What is a Toe is it a Finger?

What is a Toe is it a Finger?

When we read, speak, think toe, we do not expect that word to mean a finger. When we read, speak, think, finger, we do not expect  that word to mean a toe.  Especially reading a story we have been taught is about humans.

When we read finger or toe in scripture, do we know what we are reading?  Answer is not unless we have checked out that particular word.  Not if we believe the religious  myths that finger and toe relate to individual humans.

There is a word translated as BOTH FINGER AND TOE.  Which comes from the concept of grasping that comes from a primitive root TO ROAST.  There is the same meaning from a different language; translated the same way; so the two languages agree.  They have just been assigned different numbers in the James Strong Concordance. (more…)

What is the Courtyard of the Erect Palm Tree

The 27th generating of Upper Egypt Heaven, the Queens House

And the 25th generating of Lower Egypt Earth.

The Courtyard is the product of the holder of the birthright the Erect Palm Tree.  Through which came a Break and Rising of Light.  This birthright was passed forward from  the Red Earth and it will be passed on to the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest that Will Add.

When we apply the proper meaning to the words in the KJB translation, we can then follow our roots.  The roots of our elders.  One key word is STRENGTH another is EXISTENT.  We can only find STRENGTH AND EXISTENT if we look at how the words were formed in the first place.  And how they are used to form new words.

The Courtyard came through the Rising of Light.  Light on the Erect Palmtree cast a shadow creating the Courtyard.

Out of the Courtyard comes To Fondle Strength.  What Strength?  The Strength of the Queens House, upper Egypt heaven. Out of Fondling the Strength of the Sunlightsamson in the Queens house, comes the High Discretion Strength Be Strong Brother of the Existent.

These statements are like jibberish to English ears trained to the English language.  When we put on the ears of yesterday when the words were first put on paper, then we can grasp the height, width and depth of the Sweet Little Book, the creation story.

I am giving you the generations, which has nothing to do with individual human persons; the grossest misleading concept on the planet. (more…)

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Worship Husband?

The words of the Sweet Little Books that we scribed 1845BC to70AD were translated into many different words causing confusion.

Interpretations have buried them.

Husband Translated Many Different Words

There is a primitive root word that means be master.  Out of the root comes two words, both mean master/husband/owner translated into many different words.  This means we have to know what translated words mean master/husband/owner and what is being written about.

Master/owner/husband of what? where? why?  We did not write about male gender persons called husbands bound by mans law to female gender persons called wives.

Making these assumptions has led to mass human suffering through religious teachings. (more…)

What Did West, East, North and South Mean?

What Did West, East, North and South Mean?

These were not directions.

What Difference Has 3000 Years Made in Our Perspective?

Today we take our sense of direction from  our position relative to designated directions of the earth.

Not so in the 3000 year old scrolls.

We will explore one scripture First House Pregnancy:Motion.  Translated Genesis 28:14.

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Eleven Original Words

There are only 11 words in this scripture.  King James Bible adds 35 for a total of 46 words.  Let us remove the 35 words and work with what was there.

see, dust, earth, abroad, west, east, north, south, seed, famiies ,earth, blessed

The story is about the twin of earth, the dust seed of the worm.  Translated Jacob.

  • The worm is the builder of Laughter translated Isaac. 
  • Laughter is the builder of a Multitude of Nations translated Abraham.
  • The worm is the embryo of the HUMAN KINGDOM growing in the MASTERSHIP EGYPT.

What Direction Does This Seed Dust Go?

  1. WEST means to roar
  2. EAST means the front that comes from to project, to come out first.
  3. NORTH  means hidden, dark that comes from to hide
  4. SOUTH is a primary root that means be parched.

This is a description of the ROAR of the FIRST creation waters.  ROAR is translated in King James as sea/seas.

  • The dust, the seed was/is the FRONT part that came first.
    • The FRONT part came out of the HIDDEN DARK and emerged into PARCHED.

This pattern is repeated over and over again.  Yet we insist upon making WEST, EAST, NORTH, SOUTH  fit todays understanding and in the process we lose the story.

Another Look at WEST in More Recent Writings

West in KJB is  also seen as 4628 shading.  What is it shading?  Ten times it is used. We will look at one.


Translated 2 Chronicles 32:30

  • 14 words: Hezekiah, stopped, upper, watercourse, of, Gihon, straight, down, side (KJB adds the word meaning of west before side, but does not identify it as a female non gender), city, David, Hezekiah, prospered, works.  You will not find the shading associated with the  word side; you find it WEST SIDE.  NOTE:  Shading is not the only meaning of side.

What is the shading? What is being shaded?

  place of waking (city) Loving (David) Strenthened of Yah (Hezekiah) action (works)

Another Look at KJB EAST

  • female word FORWARD of the neutral primary word PROJECT.
  • FOREFRONT that is from the primary root PROJECT.
  • SUNRISE from the primary root IRRADIATE.
    • Every single word in every single scripture must be explored in order for the original story to emerge.  Assume that todays language clouds the stories.  Not by devious intent but due to the   liquid nature of languages
  • NEW TESTAMENT KJB east means rising of light.
    • If we assume that  rising of light always means the east direction where the sun rises every morning; we err.
    • Then we miss the stories about the twins, A Break (pharez) Rising of Light (zerah).
      • First rising in Lower Egypt.
      • Then Rising of Light  through the Upright Palm Tree.
      • Not to mention the other instances of Rising of Light.

Another Look at NORTH

  • Every instance in the KJB Old Testament is the same HIDDEN DARK.
  • KJB New Testament has two different meanings.
    1. north
    2. north west (refers to wind)

Another Look at SOUTH

  • KJB Old Testament SOUTH is derived from seven different meanings.  We looked at one already.
  • KJB New Testament SOUTH is derived from three different meanings.
  • So which direction are we talking about, depends upon the instance.
  • What other words are used in KJB besides south?
  1. SOUTH being on the right hand of a person facing east. Translated south, south side, southward, south wind.
    1. The same meaning as Teman, a builder of Red Soil translated Edom.
  2. Right hand, leg, eye, etc. Translated left handed, right hand, right side, SOUTH.
  3. Apartment that comes from inclose.  Translated bed, inner, chamber, innermost, innermostward, parlour, SOUTH, within.
  4. SOUTH and translated as south.
  5. Driving a pasture.  Translated as desert, SOUTH, speech, wilderness. 
    1. Also translated as the  Book of NUMBERS.

New Testament KJB SOUTH

  1. SOUTH west wind and also SOUTH quarter.  Translated SOUTH, SOUTH WIND.
  2. MIDDAY from MIDDLE  and WARM GENTLE. Translated, noon, SOUTH
  3. TO POUR .  Translated SOUTHwest. [/emember_protected]

THE POINT IS it is impossible to know what the KJB is actually relating to us without looking up every SINGLE WORD in the original context and building from there.

To do anything less, is simply following what has been taught, regardless of its basis of truth.

Pearl in an oyster shell represents WisdomThese are pearls of wisdom when speaking, thinking, writing only with the words that existed at the time of writing.  Adding any of today’s words causes the TOWER OF BABLE, confusion of language to grow taller.

Religion built this tower; but it will fall.