Nine Primary Words Equal a Cycle of Wisdom

Nine Primary Words Equal a Cycle of Wisdom

Old Testament Primary Words

What what translated as number nine actually means “turn to next full number”  or stay in the old cycle expecting a different outcome.  Today we would call that crazy making.

Nine the serpent cycle of wisdom is a rememberedmale word.  There are no rememberedmale words in the cycle of wisdom.  Only neutral and puncturedfemale words.  

Wisdom always comes when we listen to it.  Turn to the next full number ONE UNITED OXHEAD  to the power of ten.  

 Wisdom shows us that there is no gender and there is no plurality in our original writings 1845BC to70AD.  Those concepts have caused the Tower of Babel, Confusion of Languages, to grow higher with each passing year. 

When we apply Egyptian math Will Add to the serpent cycle of wisdom, the result is ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten.  Which means “one open hand holding the power”.  Always and only there is One United Oxhead.

The slaying of the ox is not a sacrifice of a mortal animal it is the destroying of the old oxhead power and turning to the next fullness of spiritual power.  One to ten, the hand, to twenty, the head, to thirty the Gomer which means the three in one to the power of ten is completed.

 Today when we say hand we do not think nor do we mean ten.  If we continue to use today’s language to understand the unique language of yesterday we are not listening to the serpent cycle of wisdom.

One Oxhead is all there ever was or ever will be.  Until we apply the serpent cycle of wisdom and join into ONE UNITED OXHEAD outside of religious, family, national, ethnic, philosophical, etc, etc. divisions, we remain locked into our compartments, like prisoners to our religious habits.

500 Dancers

I had the privilege of watching 500 young dancers ages 4 yrs old through high school and enhanced by the local fire department.  These 500 represented 7000 students across the state of New Mexico.

They were dancing to the music titled “DANCING IN THE STREETS.  Maybe the next generation will inspire us to DANCE IN THE STREETS INSTEAD OF WARRING IN THE STREETS.

On that stage dancers danced across  every  imaginable division. There was nothing dividing, separating them.   Not church nor state. Not color nor creed.  Not size or shape.   They were joined with the JOY OF DANCE, the strength of JOY is what the scriptures says belongs to us.

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  • When we understand how these 9 words are the building blocks for other words.
  • When we understand each and every word in its original meaning, then we will begin to see the Sweet Little Book of Creation that we wrote 1845BC to 70AD.
  • It does not belong to any organization, creed, dogma, law that lays claim to it and uses it for chopping up the ONE UNITED OXHEAD into pieces that have no life left in them.  We never wrote about sacrificing any living thing.
  • There is nothing in those original writings that has not been verified over the thousands of years regarding its contents.
  • The contents are strewn across the planet; each religious group emphasizing what they REMEMBER.  Their precious chosen parts.
  • Each one claiming to have the truth that everyone else is suppose to follow.  Each and every one teaching that we are all brothers and yet insisting that the brother is in error.
  • The TRUTH and the LIGHT is resident in every living thing, not exclusive to human.

The truth is resident in every single seed that ever sprouted on the planet.  Plant, animal, human, rock, water, wind, fire all contain truth, if we can but hear the voices of these gods?  Are are our ears so clogged with the religious wax of condemnation of our brother, that we cannot hear.  Or do we simply refuse to hear?

When we begin to hear HEARING when we read Simon, Simeon, Shimeon, Simonites, then perhaps our ears will become accustomed to hearing ATTACHED when we see the words Levi, Levites,Levitical.  Then ponder why did James Strong tell us to look at Mathew which mean Gift when looking at Levi.  And to look at Levi when looking at Matthew?

HEARING ATTACHED  to a bad report are instruments of cruelty.  Genesis 49:5.  The Gift is HEARING ATTACHED to a good report. None of this has anything to do with human persons.


Understanding the Unique Language

The Original Text is a Unique Language

In order to understand the unique language of the original text from which the KJB was translated, we must understand the individual words.  After the “read more” there are some examples of how words composed of EXISTENT tell the story as opposed to the KJB translated foreign words.  Crossing the borders between Old and New Testament.

Primary words such as father, mother, brother, which are neutral words are relationship.  No gender, they are relational, relationship words. There are quite a few primary words, might surprise you what they are.  JSE tells us that brother is like father and father is like mother and therefore brother is like mother

On the other hand sister is an irregular form of brother. It is not a neutral word it is puncturedfemale, this is not a gender word.  Gender is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in understanding.

English Tower of Babel Confusion, confusion of language sets in when there are other word meanings for the KJB translated word MOTHER.  One of which is MOTHER IN LAW, again this is a puncturedfemale word, non gender.  It means that the neutral position has opened up has broadened is now including something else.

When we make assumptions based upon how we view, live and understand life today and try to make it be the same thousands of years ago, we fail.

Mother as a primary word means BOND, the glue.  When we make this be exclusivelya human reproductive process we fail to see the creation story.  Yes in human reproduction the mother is that which is in between the father and the child. the glue, the BOND.

MOTHER is also the mother measurement the cubit.  When we apply this to human reproduction only, we fail to see the creation story.  We fail to see the gods of fire, wind, water, earth and all that proceeded after them.  First of all because the word gods was translated 2606 times as as singular God starting in the very FIRSTGENESIS book of the KJB.

MOTHER is also translated from a word that means give in marriage.

Unless we know what each and every word in each and every scripture truly means, we cannot possible know what our pen wrote 1845BC -70AD. (more…)

What does Word World Mean Buried Under 750,000 English Words?

What does Word World Mean Buried Under 750,000 English Words?

