Circular Root Knob

Circular Root Knob

The primitive root word that means protrude is only formed by coming out of another word KNOB which in this case is not a primitive root.  Circular roots can be 2 or more primitive roots, unused roots and any combination thereof.

This is another example of a circular process of creating a word.  The graphic shows the movement; but I have not given the JSE numbers  All circular word formations act in the same way..

When we look at the word tree formed by this circular root, we see that out of the protrude of the knob comes the ankle.

This helps us better understand another story.

HEEL is that which protrudes out of its twin EARTH.  Translated as Jacob and Esau; brothers but not human.  It is this PROTRUDING HEEL that produces the BRANCHtribe.  From this neutral BRANCHtribe comes the BRANCH EXTENDINGtribe   (the growth).

There never was more than one branch.  We never wrote about 12 tribes.  There never were 12 tribes and the only lost tribe is the ONE UNITED OXHEAD that is the substance of all of creation; every jot and tittle distorted by RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS.

That ONE UNITED OXHEAD  RULES WITH STRENGTH translated Israel.  That is what the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY is suppose to do.rule with strength in our temple body..  Not lord it over other

Children learn from their parents.  What have we taught our children?

Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse

For those in a Given Pathway

Japan across the Pacific Oregon, NM and Texas, residents can view this event head on.  That is they will see the ring of fire of the sun surrounding the moon as it passes across the face of the Sun.

Makes me think of the first rib of light, the Life-Giver that revealed the shape of the sea monster, the rapidly moving soil that had formed in the primordial waters and heat of creation.

This original text rendition, which we today call the Big Bang, was translated in the Bible as a myth about Adam and Eve and then interpreted as the human parents that failed the children.

Not only failed the children, but the children killed each other.  Not even close to what we wrote.

The parents of Life Giving Light and fertile soil have not failed yet.   The Life Giving Rib of Light caused the soil to become Redesau.   The limits of lower Egypt, earth. The heel, the twin, of the Red Soil swelled  and reached for the limits of the Queen house, upper Egypt heaven.

The heel is the birthright holder that looks, feels and smells like its twin, earth.  It is the neutral branchtribe from which grows the BRANCH EXTENDINGTRIBE.  There is only one united oxhead of creation; there never were 12 nor 13 tribesbranches.  Those are divisions made by mythical religious stories that steal our inheritance.

One vine, one branch climbed over the wall into the everlasting hills and has never stopped growing.  Despite the efforts of religion to stunt its growth.

Time to rethink our religious myths that we hold so dear to our broken hearts.  Waiting for a mythical God to do something.  Something was already completed.  Nothing is lacking except to walk in the fullness of a perfect creation.

I say mythical God because that word is created from 14 different word recipes.  Which God are we waiting for to rescue, heal what has always been PERFECT?  A perfection that is constantly, continually changing, LIVING.

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY has never lacked anything.  But much has been stolen through belief in religious myths that steal our power and teach us that our first parents failed, so how could we possible ever succeed.

Time to reclaim what is rightfully ours, the original text from which came religious books that distorted what our pen declared.

Review Time Challenge

Review Time Challenge

We Begin a Journey

The original text can only be seen when we throw out all of the added English text. Placed there as explanation.  When  ten words are expanded into 30 words by way of explanation, something gets lost.  The ten words and their original meanings get lost in the co-mingling.

Then we think the word ten means different parts, when it actually means ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten, which is an open hand.  The only hand of power is open to all.

The Challenge

The difficult part is when we begin  retraining the mind.  To think differently when it sees a word.  The mind likes what it thinks it knows.  Doesn’t necessarily like to be changed.

We cannot see differently until we think differently.  We cannot think differently until we put on the OILEDCHRIST MIND.  A mind that is not stuck in the mud of yesterdays beliefs and teachings.  A mind that has been ground to a halt by mythical stories jamming the gears, cannot function, it is immobilized.

Many original word meanings were translated into many different words that can lead us astray, when we have forgotten the creative process.  This creates many jigsaw puzzles that are difficult to put together.

Every journey has a beginning, one step at a time completes the journey.

