Dust from Gray from Dust

Dust from Gray from Dust

There are a number of circular words; especially in the Old Testament.  For instance gray only comes from dust and dust only comes from gray.  What comes from that circular root is very interesting….not the subject of today’s blog.

Point being when we slog around in the words used in the KJB or any other interpretation called Bible; we circulate in the same old view point.   Come up with the same old conclusions.  Arrive at the same old religious myths.  And do not have a clue what the voices of the original authors were trying to convey.

Remember there are no TRANSLATIONS only interpretations.  Interpretations based upon the learned church fathers of their day.  We have  had the resource to delve deeper into the unique language.  The unique language formed when combining written documents ranging from 1845BC to 70AD into one book called Bible.

Documents scribed by a variety of pens  held by a variety of authors. In a variety of places. Presumably men.  Maybe those men understood something; men of today do not.  I assume male persons as female persons were not deemed to have the ability to think nor reason and therefore could not write.

Question is why have the learned church fathers not given us, today, the ability to truly use and understand the JSE.  A rich research project in the mid 1800s that involved perhaps 100 scholars seeking to give us a new tool to use.  Perhaps themselves wanting to know what the original authors actually wrote.

Now the Bible is the property of the pubic except in England where the English crown owns the rights to the Bible.  I can only assume that the crown gave permission to the scholars to delve into the original text.  They gave us a vast array of knowledge.  It is cumbersome to use.

However in the mid 1800s the only way to document anything was by pen on paper.    The documentation of their work has been around for almost a hundred years.  Printed over and over again.  Found in most places where the Bible is found, schools, offices, homes, churches, etc.

We have had the ability to produce a more user friendly way of using the JSE for a long..Instead of f doing that, the church fathers or their representatives simply alter the JSE by removing the number references to words they deem in their esteemed estimation are simple English words everybody understands.

For instance removing the number references to the word THIS did in fact erase a fast amount of information.  Three forms of the word interpreted as THIS are in fact the three forms of words neutral, masculine, feminine.  Each one appears more than 400 times  in the 1940 edition of the JSE.  The THIS and THIS forms function like the English word THIS.  However the THIS literally means SHEEP.  A vast amount of information and details about the original text THIS SHEEP  is lost due to this one example.

No wonder religious followers are referred to as dumb sheep. They have no voice.  Sheep follow whoever is out in front; deeming that one to know where they are going.  Sheep will follow anybody even over the cliff to their death.

But of course, the promise is die and then go to heaven to nirvana to flat line.   Same circular motion as dust from gray from dust from gray.  Sheep following the leader, the leader following the sheep, etc. etc. etc.  all going over the cliff of religious myths. The leader always starting with the English words of the Bible….a futile effort in reclaiming the voices of the original authors.

Why have the learned church fathers not given us an easy to use version of the JSE.  ANSWER it would destroy the foundation upon which the church is founded’ the solid rock Petra.  Which is not what the original text say…..it says upon an open pile of rocks the church is being built.  That open pile of rocks is the earth itself; not some man made structure called a cathedral, church, synagogue, ashram, temple  or any other man made structure.

A structure designed to exalt the leadership and divide the sheep.  A wall of division built upon a sterile, impregnable rock.

Wall of divisions, gender


Third Times a Charm

Where Did This Saying Come From?  What Does it Represent?

The source is unknown but the principle is not.  As always the reference is back to what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD; scrolls that are the supposed source of the interpreted works called Bible.  There are no translations in circulation to the public.  Are there any true translations?  One can only wonder.

Math, in those writings  is not arithmetic.  If arithmetic principles are applied to the words, that English supposes are merely numbers;  the mathematical principles are lost.

Ever wonder why there are words one, two, three, four, thousands, hundred etc. instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 1000, 100, in the Bible?  They represent mathematical principles…..not arithmetic principles of adding, subtracting, multiplying, etc..

Take anything and break it into three pieces; not thirds of equal measure as arithmetic would insist; but three pieces; which is still thirds/thirds.  Although, they could be equal; it is not a requirement and has nothing to do with the math principle being used.

We can start from the whole which is either neutral or rememberedmale.  That starting point is determined by the state of process.  Either stage can be complete or complete word, representing something.

Break the complete or complete into three parts and it becomes  puncturedfemale .  The three parts are separated and something is happening or can happen.

When the third parts are rejoined; no matter what has happened to them; perhaps the shapes or the amounts were changed….then something has been or is  completed.  It has been REMEMBEREDMALE.   Put into a new form.    Three in one.  One is always neutral. 