What is The Treasure  of the Word World

It is buried in the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest deep inside  the Black Fertile Earth lower Egypt us.

Remember when you see a word capitilized and it seems out of context of proper grammar; that is because the KJB and the interpretators of the KJB render these words as people or places.  This is usually not the case.

 Remember we cannot assume anything.  Cannot assume any given word in the KJB means what we think it means. Might but often does not.

Remember to eliminate all added English grammar words; they mislead.  It is just the nature of that language.  We humans have created a beautiful language but it distorts the original words taken from several different languages.

Distorts not by intent but by our believing in duality; places one above the other.  This is the way we have seen the world we create.

Human was last on the planet, a baby discovering its surroundings.  The baby heard the ONE UNITED LANGUAGE  of the earth, not the language of people.  From those sounds language was created.[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

We can only see this from the UNIQUE LANGUAGE because we have decided that humans existed in the scripture long before they did.  Human was only a seed of intention at the time that the earth had ONE LANGUAGE.   The FIRST PALM OF THE HAND OF POWER of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, translated as Genesis 11:1.

English Word World

What do we think of today when the word world is spoken?  You can fill in your own answer.

Do you remember why I am coloring remember blue?  The word MALE, which is non gender means REMEMBERED, RECALLED, SOMETHING HAS BEEN FORMED AGAIN FROM SOMETHING OF THE PAST.

Red and blue are simply arbitrary colors I choose to identify those words in my writings.  To help facilitate understanding. 

Old Testament Word World

axeIn the Old Testament there are six different words that have been translated as world in the KJB translation. 

  1. means EARTH that comes from a word that means to flow.
    1. it is also translated as habitable part.
    2. flow is also translated as carry, lead, bring.
      1. the word lead leads us back to the word EARTH.
  2. means GLIDE and comes from an unused root.
    1. this unused root also produced the WEASAL, the female non gender portion is glide translated in KJB as Huldah
      1. WEASAL was a prophetess.  Prophesy of what?  Where does it fit in the creation story?
  3. means BE FIRM
    1. translated in KJB as common, country, field, earth, ground, land, nations, way, wilderness
  4. means REST from a word that means flabby that came from a word that also produced vacant.
  5. means CONCEALED comes from the veil
    1. translated in KJB as many different words, the essence is of a hidden concealed from the beginning to the end.
  6. means WHERE? comes from how? that comes from where? that is equal to be nothing.

So what does the English word world actually refer to in the original writings?

To understand requires looking at each and every instance, including all the other words used in the KJB translation.  As usual the meanings will tell the story in any given setting.

Stories buried under 750,000 English words loaded with gender, directions, colors, etc that do not apply back then.  At least not as we apply them today.

New Testament Word World

There are two words translated as world in the KJB.

    1. comes from the same base as another word meaning ORDER
  2. means LAND, GLOBE, female non gender word.
    1. translated as earth, world.
    2. past particle of occupy a house translated in KJB as dwell
      1. this comes from dwelling translated in KJB as home, household, temple.

Question what is the difference between a home a household and a temple.  I submit there is none.

There are a number of scriptures in the New Testament that use the original word that means LAND, GLOBE

Because this word WORLD, also translated as EARTH is female, non gender it is open punctured, generative, etc.  It has not yet produced the evidences of a MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM.  That kingdom of humanity that has mastered SELF.  Left off trying to master other.

That humanity is the BUILDER OF THE RIGHTHAND.  An open hand of power extended to the entire creation.  Translated as Benjamin.

One can look these scriptures up in the KJB for themselves.

 Remember you are looking up the word world or earth, NOT land or globe which is the meaning.  The James Strong Exhaustive Concordance will give you the number.  That number identifies a specific word.  With that number can you then identify the scriptures where that meaning applies.

The original word means LAND/GLOBE but was translated earth and world.  Looking up the word earth or world look for the number you have already identified.  You will see the scriptures where that particular original meaning applies.

You will not see an identification of red and blue words; that is my methodology to help you in reading the blogs, ebooks, tables, etc. A reminder of no gender.

ANOTHER Option is become at least a red subscriber and have access to these and other writings already prepared. 

Blue subscribers have access to even more information based upon these blogs.  All of which is the result of 20 years of passionate research.  Searching for the unconditional love.  It is buried under 750,000 English words of today.

In this case, red subscribers will be given the list of scriptures that use this word world/earth.

Blue subscriber will have those scriptures spelled out in a table format.  Also will have access to some of my notes for the purpose of showing how to do what is described above.  Simply but time intensive

Note there are 41 scriptures under the word world that do not have a number assigned.   James Strong  assigned a number to every single word in the original manuscripts.  Even words that he could not identify the language and therefore the meaning.

Added Words

These scriptures where the word world appears and there is no number,  has been added as an assumption.

You can check it out for yourself.  There are several online Bible study sites.  Choose one that will bring up the KJB with James Strong’s numbers and the definition.  Any word without a number was added in the translation.

CAUTION  If you really are serious then use a hard copy of the oldest James Strong Exhaustive Concordance that you can find.  The software does not, probably is not capable of giving you the same information as easily.  Also some definitions have been changed to bring it into alignment with today’s understanding

The problem with that is the UNIQUE LANGUAGE created by a combination of words from several different languages, gets buried even deeper.[/emember_protected]

Have fun either way you choose to explore the LAND/GLOBE.  A beautiful female non gender word.

Ahead are some blogs that will  look at the LAND/GLOBE in specific scriptures.

We will uncover the hidden messages by using only the UNIQUE LANGUAGE.