We can begin the JOURNEYING even though the SPREADING OUTHANDMAID is TIMIDBILHAH and the way may be difficult.  We have to leave the Ice House Being DestroyedBethuel  in the Flames of the East, the upper limits of the Egyptian Queens House.

Frozen thoughts will thaw as we begin to rethink, REMEMBERmale what we wrote long, long ago.

Let Us Begin With an Easy Project

There are many words that were not actually translated, these are easier to track through all the original manuscripts.  If we ALWAYS use the meaning instead of the foreign word we begin to build a foundation.

If we leave off believing that these long lists of words are names of individual persons.

Then there are some words that were translated into a single  English Word.  These are foundational words and they do not change meaning either.

It is easier to change our mind when going from a foregin word to English than taking an English word we think we know the meaning of and replacing it with another English word that does not seem to fit what we were taught in Sunday School.

Example; dark translated in one place as left hand.  Right translated in another case as left handed. (thousands of these of cases).  There are but two of the at least 16 different original words translated as hand.  Two of which are PRIMARY WORDS.

This subject is not addressed in this blog but certainly in many blogs.  These are difficult jigsaw puzzle, best put together once there is a strong foundation of other words.

Let Us Begin With a Few Word Meanings

When we begin to REMEMBERMALE PERFUME, a neutral word, when we see Ketura, it is easier to see PERFUME instead of a person.  Then it becomes easier to understand how the descent of PERFUME into the OLD DRY WELL drew out (the) EGYPTIAN WILL ADD.  This is a tiny ALLAHascent  in OILING the mind to think differently. (more…)

English Test

English Test

What Do You Choose?

Of these 8 different word meaning taken from the original text, which one/s accurately depict the English word CATTLE based upon the English language as we use it today?  Which one/s would you use instead of CATTLE to convey what CATTLE means to you?

  1. mute, dumb
  2. bought that comes from be erect
  3. pushing that comes from rush
  4. deputyship that comes from dispatch
  5. eating that comes from kindle
  6. sculpture that comes from to sling
  7. beeve that comes from to plough
  8. to erect

All eight were translated as cattle; but also translated into which of these words?

  1. beast
  2. flock, herd
  3. possession
  4. purchase
  5. substance
  6. ewe
  7. lamb
  8. sheep
  9. business
  10. industrious
  11. officer
  12. thing
  13. use
  14. workman
  15. manship
  16. curved figure
  17. carving
  18. graving
  19. inquire
  20. search
  21. attain
  22. buy
  23. buyer
  24. teach to keep cattle
  25. provoke to
  26. search
  27. got
  28. jealousy
  29. possessor
  30. purchase
  31. recover
  32. redeem
  33. surely
  34. verily

All 34 plus others were used in place of CATTLE.  If I read sheep, lamb, flock, my mind would not go anywhere near the word CATTLE.  Let alone any of the other words, like jealousy, without qualification of some kind.

If I read workman, I do not think of cattle in English terms.  However I know that the word man is mortal and is not exclusive to humans.  Which means one step closer to the original text meaning.

Which of those above words would cause you to think CATTLE?  So unless we understand what any given word means in the original text, we wallow in a cesspool of confusion.

A word means what it means in any language and unless there is some other qualifying, explanatory reason alongside giving a broader definition, the meaning is not altered.

bridges King James to original textThis is the confusion presented in the Bible translation.  There are so many different words used to define something we cannot even associate the translated word with the original meaning and therefore dismiss, displace, refuse the Strong Bridge.

The bridge was properly built, structurally sound.  It is our confused mind that needs setting straight.

The redemption is found in the vast portion of the Bible which is actually not translated.  We can begin to build an understanding by using some basic words and their real meanings.  Replacing what we have been commonly taught.

See tomorrow blog for examples of that.  A simple task, but changing old habits takes intention, diligent application and endurance to attain.  So this task may not be so easy.  There is no magic wand, magic pill, secret hidden chamber, locked door, lost key, that is not resident within our very beings.

I hope this intrigues you into a journey with me, exploring what our human pen actually scribed.  It belongs to us the ONE UNITED OXHEAD,  the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

It has been misused for too long.  Time to reclaim our property.  Time to slay the fatted religious calf.