Martin Luther called this the trinity; father, son and holy (whole) spirit.  It is not exclusive to this interpretation.  Nonetheless father, son and holy spirit are neutral words….they have nothing to do with gender….they represent roles in the creation.

There is much more to be learned  and applied to these mathematical words; not today.  Grab hold of the mathematical principles and apply them to the writings on this website and gain understanding.  Note the designated roles of rememberedmale  and puncturedfemale words; which have absolutely nothing to do with gender; easily seen just be looking at them.

We wrote that we could have all of our sister wisdom that we desire….but above all else, GET UNDERSTANDING.    That is what the past 20+ years of diligently interacting with only two books, the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance; 1940 edition and the King James Bible to which it is keyed.

The keys were developed by 100 persons in the 1800s.  They built a bridge between the Bible and the original text.  Any of the 1100+ versions of the English can be used; but first one must ascertain what words were used in the KJB.

Now this STRONG bridge has been around; but has had very little use as it can be cumbersome to uncover the rabbit trail of any given word….tracing it back to its root meaning.  This however, sheds great light on what any word actually meant.

That is what the 20+ years have wrought, a database whereby it is much easier to get a clear understanding of what we wrote.

The above mathematical (not arithmetic) principles add greatly in gaining that understanding.  Four is always rememberedmale ; but the four parts are always neutral.

The database will be put online, in the not too distant future, so anyone can determine for themselves what our pen actually meant, intended to mean in the scrolls of 1845BC to 70AD.





Belated Academy Awards

Belated Academy Awards

Academy Awards should be given to the founders of religion.

We took the original text written approximately 1845 BC to 410BC and the text written 70AD. We then twisted these original writings into a script that fit the religious myths already being taught…..This  certainly is worthy of  nominations for Academy Awards for each one us.

It is estimated that 90% of the American household own a Bible.  If all the Bibles sold were stacked into the Tower of Babel (confusion of languages) it would be a thousand times higher than Mt. Everest.

However, the Academy Awards should go to the 100+ persons who gave us the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.   In the mid 1800s, they built the bridge between what we actually wrote and the INTERPRETATION previously printed in the books called Bibles.

Why has the religious world conveniently been dismantling that work worthy of an Academy Award?

  • The Bible is the supporting strength of the publishing world.
  • The Bible is the supporting strength of the school books printed by the publishing industry…only before the blessing of the RELIGIOUS RIGHT in the largest state, Texas.
    • School books blessed by Texas determine what the publishers print and therefore what is available to the rest of the nation.
    • This amounts to the religious tail wagging the dog.

The first US richest man on the planet; owner of the largest corporation on the planet, Standard Oil; based ability to gain wealth upon a sermon.   “make all the money you can make and give alms to the poor”.  Why did we name the building housing the billionaires of today  on one end of Park Ave. after that person?

Didn’t matter what manner was used to gain the wealth then or today, so long as our religious world got our cut.

Nothing new under the sun…we, the religious, still continue to control the government the schools, all facets of our country through religious teachings.   There is no such thing as separation of church and state in this country or any other so called developed country.

Yet more children die in this country; due to lack of good food, healthcare and basic human needs.   Why?  Why has the tithe to the religious world not solved the problems of humanity?

Pen of FBDCThe original texts about creation were twisted into stories about individual human beings, for the sole purpose of manipulating and controlling the masses.

That has been highly successful across the planet…bleeding, hurting shame filled humans never quite live up to the religious standards set by us, the religious leaders.

oxhead serpent insideThe Bible  INTERPRETATIONs (there are no translations) has been the most harmful thing ever let loose upon humanity, the DIVINE CHILD.  The serpent of deception has clouded and twisted our minds.

The serpent of wisdom has been buried under the serpent of religious control.  Control that says other must be like me.

So we instead of using the JSE to discover what  was so valuable in the original text…..simply dumped a pile of English/German words on top and buried the inheritance of humanity, the Divine Child.  That pile today is about 800,000 words or more.

Dump truck 750,000 words.Buried beneath are maybe, possibly 3 – 4 thousands words from many different languages.

Biggest joke on the planet is separation of church and state.  How many of the billionaires that live on Park Ave. in NY base their religious beliefs upon the Bible??????

How many of the homeless, jobless people living on Park Ave (across the river) base their beliefs upon the Bible?????  How many starving, hurting children grow up in the shadow of the wealth on the other side of the river?

We the religious  rich live on one side of the Descender (Jordan) and we the other religious  poor live on the opposite side of the Descender (Jordan) never the twain meet.

What is wrong with this picture? How do we change it before it forever changes the face of the planet?