First Master Mistress Head

Oxhead House Completed has a MASTER MISTRESS inside.

This MASTER MISTRESS HEAD is found in the book, FIRST HEAD.
Inside this head we discover the OXHEAD TWO-FOLD HOUSE COMPLETED. house is head,  head is house.     All of this is translated Genesis 20:1,2,3.

Which gives more information the original word meanings or the translated version of them.Ever wonder why someone decided to assign book, chapter and verse numbers that were not present in the numerous original texts nor in the first Bible translations?

Remember  the primitive root word #1166 BE MASTER is the primitive root of the word HUSBAND.  So in word formation before there is a HUSBAND, there was the primitive root word a MASTER and this particular MASTER is the  MISTRESS HEAD.

Difference is between neutral, holding place and puncturedfemale word indicates active.  When we confuse this with gender nothing fits.  We are looking at individual colors and shapes on a single jigsaw puzzle piece of yesterday.  The jigsaw puzzle of the Sweet Little Book which is today fat and bulging with excess words.


Egyptian math Will Add Heighth

Egyptian math Will Add Heighth

The Well Formed Advisor

These two titles pretty much tell the story of the Mark.  Translated Mark 15:43

Here is what our pen wrote.

(Egyptian math) Will Add Height is a Well Formed Advisor.  Expended additional Royal Diety; entered the Extreme Close-pressed to Ask?  the Body Yah is SalvationJesus? (more…)

Why did the Lord Destroy the Crawling Serpent

Why did the Lord Destroy the Crawling Serpent

1 King 1:9

To understand this requires understanding Egyptian math Will Add.    Will Add to the one united oxhead which is all there ever was or is.  Always and forever increasing the power of one.

Letters were translated into numbers and are treated today as if they are mathematical calculations.  This is misleading.  If we understand Egyptian math Will Add; it clearly reveals what is in any given scripture according to the original text.

First King  the Oxhead1 with the crawling serpent inside. (more…)

Where is the House of the Little Eagle?

Where is the House of the Little Eagle?

Does one of the 3 billion Christians on the planet know?

Is there even one pastor, theologian, follower, adherent, teacher, prophet, priest in the SRP that knows where the house of the Little Eagle is found in scripture?  Can they teach what it means?

Buried under 750,000 English words and billions of INTERPRETATIONS based on more than 1100 translations, it is extremely difficult to see.

House of the Little Eagle definitely is buried on the reservations of the natives; whose beliefs were dismantled and beaten out of them by the SRP.  We did not need scripture to tell us where the house of the Little Eagle is.  What the house of the Little Eagle means.

Earth’s Natives

Natives of the earth were here long before there was an SRP church.  Natives of the earth wrote the very words that the church chose to use as the basis for their book. Then the SRP proceeded to destroy, dismantle, hide, bury those native words. Twisting them into what they wanted the masses to read and believe. (more…)

Why was White Light Translated Wolf?

Why was White Light Translated Wolf?

Why does the SRP use the wolf as an example of something bad, evil outside of itself?

White light is lucas, the same as LUKE, the light bringer.  Forked tongue of INTERPRETATIONS does not even acknowledge their words wolf and Luke come out of the same root word.

Can sweet and bitter water come out of the same fountain? James 3:11

The answer is yes, “the little book is sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly.” Rev. 10:9 The bitters have to digest out all of the added English words and INTERPRETATIONS that distort the original texts, creating gender, wars, pestilence, famine ad nauseam.. (more…)