Let me know what you think.  How did you score on the quizz?

There are many ways to redeem our writings; just like there are many different shapes, sizes and colors in a jigsaw puzzle.  Just difficult to see how they fit when the box has been loaded down with unnecessary pieces.

Nine Primary Words Equal a Cycle of Wisdom

Nine Primary Words Equal a Cycle of Wisdom

Old Testament Primary Words

What what translated as number nine actually means “turn to next full number”  or stay in the old cycle expecting a different outcome.  Today we would call that crazy making.

Nine the serpent cycle of wisdom is a rememberedmale word.  There are no rememberedmale words in the cycle of wisdom.  Only neutral and puncturedfemale words.  

Wisdom always comes when we listen to it.  Turn to the next full number ONE UNITED OXHEAD  to the power of ten.  

 Wisdom shows us that there is no gender and there is no plurality in our original writings 1845BC to70AD.  Those concepts have caused the Tower of Babel, Confusion of Languages, to grow higher with each passing year. 

When we apply Egyptian math Will Add to the serpent cycle of wisdom, the result is ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten.  Which means “one open hand holding the power”.  Always and only there is One United Oxhead.

The slaying of the ox is not a sacrifice of a mortal animal it is the destroying of the old oxhead power and turning to the next fullness of spiritual power.  One to ten, the hand, to twenty, the head, to thirty the Gomer which means the three in one to the power of ten is completed.

 Today when we say hand we do not think nor do we mean ten.  If we continue to use today’s language to understand the unique language of yesterday we are not listening to the serpent cycle of wisdom.

One Oxhead is all there ever was or ever will be.  Until we apply the serpent cycle of wisdom and join into ONE UNITED OXHEAD outside of religious, family, national, ethnic, philosophical, etc, etc. divisions, we remain locked into our compartments, like prisoners to our religious habits.

500 Dancers

I had the privilege of watching 500 young dancers ages 4 yrs old through high school and enhanced by the local fire department.  These 500 represented 7000 students across the state of New Mexico.

They were dancing to the music titled “DANCING IN THE STREETS.  Maybe the next generation will inspire us to DANCE IN THE STREETS INSTEAD OF WARRING IN THE STREETS.

On that stage dancers danced across  every  imaginable division. There was nothing dividing, separating them.   Not church nor state. Not color nor creed.  Not size or shape.   They were joined with the JOY OF DANCE, the strength of JOY is what the scriptures says belongs to us.

If you are premium subscriber can you view the graphic depicting the serpent cycle of wisdom.

  • When we understand how these 9 words are the building blocks for other words.
  • When we understand each and every word in its original meaning, then we will begin to see the Sweet Little Book of Creation that we wrote 1845BC to 70AD.
  • It does not belong to any organization, creed, dogma, law that lays claim to it and uses it for chopping up the ONE UNITED OXHEAD into pieces that have no life left in them.  We never wrote about sacrificing any living thing.
  • There is nothing in those original writings that has not been verified over the thousands of years regarding its contents.
  • The contents are strewn across the planet; each religious group emphasizing what they REMEMBER.  Their precious chosen parts.
  • Each one claiming to have the truth that everyone else is suppose to follow.  Each and every one teaching that we are all brothers and yet insisting that the brother is in error.
  • The TRUTH and the LIGHT is resident in every living thing, not exclusive to human.

The truth is resident in every single seed that ever sprouted on the planet.  Plant, animal, human, rock, water, wind, fire all contain truth, if we can but hear the voices of these gods?  Are are our ears so clogged with the religious wax of condemnation of our brother, that we cannot hear.  Or do we simply refuse to hear?

When we begin to hear HEARING when we read Simon, Simeon, Shimeon, Simonites, then perhaps our ears will become accustomed to hearing ATTACHED when we see the words Levi, Levites,Levitical.  Then ponder why did James Strong tell us to look at Mathew which mean Gift when looking at Levi.  And to look at Levi when looking at Matthew?

HEARING ATTACHED  to a bad report are instruments of cruelty.  Genesis 49:5.  The Gift is HEARING ATTACHED to a good report. None of this has anything to do with human persons.