Flood Killed Nothing

Wrong Story

Yes there was a flood, but it killed nothing.  So long as we keep teaching our children a myth, a concocted fairy tale about a punitive God that flooded the world with water destroying all living things then we are in gross error.

The responsibility for what that error has produced is squarely on our shoulders.  Namely fear that has generated wars and all manner of struggle, strain and dis-ease.

We are still planting that wrong seed in their fragile minds.  How many billions of books are on shelves around the world containing that story?  This story is but the tip of the iceberg of fairy tales and myths perpetrated in the name of God for the purpose of control.

We are suppose to be teaching about a flood of RESTnoah,manoah,nohah.  The violent storms of creation coming to an end, so that life can come forth on the MISTRESS SHIP.

Lower egypt earth gently turning in the Queen House, upper Egypt/heaven. The single Egyptian eye continually open, exposing a portion to the strength of Sunlightsamsom.  The other portion asleep under the veil that fell with the Dominant Headsarai Father Flameabram.

Without the veil the MISTRESS SHIP would have perished.

We should be teaching about the flood that was the result of the melting icekorah under heat of the sun.  This is the flood that created the Well of Living Waterbeer lai hai roi.  Without the Well of Living Water there would have been no life, no plants, no animals, no humans.

We drink of that well every moment of every moment.  Yet we write about death coming by a God that was angry.  Gag, puke.

Look around at what we have created.  The glory is we can create something different, if we choose to.  Or we can stay in the old cycle and continue on the pathway of destroying the precious gift given to us, Life.

First Master Mistress Head

Oxhead House Completed has a MASTER MISTRESS inside.

This MASTER MISTRESS HEAD is found in the book, FIRST HEAD.
Inside this head we discover the OXHEAD TWO-FOLD HOUSE COMPLETED. house is head,  head is house.     All of this is translated Genesis 20:1,2,3.

Which gives more information the original word meanings or the translated version of them.Ever wonder why someone decided to assign book, chapter and verse numbers that were not present in the numerous original texts nor in the first Bible translations?

Remember  the primitive root word #1166 BE MASTER is the primitive root of the word HUSBAND.  So in word formation before there is a HUSBAND, there was the primitive root word a MASTER and this particular MASTER is the  MISTRESS HEAD.

Difference is between neutral, holding place and puncturedfemale word indicates active.  When we confuse this with gender nothing fits.  We are looking at individual colors and shapes on a single jigsaw puzzle piece of yesterday.  The jigsaw puzzle of the Sweet Little Book which is today fat and bulging with excess words.


High Father With Dominant Head

Father of a Multitude of Nations

These are not the same.  When we take two different original words and make them be one personage; we fail to grasp the story.  It is not about personages; it is about creative processes

Without the High FatherAbram with Dominant HeadSarai that fell from the Flamesur of the Eastchaldees; there would be no Multitude of NationAbraham.

Still the religious entities fight over who came first  LaughterIsaac or Will HearIshmael or Yah is SalvationJoshua/Jesus..  They have no interest in teaching the masses the truth.

The Contestmidian was ended with the InitiatedHenoch Father of KnowledgeAbida, the Strength of KnowledgeEldaah.    This is found in the FIRST WORD OF THE HOT DAY  translated as 1 Chronicles.

Chapter 1, verses 1 – 54 paint a very clear story of the creative progression starting with the Ruddyadam to the Gentle Bullocksdukes of Redesau..  

We have a choice to continue to let this planet feed on sour milk and rotting meat or discover the simple truth of what was documented thousands of years ago.  Simple  truth that has been defiled by sour milk and rotting meat stories.

Failure to seek understanding  of that which we already know and understand deep in our own being has led to allowing the religious entities to feed us their sour milk and rotting meat.

There are no keys, no secrets, no magic formulas that are not already resident in our holy temple/body.

We lack no good thing; but when we feed on sour milk and rotting meat we become weak, frail, at dis-ease and die.

What is the Warlord of Religion

What is the Warlord of Religion

It is Not Human Nor Even Humane

 Nonetheless it controls humanity by HABITS.  Anything done religiously becomes a HABIT.  So religion is not necessarily religious orders, sects, governments, families, nations nor people groups.  Whatever controls us is HABITUAL WARLORD.

Still the three major Warlords, Christianity, Islam and Judaism with their HABITS of rites, rituals, prayers, songs, teachings, gatherings that demand adherence by humanity are strongholds upon the planet.

