of time. 

We wrote about creations relationship to self; not individual human beings. 

  1. There is no gender.
  2. There are no directions as we think and use them today.
  3. There is no time, as we think and use it today.
  4. The is not about individual people and their geneologies. 

The moment Adam and Eve were declared to be human beings, the story line was lost.  Adam is the black fertile soil of the Black Madonna, lower egypt earth. At RESTnoah in the Queens house, upper egypt, heaven.

The life giver, Eve is the first rib of light that revealed the Black fertile soil/adam.  Fertile because it was receiving light.  Without light, nothing grows.  Whether or not the FIRSTGENESIS rapidly growing soil, the sea monster is the Black Madonna or the black soil is a matter of intepretation.  Most likely first the one and then the next.

The lofty self entity is the Black Madonna; but misinterpretations have declared that man is the lofty self entity.  The result of which is evident all around us.  Evidenced in how the Black Madonna and the children, plants, animals, water, air, rocks, crystals, etc are treated by this lofty self entity man. Created by the religious oxgoad weapon that demands dominance of everything around itself.

Do You Want Light?  You are LIght.

Finger walk the bridge and discover your STORY.  Take on IMMORTALITY into your mortal body.  Death is a lie.  Life cannot die.

Jesus prayed DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Those who choose by free will, to move on, are simply recycled back into the Black Madonna, lower egypt,earth.

Why do we make that choice? The deeply rooted concept of death, hell, damnation, work, struggle, strain, sacrifice, pay the price, original parents failed and so will I…..ad nauseum is at work deep in the subsconscious.  It has taken its toll over the ages.


ArAn #3 Eve

ArAn #3 Eve

ArAn based upon the INTERPRETATION of the translation of the King James Bible.

 NUMBER #  3   Interpretation of 1645 AD translation

Our second parent is a female gender individual, that was a rib taken out of a male gender individual, living in the Garden of EdenPleasure.

1688 BC  FirstGenesis We wrote this

The first rib of light, the Life GiverEve emerges from the seven previous luminaries (lamps), the cycles of heat.  This first rib of life giving light; that is light risingzerah, reveals the curve of  the BLACK MADONNALOWER EGYPT/EARTH.  

The rapidly moving soil, the sea monster in the spit of the primordial water, has now taken on a curved shape.  It is pregnant with all the seed of all the kingdoms that would ever sprout and grow on the planet, the Garden of PleasureEden.

Ponder on what those seven luminaries (lamps) were/became/are.  Ponder that the translated male/remembered word seven is indefinite/undefineable.  It was not an amount that fell between five and six, as it does today in our current numbering system.

No wonder it was translated into a variety of numbers, other than 7.

Clue:  Luminaries from the  QUEENS HOUSEUPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.What other first sparks of light falling have been relegated to the lowly status of an individual human?

REMEMBER this website is based upon King James Bible and the James Strong’s Concordance that is the bridge back to our original writings 1845 BC to 70 AD.  These are just tidbits to whet your appetite to learn more.

666 Number Man and Beast

666 Number Man and Beast

Revelation 13:18

Revelation of Yah is Salvation, (Jesus) well oiled (Christ) mind, Oxhead complete = water : oxhead pregnancy.  I will not detail what this means; but it should reveal itself in the unfolding revelation.

Here are the exact English words translated from the original text.

Here, is ,wisdom, hath, understanding, count, number, beast, for is number, man, and number six. (more…)

Why is Eve the Life Giver?

Why is Eve the Life Giver?

Eve means life giver.  This is a neutral word.  It is not a female word, open punctured nor a male word something remembered, recalled.     Life giver is a basic building block of creation.

  • It was the first rib of light piercing through the dark hot house expanse of creation.  This same light had already begun to energize the dark waters and made them living waters.
  • This first rib of light revealed the shape of the rapidly moving soil.
    • The sea monster which had started forming in the FIRST OXHEAD.  translated Gen. 1

Bryan Sykes in his research published in the book the Seven Daughters of Eve, called the mitDNA Eve.  Why? (more…)