Decoding the Bible

Decoding the Bible

Only One Way to Do That

Go back and discover what every single word, letter and so called numbers in the original text meant.  This means throwing out all of the concepts about what words mean and how they have been taught.

Otherwise we keep spinning our wheels in the same myths taught for thousands of years.  Ever play the game, say something in the ear of the person next to you and they pass it on around the circle.

The end result never sounds like what was actually said in the first place.

bridges King James to original textThere is no magic wand; but there is a Strong Bridge built in the 1800s.  A very long bridge that begins at a very high tower,  The English Tower of Babel; the confusion of languages, must be passed through before the journey of light to the Other Sideeber can even begin.

Of course it is much easier to listen to all the new ways of looking at the old myths of sour milk and rotting flesh that have poisoned our mind, spirits, will and stolen our EXISTENT STRENGTH to be OPEN WIDE AND FREE.

This is the time, this is the era where great changes are possible.  Change never happens clutching to the old beliefs, no matter how they are shifted around with magic keys and magic decoding.

There is a decoding that was put into the KJB.  Naming the books, assigning the number of chapters and verses are the code to what the original words said.  Confusion is present due to the addition of English grammar words and most specifically gender; which skews everything.

We start off with the plural word gods being translated as a singular God.  There are 14 different word recipes to come up with  the word GOD.

Those two, gender and a singular GOD are probably the biggest detractors of the truth of the original texts.

If you want your ears tickled with the old myths, don’t waste anytime on the website.  If however you have some interest in learning what we actually wrote between 1845BC and 70AD then stay tuned.

If Existent Open Wide Free

If Existent Open Wide Free

Translated as Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, Jesus, Isaiah, Jesaiah, Jeshaiah

Is the neutral HUSBAND of the RebelliousMary (open, punctured) TowerMagdalena then the outcome the outflow must also be EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.

An EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE OPEN TOWER flows with the blood, water and spirit without which there is no FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY. Which is also a neutral word.

We cannot understand the neutral word HUSBAND when we are locked into gender based thinking.  Nor can we understand the REBELLIOUS TOWER.  Let alone the Mistress ship and the Mistress ship Well.

The Old Testament Chaldean towerMigdol was both neutral, going nowhere, doing nothing.   The open puncturedfemale form of Migdols is another story.

The New Testament tower is open.  There was a REBELLION going on inside, a pregnancy that broke open into the EXISTENT WIDE OPEN FREE.

When we throw away the Old Testament we cannot possibly understand the New Testament.  New always comes after the Old, but the Old is the basis, the footing, the foundation, the elder.  The same way primitive root words are the basis to form other words.

Where do the primitive roots lie?  Lie in the innermost being of the seeds that sprouted across from the Other SideEber of the LittleJoktan EarthquakePeleg and grow in the strength of the SunlightSamson..  Words are symbols and sounds created by the seed that sprouted, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

None of the above words have a REMEMBERED MALE FORM, because we have not yet REMEMBERED who we always have been the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

Sounds are not exclusive to humans; but humans have forgotten to REMEMBER their own sound and have forgotten to listen to the sounds of the elders.  Ears have become deaf to the music of the universe which is described in the Old Testament in the original text.

I raised many different birds, animals, plants for many years.   They were my salvation to sanity.  I remember after being rescued from the hand of death that I heard the sound of the wild, the free song birds.  I was so amazed that I had not heard them for years, closed down into my own inner world to where I had escaped for safety.

Today I enjoy the sound of the birds and have no need to hold anything captive.  I have no pets in captivity; although I enjoy meeting them with their owners in the streets of Santa fe.

Dog Capital of the US

I think this is the dog capital of the world.  Some say there are so many dogs because they are very grounding.  This lines up with the story of the only head the dog head and the OPEN WIDE FREE HEAD that crossed over the DescenderJordan all the other men of war as described in the KJB died.

Perhaps this is the capital because this is the place where two very deep old religious roots lie.

 Oldest Public Building in the US is the Inn of the Governors

Established about 1610 by the Spanish long before it was part of the US.  The history of the religious Spanish invasion that perpetrated the largest holocaust known to man.  Perhaps as much as 90% of the native population was decimated under the Christian Spanish flag.  One silver mine alone claimed 11 miilion lives.  See the blog corn, silver and gold.

That oldest public building is the source of a deep dark root from which religion of war, sacrifice, death, hell and condemnation continues to grow.

Sitting outside are the captive outcasts of those religious wars trying to sell their precious creative gifts.  They are allowed to enter a lottery hoping to find a spot under the alcove of the Inn of the Governors. They, these outcasts are the precious gift that knew how to listen to and respect the elders.  These captive children are not in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE.

Now they sit in the shadow of the Inn as wards of the US government and hope for a place.  There is still no room in the Inn for them or any of the other wards of the government, the soldiers who fight under the banner of a Christian nation,  No different than fighting under the banner of the Spanish king and queen.

A few blocks away is the other building, the oldest Christian Church in the US.