Regardless  of whether or not a human has even ever entered a church, synagogue, temple, mosque, ashram, etc. they have been influenced by the religious HABITS, the religious teachings.

The three major  Warlords agree. This makes an Egyptian gomer which means complete or what Martin Luther called the trinity.  Regardless the three are bound together by the first five books of the Bible.  The three are in agreement that this is the WORD OF GOD.

The original text from which the KJB was translated tells a far different story, than the stories commonly taught; especially in Sunday School. 

FIRaxeST (Genesis) is about creating upper and lower Egypt, heaven and earth.  At the same time in the womb of Egypt, which contains all the seeds of everything that will ever be, is the growing embryo of the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM.  The embryo was seeded from the water of the White Mountain flowing down into Black fertile soil of lower Egypt.

It is the embryo (the completed weapon) that comes to rule everything because the conspicous position means WILL ADD.  Only adding creates.  War conquers and then divides the spoil.  This story is totally ignored and therefore the connection with the Old Testament and the New Testament cannot be made. 

I will address this over and over again.  Read the e-books We are All Egyptians for research on the subject.

A classic Sunday school story about a father offering up a son in sacrifice on a mountain, does not read that axeway. 

The Dominant Head of High Father fell from the Flames of the East and drank of the well of Living Water, lower Egypt.  The enlarged  well of water became the father of a Multitude of Nations.

The father of a Multitude of Nations offered up the only soul of Laughter unto the Lord.  Laughter received the entire inheritance of a Multitude of Nations.  The inheritance of the Master human kingdom is Laughter.

  1. God Will Hear (Ishmael)
  2. Laughter (Isaac)
  3. Yah is Salvation (Joshua/Jesus)

QUESTION  Which one  of these three came first? 

Billions of humans have been slaughtered in the name of religion, fighting over which came first.  The chicken or the egg?  The Laughter or the Hearing of Laughter?  Hearing the good news that we are the Divine firstborn child or Laughing about it?

Billions more have been impacted by the possibility that maybe a god of unconditional love might require a child to be sacrificed.  Further substantiated by the slaughter of the lamb.

We teach the little children they are lambs and then in the next breath describe what happens to the lamb when it does not conform to the world’s opinion, to the HABITS of the Warlords of religion.  Children are literal until old enough to reason and make sense of cause and effect. 

Nonetheless the nagging story about sacrifice continues to plague the planet.   WHAT IF IT BE TRUE!!!!!

Offering up the only soul of Laughter is quite a different story then  a father being willing to burn the son as a sacrifical offering.  In addition, the child has to carry the wood up the mountian.  gag puke

In 1944 I earned a Children’s Bible Story book because I was a good little girl and memorzied words that meant nothing.  I was eight years old and already had 5 years of religious HABITUAL training in me. 

Not from my family; but from the church that always found me, no matter where we lived.  It was depression time, no work, no water, no crops and so we traveled and alwys the church found me.

Only in the past week after many years and hours of searching out the original text, have I discovered why I never liked to read those stories.  They are not true.  We, humanity, is the divine firstborn child and we know in the very core of our being what is truth and what is a lie.

It is written on our hearts and impregnated in the waters of our being.  We are seed from the Other Side  (Eber) of a Little Earthquake  (Joktan/Peleg) therefore Hebrews.

We sprout and grow in Egypt and therefore are Egyptians.

We Rule and Reign,  Prophet, Priest and King over our own Temple body, the ark of the covenant, the ark of the Testimony, the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest and are therefore Israel (Will Rule as Plural gods).

KJB words used in the translation: Abram, Sarai, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Ishmael, Joshua, Jesus, Mt. Ararat, Laban, Eber, Hebrew, Joktan, Peleg, Israel, Mizraim, Joseph, Hagar, Ur, Chaldees, Ethiopia, Cush.

Flaming Sword of the East

Flaming Sword of the East

The Offspring of the First Rib of Light

The first rib of light, Life Giver produced a Lance that comes from Striking a Musical Note. 

This first Musical Note is the OXhead, it comes first.  The second  produced by the first rib of light is the House of Vanity.  The Oxhead Musical Note destroyed the House of Vanity.

What words did KJB use to tell this story in a different manner?  What INTERPRETATION has the little child made in regards to that ancient story?  What was the produce that came from the Musical Note tilling the red soil of lower Egypt?