See All Sunsets and Sunrises at one time

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A unique series of four total lunar eclipses called a Tetrad will be visible to the entire US.  Eclipses are usually of random type; but in this time and era we are given the opportunity to witness four sequential total moon eclipses April 15, 2014, Oct. 8, 2014, April 4, 2015 and Sept. 28, 2015.

The red ring of fire around the earth reminds us of the Genesis story as written by the original authors.  A first rib of life giving light (eve), revealed the rapidly moving soil, the black earth, (adam) the black sea monster forming in the cosmos.   A  planet (earth) that later turned red under the red light of the sunlight (samson).

Perhaps we can remember our history when we view these lunar eclipses.

Sun Gazing Does Not Cause Death

Sun Gazing Does Not Cause Death

The Source of Life for Us is the Sun

NASA Science News for Dec. 16, 2011
Sungrazing Comet Lovejoy has shocked astronomers by surviving its “death plunge” into the sun.  Must-see movies of the comet’s passage through the sun’s atmosphere are featured in today’s story from Science@NASANASA Science News for Dec. 16, 2011
Sungrazing Comet Lovejoy has shocked astronomers by surviving its “death plunge” into the sun.  Must-see movies of the comet’s passage through the sun’s atmosphere are featured in today’s story from Science@NASA

Perhaps we need a little more LOVE JOY gazing at the sun and a little less of denigrating that incredible GOD.  That GOD showed itself first as the rib of light EVE.  That rib of light revealed the rapidly moving soil sea monster, lower Egypt Earth being formed in the violent forces of creation.  This sea monster was translated as ADAM.

Then taught as if Adam and Eve were persons.  Our parents yes, but not people.

This story is documented in FIRSTGenesis CHAPTER FIRST, but you cannot see it through the pile of English words dumped on top of what our pen wrote 3000 years ago.

Perhaps we have forgotten more than we know.  Lovejoy plunged into the bright light of the Daystar and did not perish.  Neither will you




NASA probe Dawn into the orbit of Vesta is about to be accomplished.


When we dig down through the 750,000 English words and it’s millions of meanings we find a treasure.

What do the meanings of those number/ letters that create the two words DAWN  and VESTA  tell us?


See the table of the words DAWN and VESTA.  See the meaning of the letters/numbers of the original text.


See with your single Egyptian eye and understand what this portends for the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM.  The kingdom destined to MASTER SELF.  We are still mastering the universe in which we live.  What is the universe saying?  What is the one language of the universe?  What is the one language of lower Egypt/earth?  Can you hear it?[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]


Remember blue indicates a male non gender word.  Something is recalled, reformed  into a form.  It may be tangible  or it  may be a belief.


Red indicates a female, non gender word.  Something open, generative, changing, evolving, becoming.



Coplulating DOOR

Egyptian denain

Egyptian Khnum master craftsman


One united OXHEAD

Egyptian athoim

Egyptian White Vulture Mut


Overplus NAIL

Egyptian ur

Egyptian opposites

Sobek and Horus crocodile and the hawk


One united copulative DOOR moving

Egyptian nain

Egyptian Hathor the Cow Goddess watching over the one united OXHEAD  (of creation)

QUESTION?  Has not dawn always moved since the FIRST DAWN to dusk, night season?

Door/nail are male non gender forms as is the window.


The DOOR opens the one united OXHEAD, the Nail moves through  the DOOR.

This ONE UNITED OXHEAD will slip quietly, softly, gently into orbit around VESTA.

What does VESTA mean in the original letter/number meanings?



Overplus  NAIL

Egyptian ur

Egyptian opposites

Sobek and Horus crocodile and hawk



Egyptian eni

Egyptian Sphinx

earth altar, divine messenger, cosmic library


Two fold united STRENGTH

Egyptian sichen

Egyptian Nut/Geb,

heaven/earth, divine parents, wholeness


Head house/house

Egyptian thoth

Egyptian River of Life, Nile


One united OXHEAD

Egyptian athoim

Egyptian White Vulture Mut



The one united OXHEAD leaves the DOOR (4) as the NAIL(6) goes through a WINDOW (5).

·         Leaves through the cosmic library of earth/black fertile lower Egypt and enters heaven/upper Egypt.

·         Now there is double strength between heaven/earth, upper/lower Egypt, divine parents.

·         The HEAD of the HOUSE is the River of Life flowing out of one united OXHEAD.

·         Water flows if it is not frozen in time/place/thinking.


There is only one united OXHEAD because the Egyptian White Vulture has eaten death.



The Egyptian Cow Goddess (in this case DAWN) will slip quietly, softly, gently into orbit around the opposites (in this case VESTA).

The window of the earth altar has been expanded.

There is double strength between heaven and earth when united.

The head of the house, White Vulture never kills only  eats death, which is lie.

Life cannot die and death is a lie.


What do you see?

What do you hear?

What does this mean for the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM, destined to MASTER SELF?

What messages are being sent to HUMAN as human probes upper Egypt and its stars/planets/moons/etc?


Learn what else is buried in the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.

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We are all Egyptians, Seed from the Other Side of the Little Earthquake.  The seed sprouted and emerged out of  the black fertile soil of Lower Egypt/earth.  It is growing in upper Egypt/heaven.[/emember_protected]


This is the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest buried under 750,000 English words and millions of meanings of those words.


What words were used in the KJB translation that has caused us to forget the creation is the Divine Firstborn Child.  We are the products and therefore also the Divine Firstborn Child.  What upper and lower Egypt are; we are.  We are the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM.   We are destined to MASTER SELF.  Then we leave off trying to master other and war ends.

Universal Icy Waters of Creation Divulge Their Messages

Exploration of the ancient scrolls from which the KJB was translated, revealed the Big Bang.  Also revealed the icy waters and all the elements we understand today.  Articles about the White Mountain and the Flames of the East that destroy that White Mountain.  Even trickles of myrrh come down in that water from the melting of the icy white mountain.

That Big bang continues to astound us even today, with evidences of icy waters, elements that were clearly known more than 3000 years ago.  Not by scientific research but by the inner knowing that every human comes into this world with.  Often loses that the knowledge of the cosmic library by being taught by the outside world. (more…)

Sun and Ice Playing

Nothing New Under the Sun

That is what Egyptian King of Peace said, thousands of years ago.  I have briefly touched on the interaction between the sun and the white mountain of ice in the creation story in previous blogs.

Much more is ahead as these elements are pulled together by the ancient scrolls from which the KJB was translated. 

In the meantime this article published by NASA is about the sun and the ice playing together again.  Perhaps cooking up a very large comet for us to see.  Follow the link for pictures and the full story.

Jan. 12, 2011:  The sun has just experienced a storm—not of explosive flares and hot plasma, but of icy comets.

“The storm began on Dec 13th and ended on the 22nd,” says Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC. “During that time, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) detected 25 comets diving into the sun. It was crazy!”

Sundiving comets—a.k.a. “sungrazers”—are nothing new. SOHO typically sees one every few days, plunging inward and disintegrating as solar heat sublimes its volatile ices. “But 25 comets in just ten days, that’s unprecedented,” says Battams.

“The comets were 10-meter class objects, about the size of a room or a house,” notes Matthew Knight of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. “As comets go, these are considered small.”

Look for future blogs; ice and sun have played together for eons of time.