In between them however is a street originally called Sparks Street; but now known as Alameda.

What sparks have arisen between these two deep seated roots?  One only needs to look at history around the globe and the question is easily answered.  Where on the globe has the religious conquest, having dominion over other, ever ended?  Better question, when will we end it?  When will we stop supporting it?

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday which said “LOVE YOUR ENEMY, this intimates not killing them”.   How then does the religious community justify war, domestic violence, genocide, suicide by a death sentence called marriage till death regardless; when this scripture is part of the basis on which it claims to stand.

axeMe thinks the two deep dark roots need to have the axe laid to them per the LIGHT BRINGER COMPLETED CYCLE OF WISDOM   translated as Luke 3:9

The roots do not lie in those physical buildings; but in what those buildings symbolize.  Those roots stretch back a long time in history.  Long before those buildings existed.

Perhaps these two have remained to remind us how roots grow and produce branches, twigs, flowers, fruit and seed that produces its own kind.  Perhaps the plaza in front of the Inn of the Governors is there to remind us today.  A reminder that we can do things differently; if we understand the Old the New is easier to formulate.

The Old is the elder and it is wise for it has come through history. The New is wise when it listens to the Elder.

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Be a Worshipper That is the Question!

To Work or Worship Husband?

The words of the Sweet Little Books that we scribed 1845BC to70AD were translated into many different words causing confusion.

Interpretations have buried them.

Husband Translated Many Different Words

There is a primitive root word that means be master.  Out of the root comes two words, both mean master/husband/owner translated into many different words.  This means we have to know what translated words mean master/husband/owner and what is being written about.

Master/owner/husband of what? where? why?  We did not write about male gender persons called husbands bound by mans law to female gender persons called wives.

Making these assumptions has led to mass human suffering through religious teachings. (more…)

Confederate Husband or Cutting Husband?

First Appearance of Husband

Firstgenesis Motion door (to the inside)  Water   (original word meaning of chapter, verse and its contents)
KJB translates this as Genesis 14:13
KJB translates Select Cutting Husband  to “Confederate with.

There are 16 original words in this scripture, some of which have roots.  Here are the words and their roots.  Remember capital indicates KJB treated this as name of person/place/thing.

going.coming…refugee escaped..manifests High Father from be high
Other Side lies down, Oak from strength from twist, Lusty ruler to rule
Publicity brother, Bunch of Grapes from the testicle brother, Boy from rustling tumbling about from the growl, select cutting husband/master/owner High Father from be high.

We can see that the select cutting husband/owner/master is the HIGH FATHER that came from BE HIGH.

Questions posed by these words.

  • What refugee manifest as High Father from the Other Side?
  • Where and what is the Other Side?
  • What refugee resides as an Oak that is Lusty ruler?
  • What is the Lusty Publicity brother?
  • Why does Bunch of Grapes from a testicle reside between two brothers?
  • Who are the brothers?
  • What growl produces rustling, tumbling about?
  • Where does the growl comes from and what does it tumble about?
  • What Boy is the select cutting husband/master/owner?
  • What testicle produced Bunch of Grapes?
  • Testicle is not exclusive to human and animal male gender.
  • It is however the source of opposite polarity the Other Side.

Difficult to discover what an individual scripture is telling us.  However if we know what the previous scriptures reveal it is much easier.  Especially if we start with the FIRSTGENESIS chapter one.

Let us simply look at the previous verse 12,  a governing verse.

We can see they ..whoever that is..took the Veil.

  • If we know what the Veil is and where the Veil came from we can better understand what  refugee escapes through the Veil .

Previous chapters revealed that

  • The Veil and the select cutting High Father both came from the Flames of the East.
  • The Veil came with the select cutting of the High Father.

Without the select Cutting Husband that came from the Queens House Upper Egypt heaven, there would be no harvest.  Seed cannot sprout and grow without heat.  If the heat is not veiled the seed withers and dies.

Where is the seed?   All seed of everything is in the womb of  Lower Egypt Earth.  Seed in the womb of LEE is on the Other Side of the QHUEH.

What else is between LEE and QHUEH?

Before the Veil and the select cutting High Father flame could reach LEE the White Ice Mountain had to be broken through. Then the Boy heat of the select cutting Husband High Father could fall to LEE.

This select cutting High Father will become the father of a Multitude of Nations.

Premium subscribers can download the table with the JSE numbers that reveal the words and their roots of this particular scripture Genesis 14:13.  Where you can also discover what words did the KJB use in the translation.

We did not write about people; we wrote about creating creation and its processes.

Why Black Tile?

Black Tile is Neutral Surrounding is Puncturedfemale

Out of a primitive root word to travel round comes surrounding, a buckler which is similar to neutral black tile translated as black marble.

Where is the Black Marble?

The translated word black marble is found in STAR OXHEAD with a NAIL inside.  Translated as Esther 1:6.  In this case, the oxhead is the star and inside is the light which is the nail that supports the stars contact with lower Egypt/earth.

STAR HOUSE has a window inside. translated as Esther 2:5. (more…)