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To Change Your Beliefs

Merely to inform you.  If that information changes your belief then so be it.  If it changes nothing, so be it.  You are the Firstborn Divine Child Humanity and the fullness of creation is part and parcel of who you are.  You lack no good thing.

If what is shared on this site, enhances your creative spirit to be what you always have been PERFECT; then that is reason enough for my writings.

To Reacquaint You With Laws of Creation

When we remove gender and see the laws at work through the word formation, it changes everything; our view is totally rearranged.  Death is a lie, life is a river and cannot die.  It simply keeps evolving, changing, rearranging, renewing, replenishing, restoring

Nor To Argue Points of Differences

Our DNA is 99% the same, but that unique 1% is how the creation is expressed through our presence here on the planet.  Each one a unique flavor, fragrance, color, contrast, shape and spiritual expression. (more…)

Confederate Husband or Cutting Husband?

First Appearance of Husband

Firstgenesis Motion door (to the inside)  Water   (original word meaning of chapter, verse and its contents)
KJB translates this as Genesis 14:13
KJB translates Select Cutting Husband  to “Confederate with.

There are 16 original words in this scripture, some of which have roots.  Here are the words and their roots.  Remember capital indicates KJB treated this as name of person/place/thing.

going.coming…refugee escaped..manifests High Father from be high
Other Side lies down, Oak from strength from twist, Lusty ruler to rule
Publicity brother, Bunch of Grapes from the testicle brother, Boy from rustling tumbling about from the growl, select cutting husband/master/owner High Father from be high.

We can see that the select cutting husband/owner/master is the HIGH FATHER that came from BE HIGH.

Questions posed by these words.

  • What refugee manifest as High Father from the Other Side?
  • Where and what is the Other Side?
  • What refugee resides as an Oak that is Lusty ruler?
  • What is the Lusty Publicity brother?
  • Why does Bunch of Grapes from a testicle reside between two brothers?
  • Who are the brothers?
  • What growl produces rustling, tumbling about?
  • Where does the growl comes from and what does it tumble about?
  • What Boy is the select cutting husband/master/owner?
  • What testicle produced Bunch of Grapes?
  • Testicle is not exclusive to human and animal male gender.
  • It is however the source of opposite polarity the Other Side.

Difficult to discover what an individual scripture is telling us.  However if we know what the previous scriptures reveal it is much easier.  Especially if we start with the FIRSTGENESIS chapter one.

Let us simply look at the previous verse 12,  a governing verse.

We can see they ..whoever that is..took the Veil.

  • If we know what the Veil is and where the Veil came from we can better understand what  refugee escapes through the Veil .

Previous chapters revealed that

  • The Veil and the select cutting High Father both came from the Flames of the East.
  • The Veil came with the select cutting of the High Father.

Without the select Cutting Husband that came from the Queens House Upper Egypt heaven, there would be no harvest.  Seed cannot sprout and grow without heat.  If the heat is not veiled the seed withers and dies.

Where is the seed?   All seed of everything is in the womb of  Lower Egypt Earth.  Seed in the womb of LEE is on the Other Side of the QHUEH.

What else is between LEE and QHUEH?

Before the Veil and the select cutting High Father flame could reach LEE the White Ice Mountain had to be broken through. Then the Boy heat of the select cutting Husband High Father could fall to LEE.

This select cutting High Father will become the father of a Multitude of Nations.

Premium subscribers can download the table with the JSE numbers that reveal the words and their roots of this particular scripture Genesis 14:13.  Where you can also discover what words did the KJB use in the translation.

We did not write about people; we wrote about creating creation and its processes.