What are Theologians?

What are Theologians?

There are Days When I Feel Like  Yo-Yo Ball

My opinion regarding theologians is in constant flux, constant change, must be in a PUNCTUREDFEMALE mode.

This is my mental position after these many years of diligently, passionately seeking to understand what the human pen wrote that was translated into the Bible.

Unable to decide if theologians are too lazy, too busy, too brainwashed or just too overloaded with data.  Can’t decide if I should laugh or cry, rejoice or bemoan.

Is there a  basic fear of rocking the boat?  Challenging the status quo of elders? Or is there a secret pack to holding back the truth from the populous?

Are minds just too clouded with the TOWER OF BABEL, confusion of languages?

Is there a heavy burden on the shoulders?   A burden of what they know to be true, but unable see the way to dismantle the OLD BELIEFS and so continue to teach the OLD BELIEFS.

Even the OLD DRY WELL received the Egyptian PERFUME which drew out WILL ADD, the Egyptian mathematics;  only ADDING/INCREASING the power of ONE UNITED OXHEAD.

Where is the comfort in the mass sacrifices,the mass murders, the mass burnings at the stake?  Where is the comfort in reciting old myths that do not line up with todays science, math, philosophies, research?

Where is the comfort in failed parents, brothers who kill brothers, women that drive nails into the head of others, women that cut off the strength of their man.  Where is the peacesolomon in a father willing to kill the son?  Where is LovingDavid  in that? (more…)

Nail in the Hand of the Egyptian Builder of Adding

Nothing About Sacrifice

The story of the nail in the hand of the carpenter on a wooden cross, has absolutely nothing to do with human sacrifice.

Ignorance of what the human pen scribed 1845BC to70AD has perpetrated a story, a myth because there was no way to explain it any other way.  Leadership paints the story daily about a human sacrifice on a cross.  Book shelves are jammed around the world with that myth. (more…)

Egyptian Math Will Add Alive and Well in Santa fe

Palm Sunday April 1, 2012

Sometimes called April Fools Day.  Wonder who the fools are?

I love to visit the Santa fe Plaza area on Sunday mornings.  Stroll around in different directions and pathways.

This particular Palm Sunday was gorgeous and so I stopped to have coffee on the patio of the a little coffee shop at the crossroads of Old Santa fe Trail and what used to be called Sparks Street.  Today it is called Alameda.

For some reason I felt drawn to go into the visitors center at the Loretta Chapel, just across the street.  I questioned my decision as it would probably be busy due to the season.  Nonetheless I have learned over the years to just do certain things at certain times, even when I do not have a good reason. (more…)

Speculation Jesus Husband of Mary Magdalene?

What is the original meaning of those three words?

I am using the JSE numbers to track the development of these three words.  The numbers are not being given in this blog; but anyone can go to the JSE and discover the same thing I am describing.  Simply look up the three words, Mary, Magdalene, Jesus.

Mary, Magdalene, Jesus.  All three words are referred back to the Old Testament.  We have to go there to discover the primitive roots of those three words.  Where we can then see the growth that produced them.  We do that by using the OT numbers given in the description of the NT words in the JSE.

Mary and Jesus are both neutral words, there is no gender involved.  Magdalene is Chaldean word which is a punctured translated as a female word.  Still no gender.

These three come from four different primitive root words.  Why four primitive roots? In the one case two primitive words join to form a third word.  The primitive root words TO EXIST sprouts and becomes EXISTENT.  Just like a seed sprout.

The EXISTENT joins with primitive root, OPEN WIDE FREE.  This creates another word. Combined word meanings result in EXISTENT OPEN WIDE  FREE.  Translated in the OT as Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua and in the NT as Jesus.  This is a neutral, non gender word.


Hidden Dark Husband

This Hidden Dark Husband appears in three places. All three verses were scribed approximately 1645BC

1. These Trebled Motion House (KJB translated this Exodus 14:2)
2. These Trebled Motion Cycle of Wisdom (KJB translated this Exodus 14:9)
3.Driving a Pasture Completed to the power of Ten + complete = Nail which is the weapon (KJB translated this Numbers 33:7)

Other husbands lie before in between and after this HIDDEN DARK HUSBAND

The next blogs will explore this HIDDEN DARK HUSBAND.

If you are a premium subscriber you can download the research compacted into a table which gives the KJB words. Then the meaning of the original words along with the JSE#s.

If the original word is not a primitive root word; then the rabbit trail is laid back to its root.

At some point in time I will also upload the entire list of HUSBAND in its sequential order.

I may not explore all of the HUSBANDS but we will explore a number of them