Sun Star of East Savior of World

Sun Star of East Savior of World

The earth broke free of the ice….but humanity is still locked in the icy clutches of religious myths.  White skin was supreme; but it was not human skin


The Savior of the East, the Sun Star melted the white skin of the priesthood of icekorah.
The Savior Sun Star uncovered the white skin of the priesthood of iceKorah
The Savior Sun Star revealed the rapidly moving soil, the black sea monster.
The revealed skin of the black sea monster turned to red.

The Savior of the East, the Sun star delivered water to the red earth creating red soil.
At, first it was merely  a  weary trickle then it became a timid journey that has never ended.

The red soil swelled and pushed upward through its icy white skin.
The swollen red soil will add a coat of palms of hands and soles of feet,
The added coat of palms of hands and soles of feet stretch out into the everlasting hills.

The hearing attached allied priesthood had no more inheritance.

Above  is the story we wrote 1845BC to 70AD.  Restated over and over again  The TRANSLITERATED WORDS are (more…)

Greater Insight and Understanding Today

In my previous writings, especially the original research We Are All Egyptians published as e-books…..I tended to use what I now call the James Strong Compromises.

Those are the comments made within the description of any given word assigned a number in the JSE.  This appears to have been an attempt to clarify the discrepancies between the actual meaning of the original word and the translated or transliterated words found in the KJB.

It doesn’t matter which of the 1100+ English  translations we look at, this still holds true.  Simply because new translators have chosen to use different English words, does not change the work of the James Strong team, 100 persons built a beautiful word bridge, so that we can reclaim our rightful property.

We know the story in the depths of our souls, our own beings.  We are the living records and nothing has ever happened that is not available information within.  Just maybe we should think about reclaiming what we wrote that has been so grossly misinterpreted. (more…)

Primeval Astronomy

Yesterday we learned that our human pen wrote about the sun, moon, stars, the 12 houses, the passing of the age of the RAM to the age of the BULL, etc, etc..

Stories absolutely unrecognizable in the RELIGIOUS MYTHS.

In 1882 E. Claxton and Company published a book Primeval Astronomy or The Gospel in the Stars.  This would be about the same era as the work of the James Strong team that pulled together the incredible work titled Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance.

Obviously something was on the horizon of the human consciousness that was connecting back to what our pen scribed 1845BC to 70AD.  Writings taken from the HUMAN LIBRARY, the library of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD…HUMANITY.

Primeval Astronomy, The Gospel in the Stars  was republished in 1972 by Kregel, Inc. as an illustrated edition. Reprinted 1997, 98, 99.

Scriptures are cited to support the writings.

If we did dig deeper into the original text from which the Bible was translated; we discover even more solid evidence that the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that have circulated on the planet for erons of time have no substance.

More evidence about the creation story, starting with the BIG BANG created by the plural dieties, wind, water, fire and earth.  Plural dieties, elohiyms were lumped together into an English created word God.

Just one of the 14 recipes for that created English word, God, but also translated as god and devil.

Will the real God please stand up.

An English created word that supports the RELIGIOUS MYTHS and denies the plurality of FIRST, translated as GENESIS.   Denies the plural dieties of wind, water, fire and earth without which nothing exists.

The Bible is only a partial translation and that translation was created to support the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that already abounded.  Taking the fruit, leaves, twigs, branches and using them as if they are the main root word, causes great distortions.  Distortions that are a Tower of Babel “confusion of languages”.

Nonetheless the King James Bible is a necessary element alongside the Strong Bridge.  They are married to each other.   (more…)

Literal Take Bible Literally

The Bible is a partial translation of documents taken from the human library.

A great portion of the Bible is only TRANSLITERATED.  Letter from one language to the letter of another language…..does not convey meaning.  So those words are not literal until their meaning is uncovered.

English language requires gender.  There was no gender in our writings, so gender cannot be taken literally. (more…)

Updated Revised James Strong Concordance?????

Updated Revised James Strong Concordance?????

Recent Purchase Full of Surprises


This title caused me to think that possibly some of the Persian, Egyptian, Babylonion, Syria, etc,, words had been given their meanings.  This would have been an awesome addition, updating.

I call this a DOWNGRADED EDITION.  Links between the assigned JSE numbers and the scripture have been broken for hundreds maybe thousands of scriptures.

You can find the scriptures where a given TRANSLATED WORD is found.  But the links to their numbers is not available.

One Instance that is extremely damaging to the scholar trying to use the JSE, is the translated word THIS.  You can find all the scripture references to the translated word THIS.  But  what has happened by removing the links is destruction to another portion of the bridge.  The bridge to the meanings that our pen set down.  Long before the RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS took hold of it.  Took hold and twisted what our pen wrote  into their stories they want us to believe.bridges King James to original text





ONE EXAMPLE:  Three different original words THIS, THIS, SHEEP were lumped together in the translation as THIS.  These three words each had more than 400 scriptures for their distinct meaning.

SHEEP translated as THIS is a crucial link to the story.  It helps define the GREAT EWE.  It helps define the sheep land, sheep country, etc. etc. etc. (more…)